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. All right. So the atlanta braves are led by ronaldo county junior, ozzie, albee’s and freddie freeman, who is in a contract here. I think that’s concerning for a lot of folks around baseball, like they don’t know already that it’s true freddie’s, sneaking up on people this year with this nlmvp last year season ago, 29 runs batted in and the first pitch of the season is hit in the air To left field towering shot playable for mccutchen, he and hazely are there and hazley makes the call and the catch one pitch one set aside so far for the one breaking ball. He has thrown swig gon na miss 93 miles an hour that fastball first strikeout of the year rolled over on it, and the first base 3 1 on the put out it’s a one. Two three first inning fans have been hankering to do this for 550 days. Reece hoskins back second, then bryce, harper, harper, 34 career home runs against the atlanta braves. He had an era of 2.25. This was his first opening day start now. The first pitch is lined to right field, that’s it for a base hit, but andrew mccutchen is aboard to begin the bottom of the first. His career 27 years old fly ball right center field, mccutcheon does not go and the pitch outside ball. Four was the same pitch that he took for ball three and the phillies have two on with one out here in the bottom of the first that ball of the dirt and it hit him and the bases are loaded, something hard don’t miss it.

The high in the air, the left field – it’s, not deep tagging from third is mccutchen ozuna is under comes running in the throw to the plate sails to the left, and it is not in time a run scores. The other runners move up a sacrifice, fly the fills are on top one to nothing, well, zuna doesn’t, throw like he used to, but still a really really good, throw here. One hop to darno at home, plate Applause, Music, first strikeout for freed, but the phillies do get a run. They strike first picks the pitch, but over to third on one hop past alec baum into left field, i would think that’s the first hit of the day for the braves swing gon na miss 94 were that we only needed one win the last week and couldn’t Get it in the air to left field that’s well hit mccutchen’s going back to the wall and he’s got room thanks to the winds who says the wind is the worst element, at least for that moment, curveball rolled up the third base line charging his bone. This is where he’s improved. He flips it to first dug out by hoskins. Well, he improves and going in to get the baseball and then rhys hoskins improves the play by picking it on one hop until the phillies went on the plane. It was center field. Paisley hits it on the nose, but right at shortstop, dug out by freddie freeman.

It was taking a lot of time to have one two count on a pitcher doesn’t want to swing the best. You guys know thyself right, gon na know what you can do and what know what you can’t do strike three three strikeouts for nola curveball hit toward third that’s, a fair ball down the left field line, and it goes off the padding on the half wall. It’S. A second base, as a cunha junior he had 11 doubles last year. This one coming with two outs here in the top of the third rolls over to the right side and gene segura. Is there and beginning two balls, two strikes to mccutchen, who singled and scored the game’s only run swing at a miss at a breaking ball that’s, the best breaking ball that he’s thrown today curveball pulled that’s a fair ball down the left field line slowly going toward The corner hoskins on his way to second he’ll, get their standing. His first sit of the season and the phillies have a one out double here in the bottom of the third that one’s off the end of the bat flares in the right center field to base it reece had to hold up so he’ll stop at third bryce May have broken his back, but the phillies have first and third, with one out here in the third inning that one’s pretty drilled right, drilled, it’s, a shallow right field, nicer Applause, oh man, it looked like he got his hand in there a run scores it’s.

Two. Nothing right now, two outs but i’m sure the phillies will take a look at this one. I think he got his hand in there. I thought he did too Applause. First action for the decider tom they’re gon na look. Yesterday we met with mlb about new rules. They are discussing how they can communicate even better with the fans. Oh, they called him out. You guys, i think what you guys said was true. There may not have been enough to say: there’s fall four. I thought that was one of the things that stood out, though last year is just how he was able. It was uncanny how he was able to make contacts. He went morales Applause. Why don’t? You just buy the john deere dealer and get whatever you want. That’S, a good point too, that balls hit well out to left center field window is going to keep it in the yard. Second, one today that was definitely helped out swag and a miss. He threw the curve ball it’s. The fourth strikeout of the afternoon for aaron nola i’ve done that, though, with umpires not getting thrown out of the game, but is that a thing of beauty, yeah, broken bat looper out to right field? Segura is a board they throw behind him and hazley strikes out. One away here in the fourth five strikeouts for freed this one’s butted toward freeman he’s gon na go to second, and it goes into center fields.

Everybody is safe, see there. I will disagree with freddie freeman. You already have one out over the short stop. That might be two nope, a little hesitation cost them up in the bullpen for the braves right, hander swing of the miss and hoskins strikes out. Six strikeouts for free through four innings got a first pitch swing and he lifts it out toward right center field. Harper is there, he says: he’s got it one pitch and one away here in the fifth inning curveball, lined through the hole in the left side to base it for riley, so he’s a board, a one out single two two pitch swing and a mess he threw Him another change up and he deceived him. Five strikeouts, he didn’t tip that one either. He did not in the air to left field, that’s pretty well hit ozuna’s going back toward the wall and he’ll make the catch. That is the third ball hit today. That would have been out on a different day down. It was like, oh you kidding me, there’s, a live drive down the right field line, akuno kunu jr was shaded that way, he’s having a little trouble with it and that allows jt to get to second base. With a one out double and a breaking ball and a call strike three look at the miss he strikes out for the third time, eight strikeouts for freed and what is most likely his final inning we’ll see he could decide this game and a liner out to Left field that’ll be a base it for oculia that’s.

His second hit of the day, so he’s a board to start the top of the sixth inning popped up. Oh it’s, not an easy play with the wins bowman is there in real mutual and alec makes the call on the game. Beautiful did a lot of things. The braves got uh. You know they resigned osuna. That ball goes right up by noah and akuni is going to go to third freeman’s going to go to second, and that had a chance to be at least one more out. And it turns out to keep the inning alive and two in scoring position for the braves. Now, with the only one out got a live drive caught by alec ball, jumping high in the air over third base, two away, oh to be six five amen to that, and a cold strike three 91 on the outside part of the plate. Darneau goes down looking at the side is retired a little defense from balm tyler matsik last year, 21 games. I agree with that paisley lines. One out towards center field, pat shea is off to the races he can’t get it. He gets it on one hot and hazely is a board with a one out single Applause, and it might be at some point, probably not this year. Ball is buttered again to the right side. Again, it’s a nice bun freeman’s got it and the sacrifice, successful Applause and ball. Four walks on four pitches runners not being held on the swing of this.

He slowed it up and hoskins strikes out. Ball was dropped by darneau that’s. Why the tag two to dansby, swanson curveball, head out to center field, not today it’s shallow paisley says he has it. He does Laughter. That would be a pretty good idea, bandsaw or something broken bat looper down the left field line, and that is a fair ball and going to second base will be pache and he’ll, be there standing. So a two out double comes the panda that ball’s drilled deep to right field. It was a strike and it is gone into the second deck and we are tied up at two lifetime. 307 pinch hitter comes through again for the braves it’s. His fourth pension home run of his career and john. That goes against what you said, and you are absolutely right. You do not have to throw him a strike, they did and he made him pay. Well now, the biggest uh part of the offseason next to jt real muto, the phillies bullpen, will be unveiled and there’s ball. Four bradley issues: a walk, brad miller. This offseason braves were concerned about theirs five ball out to center field backing up on it is hazely. He’S under it and he makes the catch the inning is over, but the damage is done as pablo sandoval has tied this game up with a two run. Pinch hit home running aj, minter 22 games a season ago had an era of 0.

83 and he grounds one right side. All these hesitated for a moment throws him out. So what pitch went away here in the seventh out towards shortstop by one hop swanson backs up on it and across the diamond three straight ground balls by minter and the phillies go down in order it’s great to hear his voice. So he wants this to be known as his 49th year fall forward. Just walked him on four pitches, Music and a miss, and then he does that john for three hits it toward the hole base in it to left field. Freddie freeman stops at second first and second, with one out, went upstairs a little bit 95, just at the top of the zone, two strikeouts for alvarado and hit him into the back foot and that’ll load. The bases up. Applause swing, gon na miss a hundred miles. An hour and the side is retired. He strikes out three that one’s out toward right center field. Pasha comes sprinting in he’s, not going to get there drops in for a base hit. Gregorius is aboard it’s a leadoff single here in the eighth inning Applause. He does try to poke it, but it’s right back to the pitcher martin. They turn one at second and that’s. It runner goes pitches low, throw to second is really low and segora swipes the bag and then stays on it’s. Two balls and two strikes swinging. A miss 95 – and there are two outs here in the eighth and he lines one right at alby’s.

He hit it right on the nose and the inning is over no runs one hit and a man left in scoring position for the phillies. As hector comes in the pitch tonight, bidding and a call strike three got him on a 93 mile an hour fastball on the outside part of the play. Two outs here in the ninth inning serves it out towards shallow left center field. D.D gregorius is there? Oh, what a play! He falls to his backside and reels it in fighting the wind the entire time, what a route, what a grab and what a way to end. The top of the ninth inning now let’s walk it off, threatening a good time, johnny all right! So will smith, who is the closer for the braves this year inside his left kneecap? This gives you no mobility swinging to miss let’s. Look at a miss that’s, a sliding. Yes, it is, and the 3 2 pitch and a caught strike three fastball 93 miles an hour. He just struck out the side and for the first time we begin extra ratings with a runner at second base. Connor brockton is the new pitcher for the phillies. Have two ties well, albies will get over to third, as segura will throw out freddie freeman on the hands looped out to center field. Roman quinn comes in all these tanks at third quinn’s got it all. These is coming home. He hesitated for a moment to throw to the plate.

He is he never got to the dish smothered by jt, real mutu and the inning is over how about the defense by the phillies late in this game. Let’S see if it was online. I know brockton faces two hitters and gets three outs. Does he have to face one more jt taps back toward the middle gets harper over to third that’s, the important part and one away? Applause, Music Applause, Applause to face gene cigar? Look at gene’s already getting it! He is on a mission to do some damage over toward third and again for the head of riley down the left field line. Harper scores easily. Gene segura was a man on a mission, and the mission was victory and the phillies have won on opening day in the bottom of the 10th inning three to two. Let the season begin.

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