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Number two in philly’s pinstripes wheeler last year, was terrific. A 2 9 2 era in his 11 starts and he’ll go to work against the braves. Here this afternoon, ron lacuna had a very good opening day. Gon na miss a hundred miles an hour one out here in the first 100, at the letters you’re not going to catch up with that. What a way that’ll bring up ozzy albee’s in the air to left center fields; it’s, not deep playable for mccutcheon, but he makes the catch. Two outs. Freddie freeman on opening day was over four, with a walk back toward the middle knocked down by wheeler. In the top of his glove, he corrals it and the inning is over now that’s a quick first inning 13 pitches we’re out to the bottom of the first charlie morton, who makes his return to the braves pitching for atlanta. After signing a one year, deal in the off season, atlanta being the team that originally drafted charlie borton and brought him to the big leagues for the first time, all the way back in 2008., fitch to mccutcheon is on the ground and angry with a backhanded stab One pitch and one out, mccutchen’s retired, for out number one works to reese hoskins here on the ground. Riley’S got a big hop and a strong throw to first takes care of hoskins two ground ball outs, two down there’s bryce harper as bryce harper, goes after the first pitch and whacks that past freddie, freeman and cooney got to it quickly.

360 spin, his throw headed towards second and bryce harper, is going to be tagged out great play by acuna to hustle to the corner and he’s able to throw out bryce harper, who tried to stretch a single into a double wow. That was a great bit of work in right field. No score. Marcelo zuno will lead off for atlanta swinging a miss 98 second strikeout for wheeler ball, really moving it’s hard to believe you can throw that hard and make the ball sink like that ground ball over to third bone stays down on it in time to get austin Riley no runs one hit and a man left. A couple strikeouts for wheeler through two charlie goes to work versus romuto shot the other way and face it for real mutzo third hit of the season and brings alec baum to the plate. Balm on the ground, dansby tricky hop feeds ossie for one and in plenty of time, for the double play so there’s, the sinker for charlie morton, ground ball, specialty two for the price of one charlie morton, threw two innings one strikeout three singles and that’ll bring up Zach winner, three two pitch got him swung on a miss good fastball that tailed away second strikeout out of morton back to the top of the order to mccutcheon as charlie’s in search of his first one. Two three inning swung on and missed, got a fastball by him upstairs and a one two three inning out of borton.

He has three strikeouts thus far, one down now for bryce harper harper’s singled back in the first inning, but he decided to test the arm of ronaldo cuny and probably wishes he hadn’t, as ozzie diving play from the grass robs harper to hit good play. Charlie morton’s gon na love, seeing that all summer long and just like that, he’s set down six in order, zach wheeler to face travis darno to get it started here in the fifth strike: three slider on the outside part of the plate: five strikeouts for zach wheeler, Here’S, the 2 2 pitch to swatson swing gon na miss 99 on the fastball six strikeouts for wheeler and a call strike three went with the slider and he got him looking. Seven strikeouts for zach wheeler phillies will have runners on first and second, two outs here. In the fifth best threat of the day by either side, well, you, like your chances with wheeler, see if zach wheeler can help himself here, but he loops one out to center field. That’S a base hit it past the diving. All these sador is going to score. Rbi single for wheeler and the phillies are on top one to nothing. That’S why they hit batsman was oh, so costly, ball. Four and all this trouble with two out and the bases will be loaded for reese hoskins down the left field line that’s in for basin it’s, a two two run double and the phillies are on top three, nothing they’re, not hitting it hard but they’re hitting them.

Where we ain’t zach wheeler’s got a lead now, three, nothing as we start the sixth inning swinging, a miss 98, eight strikeouts for wheeler, he’s retired 13 in a row back toward the middle right at segura. This will be 4 3 on the foot out. That’S 14. Straight retired, by zach, wheeler he’s been dominant today, eight strikeouts through six weeks, so two free passes in the walk in the hit bassman it’ll leave it up to zach wheeler big hit in the fifth inning gave the fills a one. Nothing lead let’s, see if he does it here line drive down the left field line. That’S a face hit going to the corner. One run is in it’s an rbi double for zach wheeler he’s doing it all. He has more hits than the braves do four. Nothing. Phillies wow bases are loaded for the second straight at bat for reese hoskins breaking ball struck him out and rhys hoskins thought that ball was up racy’s been calling it up there all game. Long braves only have one hit off. Zach wheeler who’s been brilliant. Today he has retired 14 in a row to the right side, again: segora gobbles it up and throws out all beasts, that’s 15 straight retired by zach wheeler, and it brings freddie freeman to the plate, swag in a miss strikeout number, nine and that’s 16 in a Row, the 90th pitch of the day swing and a miss number nine. As far as double digits strikeouts.

They know that it’s three outs, the inning, is over ten strikeouts 17 consecutive hitters. He wanted to keep on going. It’S been that kind of day during the course of zach wheeler’s career. He has never had an outing where he’s allowed only one hit and what a line for wheeler seven innings one hit, no walks. Ten nearest will come on and work as atlanta has been set down, 20 in a row coming into the ninth swing and a miss struck him out on three pitches strike three on the outside part of the plate, a little paint from hector 22 in a row. Retired by philly’s pitching and a cold strike three on the inside corner. Hector naris is just struck out the side and the phillies pitchers zach, wheeler, archie bradley and hector naris have combined on a one hit shutout in game two of the season as the phillies win.

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Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Opening Day . Braves Game Highlights (4/1/21) | MLB Highlights

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