UCLA Bruins men’s basketball, Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball SC vs. Gonzaga – Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights

This is his ninth elite. Eight he’s been in five final fours by gonzaga little one, two, two pressure, another turnover. Second, in a row timmy the other way and here comes suggs ayahi – will finish it off with a nice assist from freshman jalen sugg 20 years. Well, this ball just slips off white’s hand, and it goes right to timmy now here he is the great thing about that: the big guy stuck it’s timmy into white, with some shot, reading moves and wide open and uncovered inside who puts it up in it. Ground transfer from rice and pickpocket ripped away. The other way such to the wreck steals turnovers and a seven nothing lead and a timeout by sc usc really wants to go inside, but gonzaga is making it difficult. White takes it in, and evan modley will put it up and through evan mobley and in the middle of the lane. They just throw the ball up to him. How do you defend that that’s he’s brought in pinko and inside they go with a nice little lay in there by isaiah, mosley isaiah mobley couldn’t get it back on top, they go here’s suggs a new shot clock with which to work. Jimmy again turns around by evan mobley and puts it up in him white. His three point: shooting of the night was terrific again he gets it taken away. Another turnover, the other way tripping his way down. Getting the two andrew nemher will put it in the florida transfer mobley missing inside for sc, and here comes gonzaga.

So william henderson is the new official on the floor timmy with a 14 footer that is pure and heaven mobile. He can’t get it for sc that’s. Great position, defense by timmy and kevin he gets out and runs the court. What a move timmy got. It did you’re right, another turnover, another steal by timmy, around mobley and up and in isaiah mobley couldn’t. Stop him and timmy has got nine points already for gonzaga 14 27. turnovers hurting sc, great conversion at the other end by gonzaga, and that really helped the trojans if they could get out in transition a little bit on their own kevin mobley inside and that time He was free to go with a nice pass on top timmy down low great start for him. Four of six evan mobley defends swiping, adam anderson and timmy, again, converts 11 point em hard and out two subs down the lane off the glass and with the ease he puts it up and in ushering in another two for gonzaga andrew nemhart, on top timmy thought About three evan mobley there in the spring Applause, the defense here by watson, hey up and off and down nice play by isaiah, mobley 26 consecutive wins for gonzaga by double digits it’s. An ncaa record with ease inside subs and action tries to penetrate shot clock at seven good one with the spin watson knocks it away, and here comes what a pack. It was a great pass wow at the rebound hauled in by edie and mobley isaiah mobley.

Now you need to push peterson on the three really good defense. The double team slows everything down and then just good position. Defense force him to shoot the little hook shot over top suggs with a three jalen suggs. If you can get him to shoot that shot. You’Ll, take it every time what a cut, what a two put up and in kissberg got it from true chimney: southern california working with their largest deficit of the season, not just the tournament of the season. Watson picked up the foul evan mobley to isaiah mobley brother. Her brother up – and it goes nice job by evan mobley – to make him shoot that a tough hook shot taj eating that’s a three much needed for the trojans. A couple of stops. Now you got ta convert peterson back in isaiah mobley will put in a three. He has had great success from three dan over the last five games. He was nine at 12. anderson trying to apply the d chimney. Repositions kisper free to fire, got it to roll in i shot by corey, kissberg averages 19. A game Applause had gotten some information. Still looking at him with the athletic trainers and the doctors here in the building, a little push shot right there by suggs on the doorstep is good. He had 20 points against oregon the other night, one of the top three point shooters in the pac 12, and here comes isaiah mobley bashing.

His way for two and he’ll troll down low evan mobley was on him timmy inside against, and the ibm brothers have 19 of the 28 sc points, crook the other way for gonzaga beautiful, shot, desperate Applause when he was a freshman said it was his strength and How how tough he could be on the floor when we obviously talked with mark few, he noticed the same thing down low kisper got it right there game of. Thank you, banking, on that it’s, peterson and kisford will pick him up. This is evan mobley, who will carve his way down and get two. He had a tough first half, but he can shoot it from out there kevin mobley again. He just saw john stockton, who played it gonzaga on the doorstep. Can’T get it white is there who puts it up and in 10 minutes of the first half they did a much better job. Protecting the ball they just couldn’t get stops, got his second for the trojans. Looking scoop wide open Applause, anderson high school player of the year, in los angeles and mobile, he was the number one player in all of high school basketball. A year ago, nice spin move for two been number three in terms of total wins in the pac 12. Over the last five years, building this program, nice up and under with the fake and he got it to drop inside that’s, drew peterson who danced for two plus eight in that category, sc to inbound nem hard picked up.

The foul Applause, Music and peterson will try to slice and gets it to go. Watson’S got the ball for gonzaga Applause kissberg, with a three the trojans, the other way, that’s, something you don’t see, often gonzaga playing at the end of the shot by peterson, knocked away himself by watson ahead. It goes and re stolen by eggman polo finds himself wide open and hits the jumper on the fly from about 14 feet away: here’s timmy, second leading scorer on the team and he easily spins, as he peels off the defense and gets two more and he’s got 21., they lost that game they’re more of a footnote now and this gonzaga team. If they finish and go undefeated and win the national championship, people will be talking about them. 40 years from now shot clock at eight backbone. Polar will. Try, oh nice, fake by sucks, puts it up and through giving 15. the floor is so spread out for gonzaga. It really forces the defense to cover a lot of ground if you’re going to come and help this small town that he says is big enough for this french person. Good story, dana. Thank you very much. A little shot outside isaiah mobley. I don’t want to know the trolling alley in the hallway evan mobley was inside trying to make it go. Obeli’S got 13 for the trojans cook free to fire cheese, one up and buries the tray. They’Ve got five offensive.

Rebounds they’ve forced four turnovers they’ve held gonzaga at the 40 shooting, but they just can’t cut into this league as high as number 20. This season finish number 23 out of the pac 12 nice move to get free, peterson kevin. This is as close as they’ve been in a while. Gonzaga is standing around a little bit. Don’T see the same crisp motion that we saw earlier in the ball game. Great pass inside sucks to kiss he throws in a laser and kisper responds with two more 48 shooting for gonzaga to 55, normally a floater inside firing and hitting on the fly just content to run time off the clock, see if things score at the end, it’s Timmy inside – and this is over isaiah mobley – it was the number two score in the west coast conference averages 19 timmy now with 23 for the bulldog hi, and here we go with a nice dunk by evan mobile 402 days. My goodness so much has happened since that late february game sucks with a three usc was one of the hottest teams coming in to this game kevin. They have really done a great job in the entire tournament shot outside the freshman from vegas out there for gonzaga back roncolo the issue and gets a couple that’ll do it. Gonzaga is going to the final four.

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UCLA Bruins men’s basketball, Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball vs. UCLA – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

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