UCLA Bruins men’s basketball, Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball vs Gonzaga – Saturday 4/3/21 – College Basketball Picks & Predictions l Picks & Parlays

Ucla going head to head against gonzaga we’ve got a promo code. The code is final for 20 off the entire site at Of course, the bulldogs are 30, 0, 16, 12 and two against the number this season and then ucla 22, 9, 17, 14 against the number. But obviously the story for ucla uh is going from the first four to the final four, what a run it’s been for the bruins but gonzaga laying two touchdowns here: minus 14. uh total is 145. sean hicks joining us now, sean first of all, let’s talk about That spread 14 points in the final four uh. What do you make of that? What i make of it is uh that’s perfectly fine to me. Listen, we had ucla to start this tournament. We’Re like let’s, go money line with him against michigan state. We were down on michigan state they hadn’t played well all year. Usually, we took the flyer on hello, nice win and here we are final, four but 14th about right for a team that came into the pac 12 tournament losing three straight and then they lose to oregon state. And then you beat a michigan state team uh in overtime by the way that they had a battle back without you know, to force you over time, byu who just on pure athleticism they should have been they did they get abilene christian okay, i mean that’s, a Nice freebie for you there alabama, they shocked me under the alabama.

Again you needed ot, and then you pull out a 51 49 win where you actually were losing your lead to most of the game. You go down late last second shot you take the lead, then they miss it. You know this team is not good. It had a nice little run, but let’s see who they’ve played gonzaga has beaten teams by 20 points. I said i would lay 20 with gonzaga against any team in a tournament, but illinois baylor and probably michigan all right. I know michigan lost no way is ucla better than michigan. You got to win there because michigan couldn’t hit a wide open three. They could end a free throw. They won. Shooting ‘ that ain’t gon na cut it against gonzaga who’s gon na run uh outside they’ll run inside at you. This is a good team out: 14. 16. 18. i’ll late. I said i i’d love to 20 with gonzaga over anybody they’re just that good, and i say anybody. People are going to make comments not not when they uh face whoever gon na face in the next championship. Obviously, it’s not gon na be a 20 point spread, but here i’d lived. I would lay 20 and feel comfortable about it that’s. How good i think gonzaga is, and you should lays over cheetah i mean just look at the scores. Look at the scores for gonzaga on the season: nothing’s, even yeah, we have one – you know.

Yeah i mean ucla is not going to win 27 straight games by double digits. 27 straight games. This isn’t iowa they’re not going to run this isn’t going to be 95.90. Ucla is not running that kind of pace they don’t have it. They don’t have the depth of your net, not happening here’s, also something that i heard about gonzaga on kin pom. You know the statistical uh website for college basketball that they usually make the lines from offensively uh. According to the stats they’re, the best team in college basketball in the last 20 years, that’s just incredible how good they are offensively uh when it comes to depth because they can do it in so many ways: uh they’re starting five it’s. Obviously, it’s got to be the best in college basketball, but that being said, i’ve doubted ucla at times uh they maybe look stupid against michigan. I didn’t see them winning that one, but michigan offensively is nowhere in the same. Wheelhouse is gonzaga and nobody is, i think, a lot of people thought that usc could maybe hang uh with gonzaga just because uh they’re tall they have the athletes. They were shooting good for uh behind the arc, but nobody’s coming out 30. That was like a 30 point. I mean that game was even close. Creighton crane’s, another team, but they’re gon na you know you’re getting these points they could they could stay close, they could run with them that’s.

Why, instead of usually was a nine point dog? These are 14., it doesn’t make a difference. These teams it’s they’re in a different stratosphere right now right if they lose by, i mean you’re going to lose by 10 and something to say, it’s a it’s, a good call. No, the only way ucla or yeah ucla keeps it within the two touchdowns is if gonzaga doesn’t hit 50 of shots, which they do they hit 55 on the year, they’re, not they’re, they’re, they don’t force them either they come down. Another thing seems like a lot, but this is a gonzaga team, that’s, fully capable of scoring 90 points on any given night because uh when we talk about these big spreads uh. If you’re talking about a low scoring team, obviously points are at a premium, but that’s not the case here with gonzaga and let’s dive into this total of 145. um it’s really hard to bet unders on gonzaga, just because uh you look up and all of a Sudden they’re just scoring at will uh and so quickly, uh, but do you have any leanings on a total because obviously it takes two teams. You know to complete the total um. I would probably look at the over because i mean, as we’ve seen with gonzaga over uh usc and creighton oklahoma they’re going to get their 85. You know that’s what they’ve been kind of getting so they’re going to score in their 85s they’re, probably going to get what you know 60.

. So gazaka doesn’t seem to like pull up at all. You know. Maybe they slow down, but at that point they’re already up 20 points. So right, if you have 20 points in the game and you’re scoring 85 87 80., i mean the other team. You know that’s another thing: the defense actually is pretty good for gonzaga. They. You know teams don’t score on them, so that’s how you win by 20 in every tournament game. So i would, i would lean over just because gonzaga is going to score no it’s, not like they’re, going to come out here and score 60. it’s. This game’s not going to be 51 49, like the last game against michigan. Now this game’s going to be played in the 80s uh gonzaga’s gon na get their 80 and if somehow michigan gets 80 uh gonzaga is going to be in in the high 90s. So i would just lean over but sidewise i mean i’m it’s, gonzaga number one and then a little further down i’d lean to the over but gonzaga by 20. i’m, saying gonzaga by 20, because that’s what they’ve been doing, the last three games basically well. The number might be at that by the time the game plays just because um they’ve looked absolutely dominant um.

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UCLA Bruins men’s basketball, Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball vs. UCLA – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights