UCLA Bruins men’s basketball, Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball vs. UCLA – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

Bill, raftery, scranton, hill right now being patient with their offense. They got to get a good shot. Every possession here’s the jump, shot that’s a good shot. He knows how to do it, not a bad one right off the top Applause there’s, a three wheeling great cutting offensive team that can shoot two goodness everybody can step out the first half of oklahoma in round two and it didn’t last for long is there’s the Steal sucks looks back, gives it up rattles at home on the short shot. That was a big concern for coach cronin don’t want to give up, layups bernard can make the three, but a good driver as well bernard nice shot a two campbell too strong with it got a good look, a they just push it relentlessly. Every possession of the zags makes her misses drives in, knocks down campbell and gets the hoop. Applause loves this right shoulder here, two to shoot how about that and what a shot it is. It post knockdown Applause watch the footwork, beautifully Applause, there’s, a little series, keep the forwards active, that’s, a three and we knew going in jacquez and jose have to have big nights being aggressive and kentucky to wisconsin, and both of those losses happen here in indianapolis, there’s Timmy, so crafty down low great awareness, the most versatile, big man in all of college Applause, has really not had an opportunity to get free hard with the body able to get the angle Applause.

Of course, when you have johnny buckets here, he can make something happen. Late ruins with clark on the floor, and here goes the outside shot again for choosing from lexington Applause. Let’S, say gonzaga moves that ball. They do look at kissberg, beautiful move. I just keep moving open that middle the blow by very efficient here, offensively slowing things down and picking apart this defense, oh my goodness, he’s been able to drive a couple of times with the basket Applause cook on the senior from saint louis they’re gon na have To be patient defensively, he’s got what he wants here right off his foot into the arms of nemhart. Look at them turn the corner on the break after a turnover, oh cook, with the assist five unanswered points out of the break for the bulldogs tough shot. Cam ball somehow was able to get it Applause now, timmy who’s returned he’s, looking for it back again now with 13. and rap. The ball just does not stick. Does it they move, it make quick decisions, and i love the sound of his hometown and the whistle and the basket they’re gon na count it. They can do that because they got timmy. I mean he’s like a don nelson point forward, isn’t he. He really is great can’t leave him open with one other wolf in a little bit the uh hotel. They told us and they’re both wearing headbands nice cut timmy that’s what he does his ability to stretch the d bernardo round.

The pick gets the look he wants. That’S, a three it was close well, this kid has worked on his oh, that was michigan alabama high scoring offenses just kind of lull. You to sleep, yes, see they’ve, wanted that all the way down the floor. Clark on the floor now he’d get a lot more minutes. Well, he is really taking people to town wow, elevating kiss burt left open nice hustle timmy nice pass he’s, so good that way. Oh yeah hangs on the rim forever another assist for timmy too. They say they drill. Now, look at this, the nice deflection and timmy in the open floor. Yep, oh turnovers to goals, live ball turnovers and timeout called by crown and wait another couple of years, nice little timeout trap here they don’t want to go or went to slow and they went that time. They break that and riley was waiting for it at the opposite. End open up the lane, though again, oh, what a touch this kid knows how to play, though great pace, great understanding, whether we explode the extension of mick Applause, here’s kissbert, hitting the three can’t relax. He’S got range, he’s got confidence, not the same team. The tiger on the floor as they use zhu, zang tiger’s still out, and they do with the 2 000 drives in and scores. He just knows how to score. Oh man, Applause. Look at this sucks ties the game at 43. Applause and they got four on the floor.

Six seconds: there’s kisper guns it down nice, pin down a little bit like christian lightner huh, oh yeah, very versatile, very talented. This gets so good wow, locking that pivot foot. He reported at halftime. He wanted to see his bruins not give up in any more layups like that. Now, riley over timmy shot hit a shot like that in the first half bruins able to keep it the activity of riley on display beautiful, given he bounced past it from their own medicine in a way first time, gonzaga has trailed in the second half of this Tournament, but not for long what poise, Music, timmy straight to the hole got that angle: huh great defense, just better off this right there! That was dangerous for a moment. What a great play by timmy, who drops down to try to defend riley, not free for the buck at the time they got the mismatch on the fast break it sucks forget about that hurt hand. Did you see that finish, avoiding the charge? I guess really uses the screens beautifully riley likes that right, shoulder singleton that’s his game catch and shoot a beautiful pass, though by ryan stepping back sucks nice tap by timmy, now yaya, so quick to the ball, lost his footing and lost the ball to the bruins Clark, tough, they really know how to angle body, search control and finish high score in the game. I think it was charles talking about their spurt ability using clark’s word and right now.

What a counter, though, had to happen, counts clark on the foul he just can embarrass you. Can he some old time, religion and corey and jalen just to see hey, you guys will be covering bringing a premiere player in here. They said bring them on and why not yeah they’re going to bring stuff like that strawberry getting people involved it’s a dangerous time right now for ucla. They have to stay connected just cut here and get a basket and get the ball to that man right there. Jose finds things after a six point, run 17 now for zhu zhang on seven out of ten from the floor, timmy right back with a bucket. He likes to come back to that left, shoulder right there. He sets you up, going middle gets back to that jump, hook, he’s starting out on a thing called the tiger slam and yes, he’s named after the great tiger woods here is campbell from the corner and knocks it down tiger bush can make putts he’s not going To make that shot, he can elevate now too get that lane. Oh Applause took advantage, but this is just gorgeous isn’t it. Yes, indeed, timing of the cut one thing mark few said everyone on this team can pass beautiful pass, but what a cut and finish showing off this hops right there. This kid just understands nice cross screen and now a little high low action, nice isolation. There wow man he just understands how to get rid of that shot.

They just want to hang around till 10., surpass that easily they’re way past that mark they are unjustly wow that’s immense, put the brakes on the blow by and how about that pump a little kiss la lumiere’s gift, the ucla suggs on him he’s going to dump It off to riley with six to shoot two on two riley nice little move with some power by the big fella at the other end, and it goes for the lightning pass to yay. Conversely, timmy has to touch the ball here on this offensive end. Kisper Applause. Applause suggs absolutely go with 2 30 to go Applause here, sucks turn around upshot ties it this kid’s a gamer both ends of the floor campbell Applause. These young men are playing for it all wow, leaving it all out there the stash. What a run of the last few trips for sucks? This is, where i think he’s been tough, jose baseliner to tie it again. How good is this Applause Applause? They said he was shooting, so he’s gon na get two at 43 seconds and does not sucks. They got the mismatch inside sucks, trying to drive on bernard and riley rejects that offensive presence hey. He says you got me at the other end. My turn pay back. His sweet favor to a yagi on his career night got the switch. They want, eight to shoot. Kisper way outside ball in the hands of the bruins, with 14 seconds hands, they’re going to go with it chance that’s, it there’s the ball screen here’s tuesday and the paint happens trying to guard the pass three quarter court intercepted by the bruins, and we are heading To overtime on the beat utah for the championship, nice here’s timmy: how about this? He got a foul on riley and rap.

They ran that play earlier in the game. Slipped that screen bernard in trouble. Riley’S got to put it up: oh that’s, his third. This third jump shift 17 foot jumper the mismatch inside. Oh, this is where it’s good having two point guards like them bart. He read that right away, nice bounce pass entry. The big fella he’s got to stay at home. They cut beautifully when he’s got the ball. Look at this kid look at that he’s taking Applause Applause they’ve been creating that mismatch consistently them hard time for the king of the three big time dagger that step back right there wow here come the bruins now got ta go 12 to shoot, there’s that for 12 seconds again, with the ball in his hands in the paint, floater short got it back, ties it with three gonzaga has time to do something sucks for the win. Oh, yes, oh yes, Applause, major, onions with a kiss. Oh, my goodness, one of the great games and look at the poise of this kid. We talked about his defense, but how about that he’s sort of the highest ranked player in zags, history recruit and that’s. The reason he came for this moment to play with mark few the chance to win a championship and wow impressive. Well, jim.

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