Valero Texas Open, Jordan Spieth, PGA TOUR, Charley Hoffman 2021 – Tournament Preview & First Look

This is our tournament preview for the 2021 valero texas, open. We had a big week this week with the wgc match play and the carlos put to counter two pga events, and then next week we have the masters. So this is the last event before the 2021 masters in the spring. Here it kind of just feels right with the masters there yeah. This is kind of like you know, you’ve got your appetizer now now. This is the time where you clean off your fingers in the finger ball. Maybe get ready for that prize that main course um. So yeah, like we’ll, call this the the finger bowl course. Maybe i like it, i like it so previous winners of the texas open without corey connors, with that epic monday qualifying to pga tour, win 2010 2019 great great great, win, great win for canada, but before that we had andrew landry kevin chapel, charlie hoffman, jimmy walker, Um, it is actually a very, very old event, looking at the pga tour even worldwide, so it’s been a pg tour event since 1922, third oldest on the tour six oldest worldwide, it has moved around courses, of course, but and it’s the last chance to qualify for The 2021 masters the winner, if they’re not already qualified, is in or you can sneak into that top 50 in the world yeah i mean this is even older than the masters, so i would say i mean you could argue that which, which win would matter more Man, maybe the texas open, is the one to go up there and win yeah.

I don’t you don’t, think that’s an argument. You’Re gon na win. No, i don’t think you won’t take that side of it, okay, okay! So, looking at the course we are at tbc, san antonio san antonio texas, obviously open in 2010, relatively new course. But it is has been the host of this tournament since 2010, designed by greg norman consultation with sergio garcia 100 feet from highest point on the course to lowest point on the course so it’s pretty flat out there it’s pretty flat, yeah and par 70 par 72. 7. 500 yards. Sorry, craig go ahead! Well, i was just going to say i was reading just a brief little description of the course it said, greens are large and gentle sloping flat uh, which, like two ball strikers like greg norman and sergio. That just seems like let’s make this batter as little about putting as we can um. So if you want to put with your eyes closed, this is the course to come, of course, to come to maybe yeah okay speaking of the course greg who has the best history here, horses or courses, okay, so there’s there’s, a clear number one here: we’ve got Charlie hoffman, so this first off this is all since 2010. This is not necessarily tournament history uh, because we did move to uh tpc san antonio here in 2010 uh, but charlie hoffman has just absolutely killed it. He’S got 10 starts. He was the the 2016 winner, as you had mentioned, uh, but in his 10 starts, he’s got eight top 25s at this course uh and four top threes, so 40 of the time he’s showing up and getting on that podium.

Uh it’s just he’s, far away number one in terms of course, history um, coming in second brendan steele he’s got nine starts. Uh he’s made the cut eight times four top 25s three top tens and won it in 2011. So it’s been a little while since then um, but you know overall, it is, is a very decent record here for sure third kevin chapel. He has eight starts here. Half the time he’s made it into top 25, but the thing he’s done, a very good job of uh he’s got three fourth places or better, so he has done a pretty good job getting up into the very top end of the field um, and he does Have a win: it was 2017, so right a few years back, but not as far back as brendan steele, maybe uh. Now, ryan moore is the only guy on the list. Here i have. That is not a previous winner. Okay, okay! He only has four starts here. Uh, but his lowest finish in those four starts is in 18th place uh and the other three are all top ten. So he’s just been super consistent, getting high finishes. He had a third place. The year conor’s won it um, so he had. He has been getting high, uh high finishes, i guess i should say um, but uh yeah, so i i mean until he shows. Otherwise. I think you can. You can count on him to do well in this course uh.

But lastly, corey connors. You know, as we mentioned he came here a couple years ago. Obviously, last time the tournament was hell, but it’s been a couple years. Yeah came in here monday. Qualified went on to win the year before that he was 26, so he has got a couple starts here, both of them decent, obviously, the one of them this will win is a great finish, so i think he’s probably got a good feel for it. Nice i like it – i like it some good names to keep an eye on for this for this field, but guys that are trending well coming in hot best recent form. So i was kind of doing this one and i feel, like i’ve, established a couple criteria that i can let you know now, so it has to be it can’t just be you know a one and done you got to win last week and now you’re hot It’S got to be at least a couple tournaments, so you’re kind of trending in the right direction: um, so scotty, sheffler, he’s playing in the match by finals right now, uh, i don’t know how it’s going to work out. We don’t know. Yet, as we record, it is happening, it is happening, but he does have four top 20s in the last five events, so he’s playing really really good. Golf jordan spieth is number two, so he made it to the round of 16. He got out of his pool play.

He has five top twenties in his past six events, but three of those are top fives, so he’s been finishing high. We know this we’re we’re what i can’t believe: jordan spies been playing. Well, no one really is talking about this is this: i don’t know if he knows craig he’s from texas uh he plays with the master. So maybe someone to keep your eye on. I don’t know yeah um, as you said, charlie hoffman, so craftsman to kind of did just finish up. He kind of fell apart on the 72nd hole a little bit, but even with that, it was gon na be four top twenties in his last five events, but it’s now, four top 30s. In his past five events, he kind of fell apart there, but he has been playing really good. Golf he’s been playing really good golf lately and then maybe a name that people haven’t looked at. This is the kind of the past two events: sam ryder he’s. In contention or sorry, this is my notes, number four t2 at corrales pentacana and he had a top 10 at honda classic. So sam ryder has played a really good golf right now, he’s been surprisingly good, golf yeah and then the last one cameron gingali he’s rested, but he had a t 13 at the honda classic, not not the highest finish. We would have hoped for by t13, but he’s been t31, so 31st or better in six of his last seven events, that’s that’s, really good consistency, yeah i i do have to say i i’m surprised cory.

Connors is on the list, but i guess we can’t talk about him. This entire video, so i’ll give you a bit of a pass on that one. That is my second rule. You can’t be in good form. If you just missed a cut and i’m gon na say coming coming out of the pool play that’s kind of okay, i guess i don’t know gotcha gotcha, okay, uh, so first look at the model uh. You know we do our model every week. It obviously uh looks mostly at dfs, but before we even look at the prices, we just you know who does it spit out in terms of who it likes to do well at this course, based on what this course typically rewards and what people’s form has been Over the longer term, uh yeah at the top tony fenow, obviously uh. He he has all kinds game uh. He just barely like tony fenow and dj here were both uh kind of head and shoulders above everyone else and fina just barely uh. It probably should be more like 1a and 1b uh, and i think that is in part, because last summer, dj had a few really ugly rounds that really have hurt all of his long term. Strokes gain averages a couple. Yeah that’ll do wonders for your for your averages um, but then you know a few people we’ve mentioned already cameron tringalis in third cory, connor’s in fourth and scottie scheffler in fifth, so uh.

You know whether scotty sheffler decides that he wants to withdraw. We don’t really know, but if he shows up, he is someone who seems to be hitting on a few different fronts here: yeah for sure and dj late entry, yeah dj, i mean he finishes around with kevin. No something inside him said i got to go play the texas open. He, i don’t know if he was ready to what once more competitive belts or competitive rounds under his belt or something just didn’t feel like he was gon na. You know have have too many days off. Who knows what it is interesting, but i i think you can uh for sure say: he’s not gon na take it lightly. You don’t just enter to play too well for sure, but i also think i’m trying to think back just off the top of my head to the fall. It was the houston open was the week before and he was in contention. He almost stole that from carlos ortiz, so maybe he just he’s one of these guys that he doesn’t want the rest. He just wants to wants to be playing competitive golf leading right up to the to the major yeah for sure. Okay. That leads to the most interesting man in the field, and we talked about it a little bit but it’s charlie hopping. For me. I picked charlie hoffman this week so why exactly it’s kind of like you know that success here, he’s playing well plus he’s, missing that master’s invite right now so 2016 champion craig kind of touched on this four top fives 11 top 15s, like remarkable, remarkable history.

Now that 11 top 15s – that must be at the tournament, as opposed to the course at the tournament. But he had i mean 2016 – is at this course yeah, oh yeah and his history at this course itself, but uh, but it’s, just more than i had counted. So so we’re going back uh, i mean hoffman’s been around for a few years now, so so yeah he’s played well and then, as mentioned four top thirties in his last five tournaments, was playing really well at corrales punta cana for a while, besides the last hole, But last chance to move into the top 50 and receive an invite to the 2021 masters. I don’t think he’ll move up much from where he is right. Now he was 111th in the world. I don’t know: if that will change much so he’s he’s got to kind of go out and win. I think he basically has to win to get in. I would think yeah, but looking at his masters why this is kind of a big deal for people that follow the masters. Well, in his last five masters, i mean he has played the last five tournaments he’s finished no worse than tied for 29th, like he’s played augusta, really really well um there’s, quite a few people who you feel like if they can get to augusta they’re decent, like The same thing with lee westwood last year, where he hadn’t played the year before, but then you know that if he shows up there he’s going to be competitive just because they have that course history.

They know how to get around augusta but it’s hard to get into the field yeah for sure. Finally, looking at the way way way too early weather forecast craig for wednesday, it looks like it’s been pretty pretty cloudy, pretty windy, but maybe a little bit calmer through the through the tournament. We’Ll keep an eye on that for our live show throughout the week. For wednesday, maybe that does creep into thursday morning changes the splits a little bit, but then, after that kind of mostly cloudy and probably you know not horrible looking weather um but as always it’s way way way too early. So uh check in with us later in the week, we’ll have a better forecast for you and see whether it’s gon na affect the tournament too much yeah. Exactly. Thank you. Everybody for watching make sure to hit that thumbs up on the video subscribe to our channel. If you have not already we’re gon na have more content for the valero texas, open plus, the masters is coming soon make sure to subscribe, because we have a ton of maps. Yeah we’re, gon na start, we’re gon na start trickling out that masters preview stuff.

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