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We now move on to the valero texas, open with jason sobel from the action network i’m, adam kaufman jason. How are you man, i’m doing great can’t? Wait for this to get started because that means we’re one week away from the masters. Well, obviously, normally in this position, we’d be talking a whole lot about dustin johnson, not the case. He is not part of this weekend’s event. Instead, we look obviously to tony fenow, who is the favorite on the draftking sportsbook plus 1100 odds. He’S got a handful half dozen of top 10 finishes couple of runner ups as well. Is this the week that he finally breaks through yeah? Well, first of all, adam great run by dustin johnson. Here he committed to the field on friday afternoon, by monday afternoon, he was gone. Nice little run for a few days for dj in the field, who never even got to san antonio and might not have even seriously thought about playing in this one. But for a little while there was indeed the favorite. Now it falls to tony fee now and quite frankly, anyone who’s paid any attention to golf over the last five years. You don’t even have to be betting on it. You understand that tony fenow is not exactly a shoe in to go out and win golf tournaments. The fact that he’s still a favorite is a little mind boggling, although you look at the field and it sort of makes sense, but no, i am not chasing tony fee now, as a favorite this week, having uh not won a golf tournament in over five years.

Now, on the pga tour, all right, maybe you like one of the options that are just under fee now, a little bit better. Obviously you have uh jordan, spieth plus 1200 scottie sheffler plus 1400. If you were to put a little stock in one of those two who would it be yeah, i think scotty sheffler, even though he’s young he’s, big he’s strong. I still think he’s got to be a little wiped out from playing 122 holes at the dell technologies match play this past weekend. That’S 50 more holes than guys usually play in a four round. Stroke play event, so i think scotty’s a little wiped. I’M gon na go with jordan spieth. I think it’s gon na be a good week for jordan. I think jordan himself hopes that it’s not a great week uh. I know that he needs a win. I know that’s been three years since he’s gotten into the winner’s circle, he’s not going to turn anything down, but he is looking ahead more to next week in augusta national than this week at the valero texas, open again, he won’t turn it down. I think he’s going to play well, but i really like him a week from now at augusta, so rounding out the group, then of guys with plus 2 000 odds or better there’s. Also abraham answer hideki matsuyama. You have defending champ corey connors of that trio. Who do you, like best yeah process of elimination, i’m, going to remove hideki matsuyama, who has only one top 10 in his last 15, starts dating back to the beginning of this season in september? And so i like connors a lot.

Obviously, the defending champ from two years ago, they did not play this event. Last year he was a monday qualifier, who six days later got that golden ticket, not only a victory but entran the final entrant into the masters field in 2019. That said, i am going abraham answer. I think this is a really good course for him. He played very well at the match play before being bounced in a playoff on friday afternoon. I think abraham answer uh very hungry to get after that. First win. We’Ve only seen three first time: winners in 26 events so far in this pga tour season, jason kochrack, carlos ortiz, and just this past weekend, joel damon at the opposite field event in poutakana. I i think that abraham ansar is at or very near the top of the list of best players without a pga tour title. I think it’s coming soon. It could happen this week. You know charlie hoffman won this event in 2016. Couple of runner up finishes since then, including the last time he played an attorney as a matter of fact, but plus 3 300 odds. How do you feel about him? I feel great about charlie hoffman. Better thing is charlie. Hoffman feels great about charlie hoffman. One of my buddies, my old colleague, will gray who now works with nbc sports on earth, this instagram post from charlie from uh last year. I believe it was where he’s wearing a t shirt with the valero texas, open logo, except it says the charlie hoffman, open and it’s got his career earnings of 3.

7 million dollars on there he’s 14 for 14. Making the cut at this event obviously loves. It obviously likes making money here, and i can’t see it stopping. I think charlie hoffman’s gon na have a good week. I think we all need those shirts charlie half an open chart with his career earnings. At this event, we might just my clear mine would be a very underwhelming shirt, adam kaufman, two hundred thousand dollars net worth uh, who are some of the long shots that you like. Oh there are a handful this week, jonathan vegas a little off the beaten track. Uh brandon grace is a guy that i, like matthew, nie smith. You talk about a cinderella story like we had two years ago in corey, connors matthew, knee smith, is a guy who grew up in north augusta going to the masters every single year. From the time he was eight years old would be a great story if he’s able to win and get into the field. Those guys are ball strikers and they should fit this course pretty. Well. So i like each of those guys this week, all right who’s. Your pick to win this thing, haven’t mentioned them yet, but ryan palmer has gone 11 years somehow without an individual victory. He won the zurich classic with john rom two years ago, but rom’s doing a lot of heavy lifting there. Ryan palmer is 26th in the world. He has 15 top 25 finishes, i believe in his last 25 starts, and so this is a guy that’s consistent.

He shows up and he’s played well here. The texan has three top six finishes in his last five starts at the valero texas, open it’s about time. For ryan palmer to get back into that winner’s circle, i like him this week, we’ll see if we’re talking about him this time next week should be a lot of fun in the meantime, enjoy jason sobel action network thanks bud.

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