American Idol, Katharine McPhee : Alyssa Wray Holds Her Own With Katherine McPhee!

I would get my mom’s bed and watch american idol, but i do remember when she was on the show. I just thought she was like this insane. Powerhouse Music, we’re gon na be singing i’m. Your baby tonight, by way to houston, which i heard you didn’t even really know, which made me shed a tear because that’s how young you are. How old are you 19 and 10 days? I wasn’t quite oh we’re, both aries oh period. Oh, my god, is that a you know, like a young person thing Music, you want to go outside let’s. Have it be really really tight together and then the second time we do it? We can kind of make it a little bit more legato, you’re gon na kill it and i’m really excited to do this with you me, too, i’m stoked period period. Did i use that properly? You got it Music that i just can’t, explain: Music, Music it’s. All about you, baby Music tonight Music is Music, baby, alyssa ray and catherine mcphee good. To see you catherine back here on our stage. Hey lionel, kick it off. I mean first of all watching you perform it’s like watching someone try to keep a cap on a volcano and the two of you together, i’m telling you complimented each other, so well, that’s a pro over there. You understand this and together you made it look like you’ve, been doing it for a hundred years i’m.

So in love with this, thank you so much. Thank you yeah. I think you’re, the first singer that really held your own on stage with the other star. One thing to think about is when you’re singing, especially in your solo, is don’t. Think about the feeling that you should have just be the feeling, because it can get a little like polished, perfect don’t, be afraid to get dirty with it. Thank you you’re, giving me and all the judges just star sparkle. I mean i watched you on stage with a star, be your own star and it was awesome. I loved it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alyssa let’s, head to the lounge. If melissa is your favorite head to call to 4 1 1 on how to vote for her, make sure you vote for all your favorites if you want to see them in the top 16 next week now after the break, wyatt pike takes the stage for His solo only to be joined by superstar ben rector himself, that’s coming up right after the break on idis.

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