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There is a on instagram, you sang. I have nothing a whitney houston song that your husband wrote, and i remember when that when you did that on the show, but that was the that was the song where your future husband, who was then a mentor long before you started dating, but he stood up And defended you in simon cowell, yes, yes, read you over that song, yes and i think it’s interesting, because you know i’m very hard on myself, especially my younger self, because i’m, like girl, you needed you, you, you you’ve, learned a lot. Let’S just put it that way: um when i look back at my younger self, but i think that’s when david, when he saw me in the yellow dress when he was like hmm, i didn’t see her that way. The first time, like i think, she’s you know he like was like sort of attracted to me and he thought i’m going to defend her. So i don’t know if he actually thought i sang it that well, but he thought maybe he’d just defend me because he thought that maybe there’s some future like plan a c down the road yeah exactly yeah, which definitely did not happen. Uh. You know we’ve known each other for all these years and it was idle that i mean really it’s so crazy, because my sister works on idol um. She still works on the show that’s all now. Oh, she does still.

She does she’s a she’s amazing. They love her on the show she’s been on it for years now, she’s a vocal coach on the show, so my whole thing it’s, like a whole family affair. I think of the show very fondly. I met my husband on that show, but wait when did. Obviously when you met him, you were you were so young and he was this mentor figure, but when did it change for you? When did you see him in a different light? Well, that’s, a long story. Um uh, you know, i met him on the show and then i went to a studio to record somewhere over the rainbow because rca signed me and i got they just they hired him to produce, and i i remember just like being really enamored with him, but I was a very i mean i was. We still have it’s not like the age difference changes, but you become older and i was obviously way too young. I never saw him like that um, but i was a nerd i loved being around him and people love being around him and he’s, just a great guy he’s, an infectious guy uh, and then we did tons of years of gigging together and um. And then we ran into each other in palm springs at a tennis tennis match, and so that was where it was a little bit. Things changed, but i was already you know in well into my 30s, and so i will spare you some of the details, but please don’t um, yeah, i’m kidding yeah, but but so i’m we’re actually in palm springs right now that are staying at our friend’s place.

So we love it here because it kind of reminds us of now like when we started things change, but it did take me a long time to wrap my head around uh, the idea of us being together for various reasons, but i’ve always loved and adored him. Oh, i was just gon na ask like, in my mind, outside of the pandemic, that you come down for breakfast and david’s at the piano with celine, dion and baby face, and i i just want it. I just want that to be real. I don’t know if that is what actually ever happens, but please tell me that happens. That could definitely that could happen with babyface, probably not celine, um she’s. I mean the fact that i grew up like being obsessed with her she’s. My ultimate, i love her. So much she’s just her voice and all the songs, but the fact that he pretty much discovered her it’s. The whole thing is wild that we’re together, it’s, crazy but but baby. Faced enough, all three of us we’ve done gigs together, and so i could actually.

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