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You can do no wrong. American idol had new looks sunday to kick off season 19’s. Top 24 competitive shows, with the contestants performing on a covid, safe, scaled down, set in front of an intimate living. Breathing studio audience of fans sitting in socially distanced pods, but in some ways it felt like a classic idol episode and not just because this lounge was similar to the humble, sparsely populated studio where semi finalists used to perform for simon, paula and randy. Back in the day, no, the most old school moment this sunday was when catherine mcphee, the runner up from the highest rated idol season ever in 2006, teamed with front runner, willie spence, a power belter with a set of pipes on par with kelly, clarkson’s or jennifer Hudson’S willy has been one to watch since his first audition when he confessed that he hoped to win a grammy in the next five years and it seemed like totally reasonable and within reach goal, and this week he seemed to inch closer to his goal of winning American idol, when he and catherine join forces for a duet of andrea, boccelli and celine ons the prayer. In fact, this stupendous performance dedicated to willie’s, recently departed, grandfather and kat’s late father made it seem, like viewers, were already watching the season, 19 grand finale and catherine. No shade intended seemed like a runner up again because on an evening when all of the contestants tuted with celebrities and often struggled to keep up willy actually outside his more experienced partner, of course, reality show alumni tend to be gracious and empathetic duet partners.

In these situations, knowing full well what it’s like to be in someone like willy’s shoes – and this did feel like a torch passing moment as catherine – gave willy his time to shine, and she seemed as impressed by him as the judges were. You can do no wrong in my eyes, proclaimed luke bryan, while lionel richie called the 20 year old, prodigy wooly pavarotti and gushed it’s, just mesmerizing to watch you katy perry, described willie and cats duet as goosebump centreland. After also watching willy effortlessly deliver an epic interpretation of bette midler’s wind beneath my wings, advised him to stay in this lane and keep doing amazing classic songs that other powerhouses sing. I think katie’s advice was sound, while many recent idol standouts have trafficked in quirky indie folk maddie pop katie turner, arthur gunn or even esoteric experimentalism. The oft named kektayla jandro skari pool party aranda willy, could go the distance covering adult contemporary ballads, reminiscent of the greatest old school idol moments from ruben, studdard, fantasia, barrino or yes, catherine mcphee. Sunday’S episode was action and music pact with 24 performances in just two hours. Each of night’s dozen contestants did one solo number and one celebrity duet. On monday, the season’s other 12 hopefuls will give it a go. Next week, eight of the top 24 contestants, four from sunday’s batch and four from mondays, will go home based on the first public vote of the year and while it’s a given that willy will be among the contestants who make it through it’s.

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