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Just so, you know and it’s not for nothing. The tigers right now are in first place. Welcome to tigers live john keating with the former tiger, craig monroe with you and, as we begin a moment of silence, if you would for all of craig monroe’s ties. Oh yes, please, we’re gon na have a more casual look to our coverage uh this season, but i will say this: there is going to be a fabulous garage, sale ahead. There will be how many ties do you think you want? I think i own, like 400 ties keating, and you know what somebody’s going to be very, very happy and excited to get all of these ties, and i can’t wait to give them to you and when that person gets those ties, they will be very stylish to Some people to some people, you’re, absolutely right, uh, better, would have been 70 degrees and with a packed ballpark but thursday was not bad for openers to be sure, what’s. The value that you attached to getting out of the gate with a victory, i think, was huge again. You talk about winning the day, what better way than to win the first game against the former, the cy young award winner of last year – and i like the way the tigers just went about it. They grinded out some at bats, yeah. They still punched out 12 time, but it was miguel cabrera with the big punch and i think, that’s something that we can look forward to watching this team get after every pitcher every single day opening day for the tigers has been promising.

The tigers eight and two in their last 10 openers, but now it’s a matter of carrying it on from here, and certainly miguel cabrero, was a big part of what we witnessed here at the ballpark on thursday. Consider the homer in a developing snowstorm. He actually slid into second because he wasn’t sure it was gone. No one was completely sure what such was the visibility at the time, but he joins al k line as the only tigers. They have 350 homers and 2 000 hits, while wearing a tigers, uniform and that’s his first opening day homer since his first game as a tiger way back in 2008. As you can imagine, the smiles stretched from one foul pole to the other. The day was a biggie for miggy was awesome. It was awesome because um we coming from last year, we got top here with the kobe now we’re able to come back and have fun in the stadium. I mean the feeling it was. It was a lot of energy, you know it was a lot of energy. I was excited, i always decided to play back and forth and um i mean it was. It was a special day for us and everybody. I heard a lot of me. Let me play a little bit. You saw miggy make the nice play defensively while at first base he won’t be at first base he’ll, be the designated hitter in today’s game, but he is the guy who determines the path that these tigers take and he did so against.

The cy young award winner and shane bieber let’s look back at miggy’s day it’s a ram breakdown here. Well, every every hit every home run it’s going to be another step towards these milestones that miggy’s trying to reach. I mean not many players have done it. It’S 3 000 hits it’s 500 home run only half a dozen players who ever played this game have been able to reach this feat, and so, when you watch the big fella, you look at the athleticism. You look at the body that he’s been able to put together throughout this all season getting himself in the best shape. I really believe lat i mean getting the opportunity to play. First base gets him back engaged in the game and it’s gon na. Allow him to be that big kid that we’ve all come to love. But then you watch him. Look at the look at the big fella move at first base making an outstanding play. He still has those cat cat like reflexes. You can tell that he’s enjoying the game and i think we’re going to see him put together a solid season when we’re getting back to that miggy of oh, where guys he’s, hitting right at 300, he’s hitting 30 home runs, and obviously we know he’s one of The game’s best at driving in runs all right, so who’s at first base for the tigers today. We’Ll share that coming up that’s your professional television, so it’s another hit it’s another piece of history.

Another homer checked off on the race to mount olympus for miguel cabrera. Trying to join six others, as seymo mentioned, to get to 500 homers and 3 000 hits in a career, and no one knows that more than the manager who will try to manage him to those records. The only issue is going to be control. I mean in terms of wanting to play first base every day. He’S been tremendous this spring in in becoming a little bit more of a vocal leader, believe it or not, 17 18 years in the league he’s getting better at being a leader and being a little bit more vocal. He we got ta. We got to manage his health and you know he wants to be out on the field he’s a somewhat of a different player when he’s out on the field. So you get a day like today, that’s gorgeous i’m, going to put him out. There i’ll manage his workload and he’ll d.h quite a bit, but it’s going to be fun as he chases history. That day was wednesday, thursday wasn’t, so good saturday is a much better day, but miguel cabrera, as mentioned, will be the dh today in game. Two of the season against the indians, so the smiles that we saw on thursday, almost as big as those we see on the face of the returning johnny kane, the weather today better than thursday. The wetter tomorrow will be better than today so johnny joins us.

Why not take in a ball game? He’S got our miller light report johnny welcome back, hey good to be back keith here with ellen zorang, the vice president of marketing. Here with the tigers – and let me say this – i got to be honest with myself: i’ve got to be honest with you. I don’t know that i have the fashion sense. The requisite fashion sense to be up here. Sharing the same space, i saw what you were bringing to the table on opening day with your footwear. We have that where’s, the shoe game you and simo. I don’t know who wore it better right. I i think i think uh semo got it. I think simone got it with a matching jacket. I think he’s got it, but you know he’s my role model well, i’ll tell you what it’s not a bad one, to follow. Uh it’s good to be with you, obviously it’s a beautiful weekend here, uh. I know opening day was a little brisk but that’s what we’ve come to expect here in detroit uh miggy hit two ron homer through the snowflakes any any thoughts of having a mickey snow globe giveaway here coming up. Okay, i like that idea. I’Ll have to share that with the promotions department. That’S, a good one yeah, it was just opening day was a fantastic day for detroit for the team for miguel, cabrera and obviously welcoming tigers fans back into comerica park after what’s been a really challenging year was just something that was spectacular and we’re so so proud And we’re even more excited to welcome more fans back in uh this weekend and all throughout the month of april and a couple days, we’re putting may tickets on sale.

So we’re super excited well it’s, awesome, today’s a great day and then i know tomorrow’s gon na be even better it’s easter sunday. So a lot to celebrate what’s special tomorrow. Well, i understand that the easter bunny is gon na be making an appearance. We’Ll have some areas set up for fans to do some safe selfies with some little easter, decor and it’s our first sunday, kids day and sunday. Kids days are always great here at the ballpark, so you know just want to encourage everyone. We’Ve got a few tickets left, i believe great weather in store, so go to tickets to get your tickets and join us tomorrow for easter sunday at the ballpark. Well, i always try to keep up with the growing trends and i know there’s a caps on trend. What is this, what do you know about it? What can you tell us? Well, you know detroiters love the old english d, they love, tigers, baseball and one way, the detroit, the tigers, fans root, is with their caps, so caps on detroit right, it’s time for another great baseball season, put on your tigers, cap and root it’s part of our Detroit roots campaign, our roots in the city of detroit, the detroit tigers, they run really really deep. 100 plus years of detroit tigers, baseball, everybody loves the old english g grab your cap caps on and let’s root for the guys on the field. I love it.

We have the indians here obviously today tomorrow, then the minnesota twins come in. I know tuesday is going to mark the one year anniversary of the passing of mr tiger. Alkaline what’s special is coming up on tuesday. Well, one thing i want to emphasize is that, unfortunately, when mr k line passed away last year, we didn’t have the opportunity to sort of collectively mourn as a tiger’s family, and i know that he meant so much to all tigers, fans and so on tuesday. We are going to pause and we’re going to do a special ceremony. Members of his family will be here and it’s just a way for all tigers fans to kind of come together and say goodbye as of tiger’s family. So that will happen on tuesday prior to the game beautiful. I love it. Thanks for spending time with us appreciate everything you do. She’S got the best style game here in the booth. I can tell you that much and probably if you saw her footwear, it probably is a little better than yours, keats and i’m, not saying white new balances, aren’t great they’re, comfortable shoes, they’re a comfortable shoe. She was looking good yesterday. She was looking very fashionable for opening day. You were looking very fast. Only johnny kane can tie in the fashion sense of an interview guest with craig monroe and then pivot to something else.

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