Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, MLB Picks 4/5/21

So a lot to cover here going to get right into it, go ahead and like and subscribe. If you already haven’t support the channel, join the patreon as well get access to all all my parlays, teasers and pics throughout the day, every day and uh yeah go ahead and sign up for that and we’re gon na get started with these matchups. We got new matchups now in the mlb. You know all the teams coming into their triple headers and whatnot. So now we we actually have data and teams that are actually playing different teams. So so um we’ll see what happens first match up the minnesota twins versus the detroit tigers, minnesota currently favorites at minus 138, detroit plus 128 um. You know detroit, you know minnesota one and one coming off that winning well. They are playing as i’m filming this early sunday that’s just how it is split, split, two of the games with milwaukee one and one losing five to six and then winning two to zero um detroit picked up an early. You know an early loss, getting kind of beat pretty bad by cleveland nine to three earlier sunday. You know two in one um, just uh, just quick picks for me right here. I i like detroit. You know minnesota hasn’t, really impressed me this far to start the season against milwaukee. They didn’t do too well give me the value with detroit plus 128 and um. I like the under eight and a half as well.

Next up we have the atlanta braves vs, the washington nationals atlanta. You know washington currently favorites at minus 147, atlanta plus 137, with the over under at eight um i’ll, try incorporate the weather, i know i’ll save for some, but i literally just i don’t know. I just scan over it, but weather looks pretty good. 70 70 degrees um 10 mile an hour wind, so should be pretty good day. We have you, know atlanta, oh and three. Bad loss is getting swept by the phillies washington um. You know making their debut for the season we’re supposed to play the mets, but they had the kobe concerns all weekend, so they’re making their debut here. This is another game i like atlanta in this spot at plus 137. washington. You know i think they’re going to be rusty first game of the season. The braves already have three under their belt here um. You know i like the braves to pick up a nice win here against. You know against washington nationals a nice washington nationals team, but first game. I just feel like they’re gon na have the opening day jitters. Give me atlanta, plus 137, give me the under eight next matchup. We have the toronto blue jays. First, the texas rangers toronto opening up his favorites at minus 150, texas plus 140 weather, looks pretty good 77 degrees 15 mile an hour. Winds should be a nice day for baseball uh toronto, two in one against the yankees in the first three games: texas, um, Music.

Currently, playing right now against kansas city they’re, actually winning this match up top of the ninth, so um might get their first win there, but losing the first two matchups, pretty good four to eleven. Ten to fourteen a lot of a lot of runs were put up in those games there, but um. You know texas. The rangers haven’t really shown that much to impress me here. You know i i like this uh. You know i like this toronto team coming in two and one um give me toronto minus 150. Give me over nine. I think it’s definitely going to hit the over in this matchup next match up. We have the kansas city, royals versus the cleveland, indians, kansas city, Music, or you know: yeah kansas city favorites at 108, cleveland minus 102, with the over under at eight and a half um. So yeah, these two team. You know kansas cities, looking like they’re, going to pick up a loss here sunday as i’m recording but um you know won the first. You know two in one: two: pretty nice wins over texas cleveland one, and you know one and two got a nice one against detroit on sunday. But you know two losses against detroit kansas city show they can score, definitely show they’re, the better team. Here you know. I think the line should be a little bit higher honestly, so i’m gon na take kansas city, minus 108 and uh we’re gon na take the over eight and a half next match up.

We have the baltimore orioles. First, the new york yankees, baltimore plus 195. Then new york, massive favorites at minus 215., with the over under at nine and a half baltimore 3 0. You know 3 0 sweep over boston. I don’t think we really saw that coming, but baltimore playing really well right. Now uh the yankees just one and two, you know two losses to toronto. I love this line here for baltimore i mean making the yankees massive favorites makes zero sense for me here. I know they’re the yankees but baltimore put a a really good three game stretch against the you know, shutting out boston here, getting baltimore plus 195, and i watched the yankees this weekend. They didn’t look that great they really didn’t. I, like baltimore in this matchup, with the upset over the yankees, not really impressed by them, taking the better team right now in baltimore, 3, 0 and um gon na take the under nine and a half. I think that’s, just great value, for you know, vegas, is just not liking. This baltimore team for some reason next match up. We have the pittsburgh pirates. First, the cincinnati reds pittsburgh, you know plus 127 cincinnati. The favorites at 137 should be a good day. 74 degrees. 11 mile per hour, when um yeah, you know pittsburgh, one and two hold up hold up hold up. Yep looks like they’re about to lose in chicago here as i’m recording so one and two pit not playing that great here chicago.

Definitely, the better team. You know got that opening day loss, not chicago. Oh my god. This is this. This is cincinnati. I don’t know why i said chicago cincinnati. You know dominant win today on sunday over. I believe it was st louis 12, 1 put up a lot of runs. Put up a really good game and um, you know two and one right now. I like cincinnati, coming off the hot st with st louis game here. Give me cincinnati. Give me the over to the over nine next match up. We have the st louis cardinals versus the miami marlins. Both teams are minus 105, with an eight and a half over under here miami one and two st louis one and two as well: um Music. You know miami did get an impressive win over tampa in the last game with a triple header, but you know same with st louis: they got to win in the first and lost two of them in a row, a lot losing 12 to one against the reds. I don’t love this matchup at all. You know, it’s a toss up both teams plus one and a half i mean if i were to lean a team, i would lean with st louis. They showed a little bit more firepower in that series with the reds i’ll. Take st louis plus one and a half um we’ll take a money line as well: we’ll take the under eight and a half as well next match up with the new york mets.

First, the philadelphia phillies um mets, making their opening season debut here. Minus 210 favorites phillies plus 190. philly’s, not getting any love here, three game sweep for the phillies over atlanta 3 0. This is another game that i love phillies in this matchup mets are definitely a better team. Yes, but they haven’t played yet opening day. They can 100 come out rusty, like a lot of teams, did on opening day as heavy favorites love the value with the phillies at plus 190 here we’re going to take philly’s, plus 190 we’re gon na take the over seven and a half love the upset. Here. Great value nets are just favor too high for it being their first game. I get the hype i get. You know i get it, but philly’s three and oh now and i had a nice weekend very nice weekend. Shouldn’T be slept on like this and disrespected honestly, i’ll take them plus 190 and the seven and a half under or no over seven and a half yes next match up the tampa bay rays versus the boston red sox, tampa bay, favorites at minus 118, boston plus 108 tampa bay, two and one you know boston, getting swept here: 0, 3 um against baltimore, pretty simple stat for me: boston, not playing good start out the season tampa playing pretty pretty good, had a bad loss against miami, but you know look dominant in that serious. Overall i’m gon na take tampa minus 118 and i’m gon na take the under nine and a half next match up.

We have the milwaukee brewers versus the chicago cubs chicago slightly favorites, at minus 109 milwaukee minus 101, with the over under at eight and a half Music um. You know milwaukee didn’t, look too impressive in their series with minnesota um. You know chicago. Had the rough rough opening day, but um love chicago in this matchup milwaukee, just look, i don’t know man, they just couldn’t score. They definitely struggled so i i like the chicago cubs in this matchup i’m gon na. Take the i’m gon na. Take the under eight and a half next match up: we have the houston, astros versus los angeles angels, la favorites at minus 115, houston plus 105, with the over under at nine houston, 3 0. A nice clean sweep over the weekend over oakland uh la two and one pretty good weekend as well: um it’s, just a matchup. I love houston man. They played really good uh baseball in that oakland series. You know ellie played good in the chicago white sox series too, but um houston man. They were averaging. You know nine, nine and eight putting up the runs love the over at nine in this, and i love the underdog play in houston. I think they should be favorites um at plus 105 i’m going to take them at plus one and a half on the run line as well. Next matchup we have the los angeles dodgers versus the oakland athletics dodgers, favorites at minus 147, oakland plus 137, with the over under at 9.

um. This is just the easy one for me: love the dodgers i’m gon na love, the dodgers all season oakland. You know oakland getting shot out by houston over the weekend in the three game: sweep love the dodgers 137 super low value. I think, and um i’m going to take the over nine as well next match up. We have the chicago white sox. First, the seattle mariners chicago opening up his favorites at minus 118, seattle plus 108., with the over under at eight and a half chicago one and two seattle, two and one um. You know seattle, two two wins over. You know san francisco beating san francisco 4 0. In their last match up chicago, you know only getting one win against this: this angels team here um. I like the underdog play here. You know two and one mariners coming in plus 108., give me the mariners, moneyline love them at plus one and a half love the over eight and a half as well. Last matchup of the night we had the san francisco giants. First, the san diego padres um san francis cisco plus 160 san diego favorites, at minus 170. um. You know you know the san francisco one and two san diego 3 0 um they’re playing arizona here on sunday, we’ll see what happens with um we’ll see what happens with that game there, but um. I love the padres super talented, this season. Um, you know san francisco didn’t, look all that great over the weekend, gon na roll with the padres minus 170.

gon na take the over eight and a half that’s gon na. Do it for this video? Hopefully, you guys did enjoy um good luck with your picks on monday, go ahead and subscribe to the patreon i’d love to have you on there and uh and yeah hope.

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