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He is an ace in every sense of the word, woodruff ready to deal one two and a line shot. Oh, what a catch! How about that to start the year with a gem right away, yep circle that one Applause up to a late start in spring training had some injuries and check this catch out, it’s, slicing away from him and a good dive perfectly time dive able to haul it. In that was a slider from brandon woodruff, but a heck of a play to start the season you got some guys in their 30s is keeping them on the field. Keeping them healthy and managing rocketball delhi’s talked about that. Finding his ways to make sure that he can give donaldson enough rest but still make him effective and keep him on the field. This ball hit hard, and this one does hit the gap in left center field and donaldson. Oh, who rounded first and had a skip in his step. I don’t know if he slept. Watkins is going to come out and just get his gear and my goodness, he rifled the ball to the gap and left center field and there’s concern right away about his lower half opening gay starter kenta maeda over his career has been good and, as a minnesota Twin was even better gets the knot as the opening day starter he’s made quite a few in japan. This is his first one in the united states and he gets a strikeout of wong.

A foul tip and garber hangs on went away and the 2 2 strike three called locked up on his high slider at 87 miles an hour. Hiro was looking for something else: phil maeda two batters in two strikeouts. Did he go? Yes, he did a strikeout for woodruff, a nasty slider that was on three pitches as well needed a quick start to this. Second inning woodruff would there’s a swing at a miss woodruff with back to back case. That gives him three so far. Good start to this. Second, inning making quick work of buxton and garber two on two out no score. Narvaez sets up down and away, and the one two pitch is in the dirt: kicks away from narvaez cave comes home. He scores standing twins, take a one. Nothing lead in a ball that got away from narvaez that’ll, be a wild pitch cenote down to second twins lead one zip circle, change up down skipped right in front of the plate, the ground narvaez. It went to his right cave read that scored easily standing cenote a second and now a 2 2 count walked and scored sono at second 2, 2 again to kepler that’s. The center field and that’ll die for a hit sono being waved around third he’s coming home and he’ll score with kepler, delivering a clutch two out: rbi single and what is it? It’S it’s single it’s, the small ball it’s, taking the extra bases it’s doing all those things, it’s two strike hitting kepler looked like he might have the the biggest exhale exhale we’ll, see from him all year.

You know a lot of pressure on himself he’s, one of those guys who expects results and had a tough spring, but it’s all erased on opening day when you’re able to hit a ball right off the end of the bat now shaw a chance to do some Damage bottom of the third, i think twins got two in the top of this frame. Three two, two outs we’ll: do it again, another 3 2 pitch runners. Go sean takes ball; four, oh that’s, a good advantage, travis really good. At that i mean that’s, a veteran guy knows his strike zone, not a deer in the headlights, type of at bat that’s when you want a veteran at the plate: 60 pitches 35 of them. This inning for maeda ground ball to third arise, sets and fires and sonos able to keep a toe on the bag. Now you’ve got a contact hitter up there, you’ve got a guy who can hit singles a guy who can drive in runs cave on deck. 3. 2 pitch in a line drive base, hit into center field, rounding third simmons heading home, and the twins get another two out hit with two strikes: to produce a run this time from luis arize, that’s huge on so many levels. You know you had a two, nothing lead. It was cut in half in the last half inning a long inning maida was out there working for a long time. Ari is doing his best job of hitting with two strikes it’s incredible.

What he’s able to do? Look that’s just such a simple swing: that’s a i’m not trying to hit this ball 400 feet i’m. Just trying to make sure i put this ball in play, it’s all about the finish. Just like that. Yeah ball seems to rise as he gets the home plate. Three balls two strikes on snow peralta and he put a fastball by him well because of the sliding on three and one i mean ceno, wasn’t sure two on two outs, the one two got him fastball, upstairs Applause to the brewers, with the bases loaded, duffy deals, Narvaez little jam shot left field falling fast, it is down, yellows will score and now winding it up is shawn he’s, going to be out by a mile at the plate, hey yikes, he got thrown out by a ton that’s a big out. It would have been bases loaded, one out instead, first and second, two outs on a perfect, throw from cave and perfect, throw by kade to get him by ten feet, and he got him fouled him up with a fastball rock that was down the middle and puts It right by cruz, no kidding the one two. He got him a strikeout for peralta cave couldn’t pull the trigger. Well, you never know when the moment of the game happens. Applause. This feels like one of those moments right now, brewers down a run. Sixth inning and the dangerous snow up there with the bases loaded, three and two, the count runners take off and a swing and a miss.

He struck him out Applause. He threw on the spinner Applause, here’s, byron, big guy big, run at second base right now, byron over two of the walk in a stolen base. He swings and launches high and deep to left center. Beckett goes deep. It goes and gone buckston a long home run to left center field. The first bumba of 2021 comes from byron buxton and the twins open up a three run. Lead 5 2 twins in the seventh 450 feet, a long, long blast for byron all smiles inside that. Third base dugout and the twins lead by three as christian yelled steps in representing the tying run. Just the man, the brewers won at the plate in a spot like this, two on one out yelling in the right center way. Back and over coming in to score is wong wow and the boys are alive. Kepler was there on a line. Shot could not make the play a run, is in it’s, 5 3 minnesota yeah. The brewer dugout thought it was a tie game, but kepler just had it in and out of the glove that’ll be a single right single. They scored a shot by yelits and now a base hit. If it touches the outfield grass will tie the game, yelachenhira ready to run and shaw in the right center, a base hit into the gap, a double on the first pitch boy. How good does that feel for travis wow? Oh, what a moment for a hand on opening day, oh the brewers, bounce off the mat and tie it up Applause, a swing out of this hater; 98 Applause, a hundred miles an hour.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a hundred out of hindi Applause. End of the game late at the short stop position and rc a big bouncing ball kate’s coming to the plate, it’s glove to throw home, he’s safe, the brewers win.

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