Earthquake, Los Angeles, California 4.3 Los Angeles Earthquake & 3 days of Severe Weather in the Middle of the USA

4 or lower magnitude, but i’m, letting you know because i think los angeles earthquake twitter is really cute and i’ve got less than 24 hours. Left in my monthly thor news fundraiser, so i have a chance to remind you if you’d like to donate, contribute to keep door news up and running. I got a snail mail, a paypal event motion, a cash app, a patron and a whole lot of love. For you, and only 1369 dollars left to raise in less than 24 hours hey. But if you’re looking for doom there’s, a giant black box covering part of the sun that’s a spaceship it’s, huge it’s, probably not anyway, we’re facing a coronal hole, so we’ll probably be getting hit with a fast moving wind, solar, wind stream. So yeah that always increases earthquake activity a little plus. You got all the gas giants on the same side of the sun, and so we have been looking for increased volcano and earthquake activity since 2017 and we’ve been seeing it. The volcanoes are going berserk, bro, we’re talking about aetna secretary jujima um, the one in iceland public taypel rauang. Quite a few major floods in indonesia today, yeah like all the gas giants and pluto, are like way over here, and so that creates a misbalance. And so i think that causes earthquake and volcano activity to increase and my theory has been proven: hey look, it’s like earth, venus and ceres are lined up man.

The solar system is so divine architecturey. You know, i hope you had a good easter yeah. I don’t know why i just think uh, california, earthquake twitter is adorable, but i like stuff, oh bad news. There were some fires breaking out in california last night and you can’t rule out a california oregon, washington or canada. Volcano eruption. This year you just can’t bro. So yeah earthquake monday cool cool cool and you don’t have to worry about it. A tsunami is not expected from the 4.3 earthquake in los angeles, hey lgx chocobars the world is probably not ending uh. My watch hey, i cycloman just had a good hard rattle in la always strange. When it happens, he jumped up 100 alert and ready for war. The emotions of 17th january 1994 come racing back like it was yesterday. Well, let’s hope we don’t get another big one, but anything is possible. It has been very earthquaky and volcanoes this year already we’re only a fourth of the way through yeah, and here comes the heat you know, while summer’s on the way but yeah they have landslides. Flash floods and torrential rainfall in eastern indonesia, 60 people dead dozens missing, then beth car dirt, letting us know. Today we got a chance of severe weather up here tomorrow we got a chance of severe weather down there and then the day after that, you get a chance of severe weather there. So the weather situation is getting wild again and then europe is getting punched in the face with snow and cold and rain and wind.

Then you got hail moving through stony point. I don’t even know where stony point is it’s near luther. I guess captured satellite last week from meteor detection camera. Okay, all right, so this has been an astro fight club update. And yes, if you would like to support me uh you can make a contribution to my paypal venmo cash app. I only need, like 50 bucks, to make a rent before 9 a.m. This morning, before i charge the late fee, so i’m gon na keep my fingers crossed, keep praying and keep you guys updated and overall, in less than 24 hours, i’ve only got 1369 left to raise man. My life it’s an adventure and a game show, but i do love being your planetary defense commander. So thank you to asteroid fight club and thank you to melanie charlotte, juan miles preston, randy, jason, randy, randy, cw and randy s. I got double randy. Ladies all, right. Fred mike, thank you, joshua kyle, thank you, jl ellie, thomas darlene, thank you and thank you to anyone who ever watched and who’s ever contributed, or has ever said nice things or prayed for me. Thank you to everybody out. There is cool or ever tells funny jokes.

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