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Thomas funko is here at the earthquake forecast center. It is 9 10 in the evening on sunday april, 4th 2021 and i believe, there’s one main area of risk, that’s very, concerning right now, it’s down in southern japan and we’ll get to that in a minute we’re going to start out with california, though – and we Have a risk uh today, the fourth into the fifth and this could produce a 4.5 or larger earthquake northwest of los angeles from to santa barbara, santa maria to salinas and koalinga parkfield. This area here just west of bakersfield, is, could produce a 4.0 to 5.0. I mean we could always get a large earthquake, but that’s uh very high risk northwest of l.a. What gets very concerning is when the we get in these reds and dark red which we have in japan and then on the 5th and the 6th. We have the same area of high risk here, northwest of los angeles in santa barbara santa maria. The same area is up here, pretty much the same area and then on the sixth and the seventh it kind of quiets down for a while. So let’s go to our next forecast area in alaska and we have here an area building in on the sixth and the seventh near kodiak island, northeast of sand point and uh southwest of uh anchorage. This area is a very high risk on the 6th and 7th which could produce a 5.

0 to 5.5 or larger in that area on the 6th and the 7th near kodiak island and the country of uh chile, all right we’re more into this next forecast period. The fourth and the fifth and la serena right now, 65 percent risk near there and the far south here, but the highest visit is near la serena. On the fourth and the fifth – and here we have a very high risk up here in northern chile and bolivia, and this here could produce a 5.5, maybe 5.0 5.5 earthquake in the far northern part of chile on april 5th, into april 6th and then southwest of Santiago, chile, we have an area here, 65 percent risk and then on the 6th and 7th it’s quiet. So the the highest risk is on the 5th and the 6th of april, where we could get a 5.5 or larger in the northern part of chile and the country of italy, Music right now. This forecast map is uh for high risk in the south and southeast part of italy right now and then the fourth into the fifth, which is right about now and it’s, actually the fifth over there. So this forecast is valid east of salinas and the uh. Maybe out in the ocean here actually that’s the mediterranean out here we could get a 4.0 5.0 there east of sicily and then the risk begins to diminish on the fifth and the sixth and then on the sixth and the seventh pretty high risk down near tunisia.

Okay, here’s, the map that i was uh telling you about it’s very concerning and that is well. First of all, we’ve got a 4.3 4.5 in this area right here, uh southwest of tokyo right in this 80 risk area today and then on the 6th into the 7th of april right now, it’s the 5th over there so coming up during the next 36 hours Or so we have a very high risk down here from hiroshima to osaka that area this could produce a 5.0 to 5.5 or larger, very high risk near osaka and kyoto and over to hiroshima. This area right here during the next 36 to 48 hours over in the philippines. The risk is pretty much in the north, very high risk across the far north on the third and the fourth right now it’s the fifth over there. So this is the forecast map for that still high risk across the north and the fifth and the sixth begins to diminish across there and then still increases to 60 to 65 percent on the sixth to the seventh. Most of the risk remains across the northern part of the philippines during the next 48 hours. All right excuse me all right. The third and the fourth risk is building into albania here and right now. It is the fifth over there. So we’ll look over at this forecast map and uh 5.0 is possible out here in the western portion of greece on the fourth and the fifth, and this is when something more significant at 5.

5 is possible. Uh west of athens, greece in western greece, here 5.5, is possible on april 5th, into april 6th and then on april 6th to the 7th it kind of quiets down but april 5th into april 6th. We could get a 5.5 out here northwest of athens, greece, all right in central america. All right right now is the fourth. So this is our forecast map here, western guatemala and far southern mexico could get a 4.0 5.0, the fourth to the fifth and then the fifth into the sixth down here in costa rica. We could get a 5.5 in that area in southern costa rica and western panama and then on the 6th to the 7th that same area in costa rica could get a 5.5. So the area to watch during the next 48 hours is uh. Southern costa rica and costa rica and western panama, an extreme southern portion of nicaragua for a significant earthquake, all right, indonesia, all right, we’re, looking at it’s the fifth over there right now. So we have a pretty high risk out here in eastern indonesia, and this is significant here april 5th and april 6th. We could get a 5.5 in the far northern part of sumatra, the fifth and the sixth, and even the sixth and the seventh. You get a 4.5 to 5.0 in the far northern part of sumatra and in taiwan. Music risk is let’s, go to the fifth right now april, 4th and april 5th and uh pretty high risk here up in the farther northern portion of the ryukyu islands.

Right now, and then northern taiwan and taipei here uh could get a significant earthquake on the fifth and the sixth 4.5 to 5.0 is possible there and then a 6.0 is possible on far north north of taiwan out here and west of okinawa out here on the 6Th and the 7th of april and washington state high risk right now right around seattle. The the state of washington, oregon and idaho is very difficult to forecast this area, but right now for the next couple days, this one’s for the fourth and the seventh. The risk is pretty high near seattle and turkey. The risk for the next 48 hours is in far southeastern turkey and iraq. Northern iraq – and you can see that right here on the 4th and the 5th, which is right now, 5.0 is possible there in iraq or southern and southeastern turkey and the fifth and the sixth pretty much the same area there. Six into the seventh you can see over eastern iraq and mostly over iraq during the sixth and the seventh of april, a couple more maps here: caribbean, very high risk rate now from the fourth into the fifth during the next 24 hours in puerto rico, to the Northern lesser antilles, on the fifth and sixth and the sixth and seventh, the risk is, in the northern lesser in two days to the central lesser antilles, where a 4.5 to 5.0 is possible during this forecast period. One more map here in new zealand um right now the risk is in the far northeast portion of new zealand april 4th april 5th.

The 5th into the 6th is kind of here in the uh western west, central part of uh, new zealand and the sixth into the seventh in the far southwest, once more let’s look at uh, los angeles and japan. Right now, on the fourth and the fifth uh, we could get a 4.5 here northwest of los angeles and southeast of salinas in the koalinga, santa maria santa barbara area, and that same area on the fifth and the sixth and uh most concerning right now is in Japan on the sixth into the seventh of april, where a strong earthquake could occur near hiroshima and okayama and osaka this area, and this could produce a 5.0 or 5.5 or even larger it’s, a very significant area of risk there from osaka to hiroshima. And, of course, you know where you live, if you’re in japan, so you can just look at this map, usually it’s, very close to the bullseye of where this risk is here so right in that area all right. Thank you very much again. This is the earthquake forecast center luke thomas home coast here at the earthquake, forecast center Thank you so much for stopping by today on sunday evening. We will talk to you again, hopefully tomorrow on monday, and keep an eye out on that very high risk near japan and uh significant risk northwest of los angeles tonight and tomorrow. Thank you so much and we will talk to you again tomorrow.

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