Earthquake, Los Angeles, California y Morning Earthquake Wakes Los Angeles M 4.0 – M 4.1 ESSC

Thank you for joining me at 4, 44 pacific standard time. There was a magnitude 4.0 earthquake, east northeast of lenox, california, and so far, 4 400 people have reported feeling this earthquake. It was along the newport inglewood fault zone, which is an extension parallel to the san andreas fault zone, using google earth here’s a location of that earthquake. Here we got santa monica it’s, all extension of los angeles. Afterwards. As you know, earthquakes can trigger earthquakes. Along other fault zones, there was a magnitude 1.8 along the hollywood fault. Now the written lines drawn out isn’t the actual whip of these earthquakes. Now the newport english fault zone is about 47 miles. Long extends from culver city through inglewood to newport beach, where it is known as the rose canyon fault, there has been 31 earthquakes in this location right here on this map um within the last week, the latest being at 1.6, there was a 2.3 yeah. A lot of aftershocks, another 2.3, as i tell you, people any earthquake, has a 20 percent chance of being before shock for something much larger. Before this 4.0 there was a 3.3 same location and that one was also today and we’ll bring it down, and then there was a 3.0 um one kilometers east northeast of huntington park so again using google earth here’s the location of that earthquake. The 3.0 here is the 4.0. Here we got the inglewood newport fault zone. We got the hollywood fault zone up over here and those of you that live there know that this area is capable of having very large earthquakes, not far from here in 1987, along the waiter fault, was a magnitude 6.

1 felt reports, santa barbara san, diego san bernardino, Mountains and yeah these can uh create earthquakes. On other fault lines like i said they could be smaller, they could be larger. We have a 20 chance of having a larger earthquake. I am sure there is some damage from this earthquake. Um look for hairline cracks in your foundation in the doorways walls. Things like that. Some of the reports on emsc said it shook up pretty good woke up. People scared, the hell out of people yeah. A lot of people were sleeping at that time. Felt strong bed was moving a second time now felt it felt it laying down um another. In a case, doubts do not fall asleep, be ready, god take care of us. It is my birthday trembling subside, rolling, trembling rattling earthquake. A total of 10 seconds felt two tremors. Second, one harder and more abrupt than the first quick hard rumble woke us both up yeah. So, like i said, please stay safe. Put your reports down below. Thank you for watching and i’ll talk to you later. God bless.

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