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Here today we are going to be um, comparing hp, officejet pro 6230 against hp, deskjet 1050 and my mom wants to say hi to youtube. Sorry, you heard her so um we’re going to be just reviewing how how these two work. Why they are different and what they work like so let’s start off with office jets, hp office jet also known as the pro version 6230. This is a wi fi printer that is used in far signals. It uses 50 megahertz. I believe, and apparently this printer doesn’t have a scanner so right here, here’s when the where the ink is now don’t get me wrong, but i actually don’t know how you put the ink in because i’ve never even touched the office jet before. I only printed it out once, but not much so like here’s all the components. Now this one doesn’t have a scanner for some reason, so it’s, just a one it’s, just a one and it’s a printer and now let’s show you the back. I need to flash lightweight. I can get my flashlight so apparently right here, you can see that we have a so this thing can be either a wire printer or a wireless printer that is extreme and there’s, also an ethernet port power in port. Let me turn the printer around so that you guys can like see better i’ll. Let me just do that real, quick, so here’s, an overview of the printer power button, which is actually a very nice clicking, sound the paper info.

What paper you want to use how much ink there is a phone mobile detection. I don’t know what that is. Wi fi signal. Now, if you’re wondering what the i button, does it basically prints out information about this printer or instructions, and then i don’t know what this button does, and this is just the canceled document. So this one doesn’t have the weak closing thing. Apparently this one, this one loads from the bottom, i need to manual focus. In fact, this thing this one uses light focus so see. This is loading in from the bottom. You can see how the thingy is working and like that, and then you can also open this door to slide in the battery no battery. Sorry, the paper, which is a very neat feature, though i think uh flash, assists the focus so um yeah that’s uh, pretty much even tells you what hp stands for hewlett, packard, chrome, logo. I really like it now let’s overview, the back. So the back apparently right here tells you our product name, i’m, just going to focus on that i’m going to focus there so see it tells you right here, and it tells you your information right here you might need you might need flash for that one. Let me just check yep see it tells you right here so um and then right here tells you all the information cable. If you want to use it for your cable, ethernet, port and power port, now normally on the hp desk jets.

Normally there would be some kind of inspection cover on the bottom, so let’s check underneath the printer and see if this one does have it um. Unfortunately, i couldn’t show that on the camera, but i the bottom had no inspection cover on it, so that’s pretty much it for the um office jet now, let’s move on to the desk jet let’s see if that’s everything covered. Oh wait. No, this thing just goes here: it is right here, see all right. Let’S go to the dustjet, oh yeah, and i forgot a step we’re, also going to be turning the printer on and see what it sounds like. So here we go i’m going to turn off flash because we don’t all right. You ready. Oh wait, actually yeah it’s, just because i have a sucky camera all right. Three, two! Oh my god, all right. Three: two one lights up: white Laughter, see that thing just lit up paper info just lit up there. We go Music, uh, sorry for back background noise, it’s, just a tv. I can’t turn it off because my mom’s watching the cereal. So, oh every time i like reflect my camera. The hp logo reflects that is nice, so it shows you. The colored ink is low signal thingy and if i every time i open this, look at this Music see look at that now, it’s on ink replacing mode. So um it positions, and then you just take out the ink by clicking on it.

I think that’s i think, that’s, how it works. So that’s very nice for an office jet like hp printers to have like a in ink replacing mode and this lights up. For some reason i don’t know what that is. I think that tells you that there’s no paper or something i don’t know i forgot to switch off the music all right so now, let’s turn it off went out. Power button went out and that’s dan for office jet now let’s move on to dustjet hp, dashjet 1050 it’s smaller than the office jet, but look what it has. It has a scanner so now now. This is why i get it. This is an all in one. No chrome logo logos like this metal metallic plastic logo um this bit, can’t close, but look at this. What and yes you can also extend it like in that one, and the question is: where do you refill the paper? You fill it from the top all right. Let me get a different place, all right, so it’s top loading, which means that um it loads from the top, which is very easy for something like like something on the little on the scanner. And if you accidentally open, the thing can go inside and then cause a paper jam that doesn’t happen quite a lot on the office jet, especially with a pit inside, but this one just loads from the top. So it goes like down like this.

So this thing has a scanner that’s nice has this. All this i, like i like using flash flash, assists my focus so here’s your cartridge light here’s your control panel actually color button uh. Oh, the hp office jet doesn’t, oh yeah, because these are for made for scanners. They still also has this button as well, but this is to like these are made for the photocopying ones. Those are photocopying buttons. So basically, you put like a like sheet of paper. That’S already printed inside, you close it, and then you click one of the two buttons you can do: black and white, printing or colored printing and then the exact same sheet will print out in that color. So if you press this one, the exact copied sheet will come out, but in black and white well, this one it will come out colored. So now let’s take a look in here. So you open, you replace the ink from here, as you can see, there’s a lot of stuff in there, then the dustjet’s smaller than the office jets, so obviously that’s, um that’s. Why it’s a lot smaller? Because the office jet needs to be a little bit bigger because it’s made for offices. Obviously i like this name office jets. I really like the office jet, though that’s jets, also pretty good. So, as you can see in here all right time to shut this thing and let’s take a look at the side, nothing there, the back, oh yeah, if you’re wondering what this is.

This is a sizing guide too bad that’s, not in the office. Yet, though, i think it is, though i don’t know, but this size guides you. So this is letter printing and then this is ma4 printing. Well, like um a5 printing. I think i don’t know a3 printing. I don’t know it tells you the model here. So this is uh hp, dashjet 1050, all in one j410 series, printer here’s, all the specs about it. It shows you the back has a different uh power plug. It has a purple one and it’s only cable. So you know internet poor, because this this is a wired printer, so it only uses cable usb. I think it is and now let’s see if there’s oh first let’s see here so apparently those are pickup. Rollers right here see they’re pushable, which is pretty surprising that they’re actually able to be pushed all right, let’s see if there’s anything on the bottom, all right. So i checked and there’s this there’s two things there’s an inspection cover which must be closed when printing. So basically, you push these. I don’t know what the pushing does and right here you just if something gets stuck you can. They like goes out and you can like pull it. I don’t know what the pushing does make sure it’s snap close both snaps are shut, and this is funny. This is an ink clock, but why is it on the bottom? So this is do the thingy to lock the ink you can unlock it.

By doing this? Oh it’s, already on it’s, already locked but um, you unlock it just going forward, but that’ll have to require you to move the ink itself and you can see in here. Why is this printer so cheap? Look at this and look at this? You can also cheat the thing by like just lifting this thing up and that’s that’s like pushing the thing down so like. If, if you were printing something, then you would obviously push this out. If you want to shut it, oh i think i broke it. Did i break it, broke it nope. I broke a printer on camera i’m gon na attempt to fix this hold on okay guys, so i fixed it apparently so yeah, so they were inspection cover and interlock, so that’s pretty much it for a hp desk jet now let’s plug it in and then see How it warms up all right people we’re turning on the desk yet and free to oh wait, hold on. Let me prepare so the scanner and the bottom part apparently does something so pay attention to those right. Three, two one light some green that’s in ink mode. Music yup that was that’s in ink mode right now, so apparently it only uses that so they can trick it all right, let’s close that and then now let’s see what happens, because the scanner apparently does something look at the scanner. So the scanner moves, but apparently the bottom bit, doesn’t move as i as far as i noticed so um.

You just heard the logo. Sometimes this thing just fails to lock by the way you can open here. Just i just don’t want to avoid the warranty so i’m not going to open this bit, basically it’s the control panel for the buttons i accidentally pushed the button but it’s alright, thank god. I have no paper so that’s, apparently what happens when you set a copy drop? I click the x before the move sometimes like when you press it and you don’t click that then we think it just moves to like here, but now let’s see what like what happens when we turn it off so there’s a scanner moving. My mom talking to the background, her sweet, girly voice, that’s my mom, so obviously i can. I can say i love her when i want to all right so that’s enough for dustjet that’s, pretty much it for both of these printers. If you guys want to buy one for yourself um, i will leave a link in the description soon um, for both amazon links, so here’s the model, if you want to buy it for yourself, this is hp. Actually i’ll show you in the back. So this is what you type in retail stores or any store like that hp, hp, dash jet one zero, five zero, all in one j410 series printer and then it will pop up. Sometimes it might pop up accessories for it as well. So you might want to get those too if you want, and then this is what you might want to type here: hp officejet pro 6230 i’ll return to the back end.

Show you guys! Oh, it doesn’t tell you in the background, so um yeah, you type hp, officejet pro 6230 on any retail store. Then this will pop up again. I will leave to a link to amazon sites in the description soon um. Yes, this is it thanks.

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