How are you doing? I hope you are doing well welcome to vino tv if you are new to this channel and if you are please consider subscribing. Thank you very much indeed for stopping by. Thank you very much indeed for clicking. I want to show you what we got here. We got this printer. This is hp. Mv4527. This printer is multifunctional multitasks. 3.1. If you like in the sense you can copy, scan and print from this printer. What you are going to do is to connect unbox this printer. This printer is dual band. You can connect it via wi fi network and also via usb cable. Okay, this printer is two sided printing gear, so we’re going to unbox this stuff see what is inside. Helping you to make informed choice about this printer. This printer is using 302 end cartridges here. Three zero two ink cartridges inside okay here is the cd rom for this printer and power cable. This is three pin power, cable, okay, and this is two pin power cable. This is the information pack Applause free printing plan. So if you register with hp instant ink, then for you to get free printing plan with the ink okay, so this is the information pack, okay. So what we have here? Okay, first impression – is nice gear. I, like the packaging for this printer, so hp, four, five, two seven Applause, nice here is the scanner for this printer, beautiful stuff.

Okay, and if you open up the scanner, then you load the ink right here so it’s using three zero. Two three cartridges: okay – and this is lcd screen on the back here. I want to show you from the back here Applause. The power cable goes right here, i’m going to put up, then the usb cable. We have. The usb cable at venetech store i’m, going to put up a link how you can get the usb cable, okay, i’m, going to put up a link, how you can get the usb cable Applause so turn this print around okay adventure. This is the power cable turn. This printer on and off the pepper tray is right here, so the paper tray is right here, so you load the paper and right here, i’m, going to plug this printer right now and for us to see Music, Music, okay, so power cable goes right here. Stick it push it inside and turn this print around Music, just plug it on okay, okay, right now, we’ll turn this printer on right here. So once you fish it on, then you wait for the printer to connect to hp Applause. Radma is connecting to the hp. Okay from what we can see here, this lcd screen, so you choose your country, language, okay, say english, espanol, dutch, so right now, we’re, united kingdom, so select english. Okay, you have selected english. The next thing you need to do is click yes, okay! Now you select your country of origin, okay, where you base u.

s, canada, uk so select, uk. Okay, you have selected australia as your country. Now you go back, then you select, uk, you have selected uk as your country touch yes to confirm. Yes, okay, right now you have installed the ink cartridges that came with this printer, so basically on my next video i’m going to show you how to install the ink cartridges it’s using 302 ink cartridges, okay, three colors and black okay. So this printer, if you open it up, you open it up, the ink holder will come right in the middle we’ll, come right in the middle for you to change the ink. If you have any paper jam for this printer, you need to open up right here. Okay and look for any paper jam, so you check right here and also lift this up and once you lift it up, also bring the battery up and look over here for any paper jam or debris. Okay. So if you have any paper done you check over here and also check right at the back, and once you finish, make sure you push this right cover, put the cover back, okay for this printer, so to put back right how it is so. This is the cover for to check for any paper jam. Okay. So if you want to load the paper tray, just you need to load the paper tray to a particular size. Okay, so this is how to unbox. This printer is nice very compact, very economical and affordable, easy to maintain and easy to run.

Okay. Thank you very much. This is hp, envy 4, 5, two five home, versatile mobile and photo printing gear. Okay, it’s wireless print scan copy and photo two sided printing print with or without a router okay. So you have this printer got 5.5 centimeter or 2.2 inch, mono touchscreen, okay, automatic paper tray, and it can also set this printer to quiet mode. Okay, with hp instant ink ready to supply, you can easily print from your mobile device or tablet. This printer got free or you have free one month, additional hp, inc. Okay, you save up to 70 on ink with this hp instant ink by registering at hp, instant, Okay. Thank you very much. I thought to show you this printer is hp4527.

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