Hewlett-Packard, Printer, Ink cartridge Envy 5000 Series printer setup | Envy 5010 | Printer Installation

This is the color cartridge, and this is the black cartridge, and these are the power clear cables. These are the power cables. I think one is the european standard and one is the us standard. I think so. There are two car power cables given yeah here it is. This is the manual how we need to set up the printer. This is how it looks. I will just i’ll just take out the packaging machine printing machine, see how compact it is so let’s connect it to the power cable first. So now we are just putting this to the power socket so that it gets a power. I will also remove this blue tape. We don’t need this now. The first step is to boot up the printer there’s a button here and just press. It see it started now. We have to see the instructions on the screen small screen here. You have to follow the instructions there on the screen. So the first step is, you have to select the language of your preference i’m, selecting english it’s, asking whether you want to select the language you have to confirm it. Yes, i have selected english language, which country and region uk uk yeah, so it’s asking to set up with the app. So it says that you have to use the hp website to get the app for your smartphone i’ve, already downloaded this app on my smartphone. So it’s this one, so here you can see this is the hp, smart app.

I think i have to go. The first step is to add the so i think i have this nv 5000 series printer, so yeah. I think i can give this okay, so we can click on the info now so here you can also do this setup via the app or you can also do the manual setup. So so it says that it is recommended to get the app. You will be guided through the process start to finish with the help. I think we can also do the manual setup. We can do the app so once you downloaded the app you have to find the printer. So this is the 5000 series printer. So if your printer is on, then it automatically detects the 5000 series. Then you have to click on the 5000 series that you have to set up. Then it asks for your wi fi password. Once you give the wi fi password it connects like. You can see. Now, on my mobile screen, it says that printer is connected to the wi fi. I mean press continue here because there is a guided setup, as it also says, on the screen continue: uh yeah there are some benefits: get automatic, warranty registration, software updates. Okay, i will just say: continue: okay, it’s asking me to sign in okay. I will quickly create my account hp account and then we’ll just start from there. I have created the hp account now it’s, just getting up the setup instructions.

So it says that you have to install the softwares from this site to print from the from your computer, so it’s very easy. I will also show that to you later so, we’ll just skip this step here. Yeah we can do that later. Okay setup is complete. I will just keep the printing page all done. Thank you that is it yeah, so i’ll just dismiss this for now and we can also uh. You know just see how the manual setup works so i’m, not clicking it on the manual setup. Insert cartridges that come with printer yeah, so now we have these two cartridges see we got it from the dropped with the printer itself. One is the color cartridge and one is the black cartridge, so i’ll just insert those Music so see. This is how this cartridges looks like this is the color one which is the pink. This is the black one. You have to remove this, remove this tape from here. Similarly, from this black one as well yep let’s remove now i will show you the place. You have to open this printer like this. It goes up like this see. You can see it here now, so this is a place where you have to put those cartridges, so this i’m just putting the cartridges like this see. This is on top like this. This should be down like this, so this is it and then you just have to press it down, see mother.

We haven’t yeah like this and then just push it down. Yes, now our both the cartridges are there inside. I will close this lid, you close it. It says this checking the printer asking to load the paper, so there is this tray here see you have to open it actually it’s like this, so you just have to open it and you have to press this outside so that you can place the papers here. I just put the paper inside now: you just push this tray inside this again, so that it will start yeah. So, okay, we put the papers in the tray it’s ready to begin, so it will just align the pages uh to give you the best print quality. So we’ll just say: okay and you can see to print the alignment page. You can also have this here on which actually the printed paper comes. This so see the alignment bridge has printed just look at it. So now we have to place this alignment bridge and just close the lid allow it to scan scanning the alignment page. So now, it’s ready, you know: it’s aligned, successfully it’s the best possible print quality discard doll and okay. So i can just take this out page. I will just click on ok, so i think this is this. Is it now you see when it is you see when it is done with the with the setup? You can see this screen, which you can copy.

You can scan you. Can you can do more setup? You know if you, if you want connect to the wi fi, so you see it’s already connected to the wi fi, so yeah.

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