Jenna Bush Hager, Today KLB Storytime "Our Great Big Backyard" by Jenna Bush and Laura Bush

Remember i made um him a couple weeks ago. I know it looks kind of bad. Hopefully yours look better and then i have a couple of ducks back there. I have an army duck, a navy duck a princess and a couple recycling ducks and they all wanted to help me read the story. So the story, our great big backyard, hello, my bff hank, said i have our whole glorious summer, mapped out hank’s summer plans. Hank wanted to watch a different movie. Every day, ricky was going to create a youtube channel lois and i couldn’t wait to have an epic starship tournament. Ipads video games, wi fi. Oh my! It was going to be the best summer of our lives, but that was before hmm. What do you think happened that night mom gave me the bad news we’re going to spend the summer on the road dad’s map was different from hanks, but i was supposed to spend it with my friends janet. There is more to life than starting staring at a screen, you’ll love being on the open road, as if i didn’t have enough to worry about my pes of a brother sam kept bothering me come on jan let’s go outside we’ll practice, camping, no wait! I’M busy on the last day of school, my parents picked me up for what they call the great american road trip, they’re ready to go. Huh, i sent my friends a message: i’m leaving on a road trip.

Don’T know when i’ll be back, oh boy, i hate. Ah, to go as we drove south my parents sang along to show tunes how humiliating at least i had their phone to keep me company jane. Put that away you’re missing some beautiful sights. All i’m missing is time with my friends sounded like she. Didn’T want to be there first up, everglades national parks, swamps, cedar trees, cypress trees with creepy hanging, moths and mosquitoes. As far as the eye could see big deal there’s. Absolutely nothing to see here! Beware of alligators! Oh, my goodness! Look like she’s missing out a lot by looking at her ipad. We drove forever. Can you imagine a little child spit it forever to get to our next stop as we cross the mississippi river sam wave to a river captain, i hid behind my ipad. Oh, my team next stop big ben national park. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car, so i could finally play starship. They put that away. Come look through the telescope. Oh wow, the stars at night are big and bright. The sky in texas was huge and bright, then bless my lucky stars. A meter shower lit up the sky like fireworks brighter than any scene. I had ever seen we traveled west across the desert, sam, and i pretend that we were astronauts on mars. Next. Stop the grand canyon national park we tiptoe over the skywalk, like we were after backs on tight road.

The river so far below, looks like a shiny ribbon as we explore. I sent a selfie to my crew, yep that’s me on blaze, my mule. The only thing missing is you: when we wrap down the cotter, oh river karat, i was a pirate captain with sam as my first mate, navigating the treacherous rivers next up yellowstone park. We were park rangers on the lookout for animals, mountain lions, buffalos and bears. Oh my: what did the park ranger say to the skunk i don’t know. What do you think smell you later take a hike. We waited and waited for old, faithful to explode into the air. Then. Finally, five, four three two one blast off. It was like a real spaceship shooting off into the space last stop sam and i served uh our last dinner on the road fireflies hung in the air like fluttering stars. We pretended we were cowboys, the sky went up and up and up and up straight into the sky watching over us. I finally really s um, if i felt really small but really great too, like i was part of something big. Oh my darling, oh my darling. They see it. Oh my darling, clever! No! The next morning i couldn’t find my most prized possession my tablet. Then you packed it away. A week ago, mom said how can i tell my friends we’re coming home, wait, i got it and she wrote them postcards. What did you like best? I asked sam the campfires.

I thought about all the stars: i’m going to miss our big adventure. I was sad when we got home, but then i took baxter into our backyard and i had a brilliant idea. Mom can my friends come over for a camp out, i told hank and ricky and lois all about the places we seen i had the best summer. After all, it was spectacular out there just in a shooting star, zoom across the sky. Look it’s beautiful right here. In our backyard wow, so i wonder what adventures you can find in your backyard? Well, if you go out there look around and see something you want to tell us, you can put it in our comments.

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