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I like swim, because it helps me mentally and physically, i like being with my friends, and it makes me happy but katherine isn’t, just a swimmer she’s. Also a survivor, catherine first discovered a lump on her neck in march of last year. Oh it’s, okay, i’ll be fine, everyone has lumps and bumps, but then it never went away. So i showed some of my friends in a class and they were like katherine that’s. So bad you need to get that checked out. I immediately called the pediatrician that day. Everything looked okay, it looks like catherine’s. Lump might have been something else, but two weeks later, elizabeth and don scully got the news. No parent ever wants to hear. At the age of 15, their daughter was diagnosed with hodgkin lymphoma. Catherine was referred directly to saint jude. Children’S research hospital in memphis the moment you realize you have to go to saint jude, and then you realize what a gift saint jude is to the world and you’re the one having to take your daughter and drive through the gates of saint jude. Then you really know what a gift the thomas family has given it’s the greatest place on earth. No one wants to go and that’s where the scully’s met dr jamie ferloggi. This is catherine’s original scan in these areas here in her chest, which are roughly the size of golf balls, are her original sites of hodgkin lymphoma catherine underwent an eight week chemotherapy protocol to fight the cancer.

It was hard to know that i couldn’t swim. This isn’t going to be in my life anymore, because i can’t do it i’m sick. The hardest part was losing my hair knew. I was going to lose my hair, you just don’t. It just hits different whenever it’s actually happening. Catherine received her last dose of chemo on august, 2nd 2018, and just a few weeks later, catherine and her family got the amazing news. She was cancer free and would not require further radiation. One of the great things about st jude is when you walk through the doors you get a tremendous amount of comfort, because you realize you’re, not alone catherine’s next battle returning to the pool but feeling like her old self proved difficult. I was just so over it. I just couldn’t do things the way i wanted it to be done. Swim was not fun for me anymore. What i told her was, if you choose to quit, it’s, because you choose to quit, not because cancer forced you to quit and because you didn’t try to come back don’t, do it, because cancer chose it for you, catherine gave it a shot and, through perseverance, has Become an even faster and more powerful swimmer over the last year it took a lot of strength, took a lot of like believing that, like i was gon na do this because for a while there i felt like i was not gon na do better in anything.

I used to have really bad nerves, but since then it’s just different, i just like i’m, like okay, katherine you can do this. Catherine and all of our patients embody the role of being a warrior. Every single day people come here, they fight for their life and we help them do it her triumphant return to the pool even inspired some words of encouragement from five time: olympic gold, medalist katie ledecky. Oh my gosh wait. Hi catherine it’s tina, becky i’ve, heard about your story and just want to tell you how awesome it is that you’re still out there swimming and i’m so inspired by your perseverance, so keep it up that’s so crazy. It is this constant support system from her family, friends, teammates and even the entire staff at st jude. That makes every lap in the pool feel like a victory.

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