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The guy can dance. It all started back in 1998 when he first made audiences crack up on the improv comedy classic, whose line is it anyway and wayne’s been entertaining us ever since from sitcoms like how i met your mother to broadway performances and kinky boots, and now the five time Emmy winner is the host and executive producer of fox’s brand new competition variety show called game of talents where contestants must guess, performers hidden talents, which we think sounds like so much fun wait. Most people wayne have been sitting around in the pandemic. Looking at the calendar, it sounds like one of us has been real busy and that what is you how’s your pandemic, been you know, um. The pandemic has been, i mean, it’s it’s a pandemic, so it’s not the most ideal situation, but i’ve been very blessed. I won’t even lie uh between my family and i doing a lot of projects here here at my house. We’Ve done two national commercials, uh two specials and a music video to game of talents to doing the next season of um of uh of uh. Oh, my gosh, i can’t even speak of let’s, make a deal um am i shooting my daughter’s music video and just we’ve we’ve really tried to use this as a time to be as productive as possible, because the alternative is to run around in circles screaming at The top of your lungs, and so so it’s been been good to us.

Okay, you know we, we talked with you um earlier. I think this year we talked about the fact that you’ve been in a pod with and and this pod life, with your your ex and their boyfriend and all your kids yeah we’re we’re marveling we’re like how are you guys not duking it out? How does that we’re writing a pilot kind of based off of all this? Is that right? Well, who said that we’re not duking it out, i mean that’s, see people see our tick tocks and they say oh that’s, so inspirational and the whole reason that uh the pilot was was commissioned by cbs is because they said, oh it’s, so cool to see a Family and unity and whatnot these these tick tocks are a snapshot. You don’t know the screaming and the tears and the crying it took to get to this point years and years of work to be able to be a family, so that’s the part. I think that’s that’s the inspirational piece and the aspirational piece so we’re just having a great time together. Well one uh. I know that you’re super talented, but then we saw miley and we’re like well. We don’t know who’s the more talented one she’s a great singer too. You guys sang a little bit of tennessee. Whiskey. What’S, worse is happening. Are you crying look at you every time? I see that young lady and i’m and i’m gon na call her that, because she’s 18 now you know but she’ll always be my baby.

I just get choked up because i never knew that. I wanted to be a dad until i was a dad and now i can’t imagine my life without being her father, and it is truly, if i’d have to say the one talent that i have is is between myself and her mom mandy. We made a baby and that babies become a super dope, woman, so that’s my talent, that’s, my talent, i have to say, watch you watching. First of all, her talent is remarkable, but watching your face like watching that video was the favorite. My favorite thing i’ve done today, that’s my talent watching you like, oh, that was that was beautiful, what’s she doing now. By the way, is she singing right now, she’s she’s, doing the the uh dance that every other senior in the country is doing uh the acceptance dance you know they’re waiting for for all their schools to come through and uh and after that then my baby goes Off to college she’s already been accepted to a couple places, she’s waiting and then come fall. She spreads her wings and then my other talent will be um sitting in my room and crying so uh. All right, hey wayne, we’re gon na take a quick break. We’Re gon na come back uh on the other side, we’re gon na talk about your new show and maybe we’ll play a little bit too uh coming up right after this we’re back with the very talented wayne, brady he’s host of a new variety show called game Of talent all right, so this is a cool game.

Contestants compete to guess the surprising and sometimes bizarre talents of performers based on just a few clues, yeah, so yeah. What this show sounds so cool and different. What makes it so so unique and fun well, because it’s, the uh it’s, the perfect marriage of game show and talent show i like to say it’s, as if a game show and a talent show got together and had a beautiful baby and that baby’s on fox It’S it’s it’s, the best of both worlds. We get to give away cash, we get to play, play guessing games and you you get to see some of the most amazing talents. Uh. We have some of some of the talents that will make you go. Oh that’s, amazing and sometimes that’ll make you go, oh, why are they doing that to themselves it’s it’s, great it’s, uh, it’s, it’s, the perfect vehicle and i think of the perfect traffic top floor? Okay? Well, we, you are a good traffic, cop and we’re, going to play today, we’re going to play our own version called name. My talent – and this is how it’s going to work we’re going to have two mystery performers, and here they are and we’re gon na they’re gon na give us a few hints and then the three of us need to discuss and agree on a hidden talent from The list all right so we’re, gon na guess. First up, we have 16 year old hunter fewerstein from arizona hunter.

You got a couple of clues for us, hello, uh, yeah, so for clue number one um. I started this just for fun when i was eight um, but i spent put a spin on it and now i’m doing a professional, oh out of hundreds of competitors. I actually became the arizona’s got talent champion in 2019 and for clue number three. This talent has given me the opportunity to perform in countries all around the world. Okay, i think okay wayne, we have to pow out real quick. I think i think it’s, i think it’s basketball spinner. I thought it was yo yo. What do you think wayne well to put a spin on it, it’s, it’s and and he’s performed it it couldn’t been it could be either one or couldn’t yeah. Okay, wait! You’Re, the time breaker you pick all right, let’s go with basketball spinner, just because i think it would be impressive. All right hunter show us what you got let’s see. Is it a basketball, uh uh, i think it’s a yeah? Oh, is it getting a yo yo? Oh wow hunter there you go hunter whoa wow, oh my god, oh and no hunter. We don’t even know what you’re about stop. Stop being so amazing. Okay, i’m, going to buy it nice man, nice job hunter! Thank you, honey, job! Okay! Next up we have kalani ahmad he’s from sunny hawaii hi, so tell us what your clues are: hi kalani, so hint number one.

I have over 4.8 million followers on tick tock to show my next crazy trick kind of a big deal. People know me Laughter hint number two. I have circled all around the world once or twice to share my talent and finally, hint number three uh. Sometimes i like to get creative and use some props uh, like a pork, a chopstick or even a toothbrush. Oh, i think i know. Okay, i think i do too wayne ready uh. No, no, no, okay, go ahead and show us your talent, yeah, all right, Music, Laughter, that’s, crazy, kalani, no, no you’re, not no Music! Here let’s go together, ready great one. Two one! You got it Music, two balls amazing, thank you, kalani. That was awesome. That was fun wayne come on. Can i come on your show? You can come on any day, but you’ve got skills. I didn’t know that you could show your skill let’s go out with your hidden talent. Please wait hold on hang on let’s, see there you go. Are you? Okay? Oh no? Oh no, okay, don’t forget to check out wayne’s on game.

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