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A bear workshop. Nothing wrong, build a bear, is a fine company, it’s fun for kids and everything, but my first experience going. There was horrible and honestly i take my kids there. They have fun, they build their bears and whatnot, but i dread it the entire time but here’s the thing. My first time going to build a bear. I didn’t go with my kids. I only had one kid at the time and he wasn’t even a year old. Yet it was during my wife and my second anniversary. We decided not to go out to dinner but to go to a mall walk around. Do some window shopping buy a couple of things because my wife and i both love to go to the mall. Now, at the time, our oldest son, who at the time, was our only son who again was a little bit shy of being a year. My wife and i our anniversary, is near christmas and my wife said: hey. We should get james a build, a bear now. Here’S the thing at the time i had never been to build a bear, they’d been around for a while, but it wasn’t around when i was a kid and as a teenager to anti young adult into you know late 20s. At the time when i first went, i had no reason to ever go to build an air, so i really didn’t know much about what build a bear was, but from the name i’ve assumed.

Okay, you go in there. You pick out a bear and you pick out all those accessories and stuff. I was not aware of what i was in for. First of all, you go in there and you don’t just pick out a stuffed animal. You pick out a stuffed animal that is not even stuffed. You got ta do that yourself and right off the bat that irritates me like if you’re gon na do that, give me a discount or something but no. No. These bears are freaking, expensive, i’m. That guy that the first time i saw a self check, i thought to myself like check myself out what you want to go stock. The shelves for you too, do i get it cheaper. If i do it myself, and it does irritate me when i don’t like there was one store i used to go to that, i loved that did just that it had only self checkouts, but the reason i was okay with it is because them saving money on The staff meant we got gourmet food and not gourmet prices which okay, fine there’s, a trade off, but build a bear. There’S, no trade off you’re gon na pay for this really really expensive bear after you just built it so right off the bat that’s a little irritating to me, but okay, fine, we look around, we find one and we actually found a snoopy and i love snoopy. I’M, a big fan of the peanuts and the peanut characters, and now so are all my kids.

We go to the area where we have to stuff the snoopy stuffed animal ourselves, like, i said, already a little irritated and then i encountered the most annoyingly upbeat person. I have ever encountered in my life now here’s the thing i later became aware of this and it didn’t surprise me at all. Apparently that is a requirement to work there. You have to be really peppy. Like i’ve known a few different women, who’ve tried to go, apply a build, a bear workshop and we’re told sorry you’re, just not peppy enough. Okay, fine, i get it kind of like disneyland. People are paying for an experience and at disneyland i’ve heard from people who have worked there, that there is a rule that you’re not allowed to have a bad day to which i get it. It’S an experience. People are paying for the experience they don’t want to see somebody gloomy so whatever but here’s the problem i have with this peppy woman, Music, i’m, not a child. At the time. I was about to be 30, so tone it down a little for the adult. Like i get when the kids, there being all peppy and happy and go lucky and stuff, and wanting to do all the stupid crap that i’m about to tell you about, but when it’s an adult who’s clearly not into this, let it go now let’s get into That when i walk up and tell her okay uh, we got our animal, we need to stuff it.

Okay! Well, first, you got ta put a heart in it and they hand you this little heart, this little felt heart or whatever it is and i’m looking at it like. What? What do i do with it? What does this do? Well, don’t. You want it to have a heart: does the heart do something like if they squeeze it, does it like make noise or something no, but it’s got ta have a heart. Does it really like? Why do i need to have this heart? Are you charging me more for this heart? No, it just needs a heart so which at that point, am i fine whatever. If it’s not gon na cost me any more money, then i’ll put this stupid. Little felt heart into the stuffed animal, even though nobody’s ever gon na see it, but as i start to put it into the stuffed animal she interjects well, first, you got ta. Do the rituals excuse me: are we gon na sacrifice this thing later? No, but you just got ta. Do this first, to which i’m like okay? Fine? What do i got? Ta do well. First, you got ta rub the heart on your heart. Why so we’ll feel love come again, come on just rub it on your heart. Can i just put this into the stuffed animal? Oh, come on it’s fun and even my wife is sitting there like. Oh just do it, which part of me thinks, because she knows how i am and knew already that i was about to blow a gasket, but fine.

I was like whatever and i go in to put it in the bear and she interrupts okay. Now rub it on your head, so it’ll think lovely thoughts. What yeah? Okay, okay, fine, fine! There it’s on my head, it’s on my head now rub it on your arms, so the hearts will be nice and strong. I’M, not i’m! Not a kid! I don’t know now rub it on your belly, so that heart will always hunger for more love at that point, i’d had it. I was like no and just put the heart inside the stuffed animal. Oh, come on i’m, not rubbing it on any other part of me. Unless you want me to rub it up my butt, but after this i i go to the thing and i’m like okay enough. I just want to stop the bear pay for it and get out of here, okay and while i’m doing this stuffing the bear process, her my wife and her going on and on about all the stuff that they love and i’m just blocking it out because well, Because i’m, just trying to get out of here – but i do remember my wife telling miss pepe that he’s just not that into this stuff but it’s so fun after we stuff it. My wife’s like okay, we first we got to pick out some clothes fair enough. So we go pick out little outfits and, depending on what you want, is how expensive it is, and these outfits are freaking expensive.

So i kind of just picked, not the cheapest, but not definitely not the most expensive, not the most fun. Just like a basic outfit – and i start walking towards the register to pay and miss pepe is like no no wait. First, you got ta make a birth certificate. What why would i make a birth certificate for a stuffed animal? Well later, you want to celebrate the day. It was boring. Don’T you! No! No, the only reason i remember what day this is is because it’s our anniversary, but otherwise, no even as a kid i didn’t celebrate the days. I bought toys that’s just stupid, no it’s fun, no it’s, not, but then my wife who’s done this before informs me that i kind of have to do this stupid birth certificate thing because they use that to ring it up, and that right now is the only Thing i want in the world is just to ring this up and get out of here, so i go fill out the birth certificate and it’s ridiculous. It wants me to actually make a birth certificate thing like the day it was born and what we named it. It’S a freaking snoopy and, where it’s going home to and all this really stupid crap that is very reminiscent of filling out the actual information for a birth certificate for a human. So i fill it out quickly through the process. My wife constantly trying to discuss it with me and me being like honey, we get home and the kid grows up.

It can name it whatever it wants. I just want to get out of here. We get to the counter, and i put the stuffed animal down. This very stuffed animal they used to have pants. I don’t know what happened to them, but i put it down, and the lady has the nerve to ask me: okay. So what name did you guys give it snoopy? We named it snoopy. It is a snoopy. So we decided to call it snoopy we’re going with snoopy, and then she puts it in a carrying case, which you know what for how expensive it was fine. I don’t want to get dirty on the way home either, but i pay for it and she’s trying to get us to do all these emails and stuff and i’m like why. Why would i want to do this so every year we can remind you and you guys, can celebrate birth like have a birthday party or something that is not gon na happen. We leave we walk outside and my wife is dying laughing at my annoyed face because she was like i don’t know what was more fun, building the bear watching that vein in your head throb. So for those of you who say that i pick on my wife too much yeah she’s mean to me too: there you have it that’s. My awful experience at the awful place called build a bear. Now again, my kids have grown up.

We take them there. They have their fun and that’s great, but now i kind of stand back. I let them rub the stupid hearts all over themselves and fill out their certificates with all the crazy information they want to put because that’s the thing it’s for children. So the moral of the story, people who work at build, a bear when you can tell that it’s an adult who’s not into this and very annoyed shut up there. You have, it hope. You guys enjoyed this story and, if you did make sure to hit like subscribe, hit that little bell, so you get notifications for when i post new videos and leave a comment of your own.

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