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on today’s episode. We have some new information about the upcoming animal crossing and build a bear collection coming soon. So without further ado, let’s take a look okay. Last month, the good folks at the build a bear workshop announced it was teaming up with nintendo for an animal crossing new horizons collection, and we had no information about what to expect. It was a banner, a logo and a coming soon sign up here for email notifications, but nothing about what to expect no characters, no concept, art, no prototypes, nothing, and now we find out that we can actually start pre ordering these things tomorrow. That’S april 6 2021 same thing, though, we have no idea what to expect specifically from the collection, there’s, no pictures, there’s, no even descriptions about what’s going to be in this collection. It’S just come to our website tomorrow. You can find out then and buy it, but here’s what we do know. The collection is going to be on sale tomorrow at 8, 00 a.m, pacific time or 10 a.m. Central time and an online waiting room is going to be opening up at 7 30 a.m. Pacific time or 9 30 a.m central time, so translation. If you want to get into this collection, because let me tell you it’s going to sell out, i can tell you’re going to want to get into this waiting room now. Let me tell you why this is probably a very bad idea for build a bear.

I mean number one they’re, not releasing any information about what to expect from this collection, so you’re going to get a flock of people going to the site tomorrow morning, not just to buy these, but to figure out specifically what the heck build a bear is selling. Are we getting a small collection like tom, nook and isabel, or are we going to get like a very wide collection of every other kind of villager? I mean we really don’t know what to expect from this and the curiosity of many people and many people that might not even want to buy. These is going to drive them to build the bear site and if i guess, probably take the site down. But who knows maybe they’re prepared for this? Maybe they got the extra server capacity and it’s going to be good to go. But if the ps5 and the xbox series x launches taught me anything, it was that even the biggest retail sites can go down it’s. True, okay, so here’s what you need to know if you want to get in line for these animal crossing, build a bears number one. There is a virtual waiting room like i mentioned before, that opens up once again at 9 30 a.m. Central time now, once you get into this virtual queue at 10 o’clock, it will randomly put you at some point in that line. So, even if you are the first person to join the virtual queue, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be the first person that gets to buy anything, so keep that in mind too now, once you get to the very front of this virtual line, you get to Go into the store – and you have a very limited amount of time – to buy something hopefully build a bear – will be releasing some information a little bit before this.

So you know what you would like to buy. But again we are very, very scarce on these details and, finally, eventually this line will come to build the bear’s stores, but according to build a bear it’s going to be later this summer, so it’s not going to be right away. So if you want the animal crossing build a bear collection, even though you have no idea what to expect from it make sure you are on the build a bear website tomorrow morning, at 9, 30 a.m. Central time, if you have any glimmer of hope to get these things, because the internet is scalping everything nowadays and if the animal crossing hello kitty, amiibo carts taught me anything too expect these things to sell like hotcakes, find their way online. It’S gon na be a complete crap show, but maybe i’m being pessimistic. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments down below. Am i making way too big of a deal of this? Is it gon na be fine? Let me know your thoughts down below.

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