Baylor Bears men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, National Collegiate Athletic Association, College basketball . Arkansas – Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights

It’Ll belong to the bears to get started 40 minutes of hell days is what they called it back in the day of coach richardson that’s. What grant said working with me was like nice, pull up? Oh, yes, he is top saw’s defense, not as elite guarding the three point line as last season, but baylor. We know they’re capable of getting hot from downtown a little nickel dimer in the lane, and it goes yes, the basket counts. Teague. You can help out off him if he’s open in the corner play some major defense, too here’s t and he’s got five already. Five of the seven moody four out of 20 from the field, nice last game good, pass and set up perfectly for williams to finish how about that overdrive back it off push it forward! Well, because they’re such a great shooting team. Now they have the driving lanes. There’S butler the player of the year in the big 12.. They are awesome. Look at this! How about that flagler, reaching in with the steal and now mitchell gets around moody and meyer can drill it. He does this off the bench. Matthew meyer, with the three ball screen and that’s, what jonathan does that’s his game? Applause grant don’t they they’re gon na have to guard that individual matchup. These guards are getting into the paint. Look at this look at the screen by the big fella down there open for butler, really solid on the perimeter.

Look at the hands williams lucky to get it back away from butler, and this time he lays it in they love to use him on that. High post, the elbow meyer with a tough matchup, i think with williams he rolls to the rim. They got him there, you go nice play all right. Williams williams, with three buckets he’s got six of the nine for the razorbacks it’s meyer into the paint. He can really play this kid i’m telling you i don’t know how he keeps smiling junior, who was a big recruit out of west lake high school in austin athletes and there’s a dunk at the other end for smith. Again, the soft show gets a good look. Look at that tap out there all the way outside the flagler with the three these kids opportunities. They are great mitchell back on the floor. With two fouls yeah got to be careful, don’t drive it or jump. Stop nice pass to vital. He is vital to their cause as well, so fast just turn in the corner: easy basket right there, baylor on a roll offensively, something on hamlet or there’s. The fade away fatigue hits another one. A pass gets it to the far side, sills off good hustle by tate that’s, what he does he’s relentless nice cut again smith, not a great defensive, rebounding team. We know arkansas great on the glass on the offensive rebounds once again. Second chance opportunity was dan played in cincinnati dejean played at ohio state playing with the rockets.

Now i thought he’s having a great year here’s a lot man it’s another one. If you don’t contain the perimeter dribble drive, they got the big fella tatua at the rim. They’Re so quick nice pass another dunk, but they are really having their problems. I haven’t even turned it over once, bringing it inside nice by nother, now we’ll find out. If they can do it again, this club they’re a custom may be in high into the tournament. Nice shot that’s, tate again, nice cut again this shot’s, not there. It is fatigue heaves it. How about that? He does have that little extra move in the shot williams. He can make that shot and go strong back outside no tay. Yes, okay! So now the razorback’s starting to warm up a little bit at this end. His energy is contagious, unbelievable and he hits another shot. He’S got nine teague has ten, it sounds right, but then they kick it to one of the other. Two right, nice little drive here. Yeah no tank again boy: does he bring a lot off the bench uh? He does offer grant a little. Even an opportunity play the piano they find joe nice block. Williams and arkansas comes out with it, but then throws it away, my goodness moody, but he is backing off to a good start in this game, but here’s baylor there’s, the tresley getting inside that’s the price i’ll tell you, you can’t trap these guards, the two staff And the right guy and, of course, once you help that is just gorgeous basketball, he’s, not going away this kid.

Fire commits the foul and tate hits the shot, something they do well butler. How did he keep his concentration with all that? To the shoot nice hand, wow that’s, tate, just watch the chart nice take it away and gets the assist to smith who’s. Given this team of energy boost coming off, the bench note has also locked the three i told you, this kid’s got game again: individual ability lost it got tangled up, drive it in, and davis delivers. How about that in traffic too, with final right there, you guys give credit here nice play what a read off. He goes seals the free, throw that’s it and coming out this first possession and a tap in goes for williams, nice job. The little drive of the first half hit a couple of free throws. That was it little ball screen. They got mitchell boy that is deep, butler he’s out not too deep for him, goodness little ball screen and then they go individual skill fatigue. Flips it up and hits it. I love being able to attack the offensive glass they’re, not afraid to get it side to side there’s that little curl in the pin downs. He is so tough wow got right around tate and mitchell scores the basket. Now, with four on the game pink cradles. It puts it up beautiful jd note to the top to mitchell under 10. driving on those tapes. Goodness gracious and the basket counts no i’m, with you, here’s mitchell, now back out to butler he’s made one bomb, not this time, underneath tomorrow that’s what they like that’s.

The mismatch they want davis – oh, not a good look. What a read by look at this play watch out mitchell he’s coming in hard. Oh goodness, what a read defensively the speed to cover so good at drawing fouls, no fear really there’s another trap situation, davis, big step to the hole big step to get past. The defenders there’s that first stop again and he’s rewarded. Well, chachua comes up to set the screen mitchell just shut down in the first half of the three thousand now, on the other end count the basket for smith. How good is he stepping and going it’s open what a block a lot of block by smith over to sills gives it up inside kate blocked moody plays it in for his first field goal, guys who were subs major factors right now, this kid’s one of them Look at here, nice shot how about this? Oh, my goodness, wow davis, sills Applause, somehow it got to the razorbacks here’s moody challenging mitchell, has to back off with the three fouls how about the pass on the money. Keep your distance henderson coming off the bench trying to depend on him possible how about the lingerie on the deck yeah you’ve been sitting there watching it. You come in cold swing it they should have after the rabbit comes out to mitchell. Now baylor is racing. Watch the wing king with that shot of his not switching now defensively that’s. What kills you you sniff, what a night, what a night for him trap with his fifth: a beautiful slam right there, no box out by the razorbacks, of course, when the razorbacks defense is scrambling vital, taking control there with the authority and the finish, but unfortunately, arkansas Needs to make something out of it: nice blow by in pass whoa got ta, go right to the rim, Music Applause flagler and it just can’t help davis with the basket 49 seconds.

Oh quitting that kid it has been a long long time and it’s about to end oh and a basket again by davis as flagler gets away and it’s been a long time coming.

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Baylor Bears men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, National Collegiate Athletic Association, College basketball . Houston – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

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