Baylor Bears men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, National Collegiate Athletic Association, College basketball . Houston – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

I thought jerome might be on mitchell, but it’s interesting, as you say, on butler. Instead, nice curl and blocks violation. The block never touched the rim. I played against jumping jackie jackson years ago now, it’s jeroe’s turn two looks tapped around again houston on the offensive glass. So tough and that’s third game, two possessions sasser tries and he hits boy – is that remnant, they’re settler to get out in transition off of their turnovers there’s one right there. It was just out of reach for sasser and wants to slap back on the wing. Here’S butler, he ties it with the outside shot free with floaters. This team fatigue with grimes on him now here’s mitchell, that matchup sasser defensively and mitchell hits a three as well. The match up at this end is mitchell on jerome off balance banks at home. Oh, a nice pull up, took us a little kiss by the way and bounced to crimes sasser loads up another one he’s hit two already and he is a high volume. Three point shooter, but girl is whistled for that one here’s sasser knocking down two of his first three from downtown big jonathan, big screen. This is what he does provides a lift a lot of energy underneath they go meyer gets free and hits the shot. God bless. You thank you a little wall screen which can be efficient, the east carolina game. Look at this open look, he’s coming right off the bench with a quick 5.

a little outside shot, good there’s, big jonathan nailing, some shots too pass underneath there. He is mark he’s doubled up quickly, sasser with five to shoe got another one that’s three for him. He gave up only 17 in the first half to oregon state and already not even halfway through this first half bakers match that total. That is a pretty play, really a pretty play who committed to the program after his sophomore year in high school, a little pin down in an open look say: good night Applause got ta attack a little bit. Well, we can make that deep, shot. Sasser boy: is he ready to play four out of six trying to beat one of the great defenders? Let it count here’s butler, getting it easily and the basket counts nice use of the floor. They love to cover that corner mitchell and rattles out tap back. It goes to meyer and came in and out of the hands of gorham here’s sasser the shot from the free throw line, steps back now for a three and that’s. Why? I guess that’s why? He knows he just knows: he’s getting organized mitchell again won the drive outside meyer, kept alive by flagler and that’s, a three again by butler mitchell. Look at this pass basically another one. Yes, but it’s the roll. Now this is where you’re dangerous spread the floor. Kick back or make the extra pass! Oh goodness, all my lawn 15 points for butler four rebounds nice cut.

Seven assists for mitchell right, there’s, not just a shooter. He can put it on the floor and get to the cup, and he also can pass too driving on white. How about that good call grant that was not an easy shot at all nine points off the bench for meyer. Look at this team now driving in and it’s knocked out of his hands, no foul the best of all time, really that’s a good point resurrected the program, no questions mitchell drains. Another three automatic switch he’s underneath record won’t should be able offensive rebound to get a good look. Sasser nice now, with 17 of houston’s 20.. Now with five mitchell, wants another three and he finds it, and you want him to play. Football grant hit a runner off the glass two and a half minutes in, and that was the only hoop by the entire team other than the six baskets by sasser and there’s, a shot that drops and that’s cheney. This is where it starts as well. Make them use some clock. Nice little slip, pass combo underneath the cylinder score outside is gorham grimes, quick jumper got it his first points of the night mitchell. Well, he can stop on a dime that’s, a tough catch, oh goodness, as you said, it best they’ve gotten away from this ice cream and roll, although getting to the free throw line being aggressive. Attacking nice take banks it in they knew the mismatch there took advantage.

Clever with the bounce there is mitchell left wide, open, rebound comes all the way back to the shooter big jonathan nice play he’s, the one that saved it the little tip and, of course, the pass to the rim. Finding everybody and a couple of steals here’s a little shuffle pass down inside and chaney off to a good start in the second half ability to drill open, looks drags. That d mark on the floor for houston, one of the higher recruits the program’s ever had. He hits the jump shot butler in a switch off. Applause, finds the open player inside and no call hits the floor. Houston had hit its last five shots before the miss there by marcus, sasser houston with the offensive rebounding part of their story all year, grimes got another one. Nice continue to attack much better defense, no question flagler leans in and hits it well. He can make shots that kid outside mark got bamboo away from the basket and the runner no fabian white got held, put it back up and then i think wichita state. He came back what a surprise right, yep at 8, 7 against oregon state. The other day. Applause, what a stroke grimes again a screener and four guys who can make let’s put it on the deckard gillette three cha chua able to maneuver around mark. I think you need us more than we need you wow and his mom said. Thank you for saying that.

I thought you were talking about grantham myself, here’s grimes that’s, his shot he’s not falling from the outside today spark leads in and lays it up really good offensive. Rebounding there 19 rebounds again. Excuse me, 14 rebounds, offensive, rebounds, again balls down just giving the ball making plays great defense tapped up almost white goes back outside primes goes past teague who committed and the basket counts, he’ll shoot another yeah. They move you side to side. So well with the cuts of the weave team, he’s come on strong in this second half switch off rhymes way outside. He hits it now, it’s the same shot he hit after oregon state pulled even with houston late in the game. On monday night, in the regional final talking about anybody in particular, he’s not far from me right now, there’s flagler, so good, it’s, good and played man, i think, are dynamic. On this end of the floor, nice little rolls with no finish, follow up by giro and no hurry with three minutes to go seven to shoot, flips it to the corner to mitchell three more location, and that gives him his double double. Now, with 12 and 11. nice slip beats the corner loads it up. He can really knock him down grimes. He wants it, just not able to hit a three just one in the game. So far. Applause like this kid in the end, drive in and score the basket for shed three point: shot gets down and out Applause jumper.

Yes, look at the bench. They are going wild. They love that for mark peterson. You always feel like you could have done more that’s.

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Baylor Bears men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, National Collegiate Athletic Association, College basketball . Arkansas – Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights