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Welcome to pti boys and girls in today’s episode, baylor and houston make the final four. The baylor lady bears cry foul and the nets defend their super team, but we begin today with the heavy hitters in tonight’s ncaa games. Gonzaga and michigan gonzaga rolls in 29, 0 trouncing everybody and faces usc. A six seed. Michigan comes off their destruction of florida state and faces ucla, an 11th seed which had to survive a play in game to even get to the main draw so wilbon, which number one seed is more likely to go home, gonzaga or michigan tony. We did this yesterday and we said we thought both of the higher seeds were going to win. We were pretty convinced. We finally got something right in the tournament both of us. We got that so paddled it back to each of us and now i’m. I got the same feeling going, i mean whatever vulnerability. Michigan has i don’t know that ucla as well as it is, played can’t exploit that i just i just don’t and maybe i’m just being hard headed to holding on to my big ten clutching at the last team left the game i really care about is gonzaga Usc because i’m, starting to find mobley irresistible to watch and subs as well. I i shouldn’t say this. I know not to do this, but when i’m watching suggs, i am making comparisons to chris paul that here’s a guy. He is not perceived, not six.

Nine he’s, not you know, like john marant fast, and he is just out there making all the right plays all the time his teammates are always open, or so it seems when they get the ball from him. I don’t see either one of them losing. I just don’t see either one of those teams going out yeah. This could be the end of the pac 12 insurrection. I mean they. We could end up, you know with three ones and a two which would make the committee feel good. I just want to say to begin with i’m thrilled that ucla is this far in the tournament thrilled because i’m old enough and you’re old enough to remember when ucla was the dominant team in college basketball. They were the standard by which everybody else measured themselves and it’s fairly convenient to lump usc with them, because they both share los angeles, but no, no, no, no, no, no one is not usc ufc is a football school they’re doing very well this year, but they Do not have the pedigree i will get to michigan first, i can’t see michigan losing now. This is based almost completely on on the florida state game, because that was revelatory to me and i just think that the way they are so patient to get good shots. I think they’re going to win so much like you. If a team were to lose, i think it would be that usc might take down gonzaga now i’m saying this out loud gonzaga should win the game and could win the game by 30.

, but they do have the big kid who was the pac 12 player of The year and something else mike, they have an incentive because they are from the west coast and over the last x amount of years, as the pac 12 has received. Exactly gonzaga has gotten all the they’ve gotten all the real estate they’ve gotten all the ink that all these kids wanted, yeah. So in a sense, my in a sense it’s, almost a revenge game for a pac 12 team and their coach – andy enfield yeah. If you remember andy enfield from florida gulf coast he’s the kind of guy he could say, let’s score 95 and if we get killed, we get killed, but let’s go what’s up isn’t this mo aren’t mobley and suggs irresistible it’s, like the pros you’re watching. You can watch them. Yes, their teams are fabulous, but they are good enough to hold your attention individually. I think anyway. Well, i said this the other day. Subs finds people open all the time he passes them open that yeah man that’s a skill set right. There yep on the women’s side, tone, baylor and uconn went down to the final seconds. With the huskies up one baylor guard, dj carrington appeared to get fouled on her shot by not one but two yukon players, no whistle tone does it have to be a whistle all right. So i watch this game in real time. I got ta be honest here.

I started out watching both games, the argon state, houston game and this game, and this game was so exciting mike that i pretty much gave up on the houston, oregon state game and stayed with us. You know like all of a sudden it’s. 55. 45. At one point baylor and then uconn with 19 in a row, so i watch i’m watching in real time when she takes that shot and two different connecticut defenders are right. There i thought she got hit by both of them at the time. You thought it was a foul. Yes, i thought you have to call that foul at that moment and i was sort of stunned that the foul was not called yeah. I think now i don’t know if the shot’s going to be good anyway. Maybe the shot is short, but i think she deserves the chance to go to the line and change the course of the game. Yes yeah in lifetime. Tony, i got ta tell you a lot of time. I was the opposite way. I i thought it could have been clean. You know where the player or players defensively goes straight up: hands don’t come down yeah, i thought. Okay, maybe they leaned a little bit, but they didn’t come down like that and then tone still photo. You know my son runs in the room and says no, no, no you’re wrong. Look at this. I don’t even know how they got this stupid photo, but the photo is there and you see the defensive players hands on the forearms that’s a foul, so i ultimately got to the point you got.

I needed more. You know visual aid at this point it’s insane, because tony at first i think you don’t make that call. You don’t take the game away from the players if it’s marginal but tone i don’t think it was marginal in the final analysis, yeah i’m, not sure it’s marginal. I think in a no call situation. It’S, like the los angeles rams and the new orleans saints. I mean she’s sitting down on the ground she got knocked down. I mean right. I thought that that was a foul now, if you gina wariama you, you know, you know she got fouled, but what are you gon na do this happens so often in basketball? If you’re kim mulkey, the reverse, has happened to her i’m sure at various times, you know either a foul isn’t called or a foul is called and she’s the beneficiary of that, and just before we move on on this, and just let me say about kim mulkey After the game where she said, i think the ncaa should stop testing for corona virus and let everybody play in the final four. I was surprised to hear that from an educator. That is not the position i would take if you’ve been paying attention to kim mark. You know that’s the position she’s taking and not just this year, so it shouldn’t be any surprise coming from let’s move now to the brooklyn nets and one of their recent big name: acquisitions, blake griffin.

Last night griffin was asked by the new york post about the perception. The nets are assembling. A super team and griffin said quote the last couple of years. All i’ve heard is how bad i am you sign with this team and everybody’s like that’s, not fair. Wilbon did the nets deserve criticism for assembling a super team, none whatsoever the nets, didn’t invent assembling super teams in the modern incarnation of this. This is lebron and d wade, lebron, james and bosh. This is miami and two thousand change sports, people’s, stuff sports and blake griffin is 100 right two weeks ago. All anybody wanted to do was point out that he couldn’t dunk and couldn’t block a shot that’s, what they were saying and so now you’re supposed to fear him like it’s, 2010 and there’s, a kia on the court or whatever you know, whatever kind of car. It was so blake was funny and smart and by the way we haven’t heard from blake griffin in like three years right, it’s been a long time and now all of a sudden, because he’s with the nets and not with the completely irrelevant pistons blake, is everywhere. There’S blake sound bites every night, which i think is cool, because blake griffin is a smart funny guy, but tony this is what the nets are. We’Ve known it lamarcus, aldridge, doesn’t tip it all. The way over they’ve already had this when they had just the three of them: kyrie kevin durant and then james harden so people shut up yeah.

So i find myself in complete agreement with steve nash, who said we didn’t do anything illegal and we’re trying to get better. As a team i mean i get that look. Blake griffin was terrible with detroit. Anybody could have had him. Lamarcus aldridge was sitting there. Anybody could have had him, they were big stars, they are big names, but they were not big stars this year. I said yesterday exactly what i’m going to say today. I find it very interesting. I don’t condemn them for it. I wonder if it will work. Are there too many big egos in too small a space? Is the chemistry issue going to crop up? I wonder about it, but i don’t condemn them for trying to build a soup that’s. What you’re supposed to do build the best team get the best players. You can get yes, tony look. This is the must see part of the season now, first of all, we’ve reached that part of the calendar and the schedule where you go. Okay, these games now mean more. Who can do what and the brooklyn nets they provide? A team in the east, which is i mean, look maybe they’re – villainous to some people not to me, but the brooklyn nets provide a foe in the east. That is good as anybody in the west and it’s been a long time since you went into or got near the playoffs with that presumption. We’Ve seen this before a few years back when kevin durant went to golden state and golden state was criticized for taking him and durant was criticized, he said why don’t you build your own team.

Why do you go some other championship team and then they won two out of three years and everybody shut up and the proof of it is down the road let’s yeah. Well, most people let’s take a break, but coming up did houston or baylor pull off the more impressive win last night and russell westbrook put up insane numbers last night, but did every 40a have the more memorable performance? Yeah i’m, going back to what i said earlier in the show i stopped watching houston and oregon state to watch uconn and baylor. It was a blowout. It was time to go to the clicker. You had to go time for toss up. Two men enter, and one of them just happens to be an honorary doctor of humane letters, which probably gives him an edge what’s first toss up, who looked more impressive last night, houston or baylor baylor to me um. You know houston had a big lead and they let it slip away and they won the game so good for them, but baylor looks better and better to me every game that they play mike. They you know they they were sat down for about three weeks. I think they missed on coronavirus protocols, and then they lost the game, maybe their second game back against kansas, but now that they play with regularity, they just look better all the time to me: they’re veterans, there’s, juniors and seniors they’re composed they can take you off.

The dribble, you know they can, they can win games and i think we’re going to get to the point. No knock on houston, where we end up with the one and the two and the three team from all year. Long right and that to me is the right tournament to have that could happen. Yeah yeah, i don’t i don’t care about that. I like more upsets in my tournament but i’m gon na say uh tony have the same answer that you just had. I mean baylor. You talk about guard play and in the tournament that you and i do appreciate guards dominate the tournament. They got their deep and guard play. I mean smart, tough, athletic guard play. They come at you in waves, sort of like the old, houston cougars. You know guy v, lewis’s, houston teams and yes, they had a keem, but they also had just wings and guards who just smothered you that’s. What baylor looks like that that tony baylor did struggle when they first came back from the corona protocol absence, but each game subsequently they’ve gotten better? I agree with that. Next toss up more notable night, russell, westbrook or evan fournier, all right so fournier was was terrible. He was ghastly he was over 10 from the floor in his celtics debut. The team was minus 12. I believe when he was out there and they lost by six, and he was out there for 33 minutes it just couldn’t have been worse and danny ainge after making that deal is probably hiding in a bathroom someplace.

The other guy was tremendous. Bradley beal is hurt. It was all on russell westbrook, and here are the numbers. 35 points, 21 assists 21 and 14 rebounds and he’s a guard all right. They won that game because of russell westbrook who already after 38 games with the wizards, is the career i’m. The career in triple doubles, so please don’t tell me again that john wall is better than him. Please stop stop, because this guy’s great nobody, nobody watching a basketball game, whatever say john wall is better than russell westbrook. I don’t dare put that in my mouth because that’s never come out of my mouth now. Russell westbrook was unbelievable. Last night it’s like watching a video game, it was insane that he put up those numbers. The problem, tony, is the way they’re going we’re not going to see russell westbrook, putting up those kinds of games and he is capable in the playoffs he and bradley beal if they were out there enough and playing this way. At the same time, they have to be in the past. So, no matter what john wall is versus russell westbrook, the houstons and the washingtons are both going to be in your attic watching the game on tv that’s exactly right, that’s, it let’s take one last break but still to come. Is it too soon for wilbon to worry about his new look bulls, Music programming? Note you can get more wilbon tonight on soul of the nation.

At 10 pm eastern on abc people watch, i got to speak with carmelo with chris paul, the houston texans michael thomas he’s, a revelation and the great – and i know you agree with just tony the great john carlos, oh absolutely, i’d watch but it’s very late. For me, as you know, dvr happy time, people happy 81st birthday, jerry lucas history, lesson. Kids, lucas was the number one high school basketball player in the country when he decided to stay home and go to ohio state where he twice led the nation and rebounded in lucas’s three years of eligibility. He went to three ncaa final games. Lucas won in 1960, with teammates john havlicek larry siegfried and a reserve named bobby knight, but in 1961 and 62 lucas was beaten by paul hogue and cincinnati in ohio, centric championship games. Lucas was drafted by the cincinnati royals, where he played with oscar robertson in his career. Lucas was the rookie of the year, a seven time all star and at the end, a member of the 1973 nba champion knicks. What was most quirky about lucas was his amazing memory. He appeared on quiz shows and toured the country with a memory expert harry lorraine. People wondered if jerry lucas could memorize the phone book. In fact he did. The interesting part of history here tony, is that those ohio state teams beat cincinnati, but those weren’t, the oscar cincinnati teams in college oscar robertson played at cincinnati.

Is it amazing how good those teams in ohio were with multiple stars on those teams? Amazing, yes, yes and lucas was a territorial pick in those days. You know that they had those then happy anniversary, duke on this day. 30 years ago, the blue devils ended unlv’s run at an undefeated season with a 79 77 victory over the running rebels in the national semifinals. The combined star power in that game could have lit up every sign on the vegas strip duke had christian laitner grant hill and bobby hurley unlv had larry johnson stacy augmon greg, anthony and anderson hunt vegas had rolled through that tournament. The way gonzaga is rolling through this one. They beat montana by 34 georgetown by eight utah by 17, seton hall by 12, before losing to duke and ending their season in 34 1 it’s, not the most famous game that laitner and hill and hurley won that’s. The kentucky game, but it may be their most significant game in terms of the basketball history tony, it may not be the most memorable. I think you’re right. The kentucky game was because of the ending, but i thought it was their most impressive when to beat that unlv team with the credentials and the people you just mentioned and by the way just to clear up something. They were great players all over. That court and grandmama larry johnson, like grant hill, had his career shortened by the injury. Both those guys would have been even better players in the next seven years of their careers grant hill was the best player on the court in those games.

I know you love grand hills, so do i chris rematch against the flyers, you know tony, when the puck is sliding toward that empty net. The left post i found myself. I don’t care about either one of those teams, just just let buffalo off the hook. Let this go in just tuck inside the left post and it didn’t just go: oh no there’s a minute and a half left they’re going down and of course they they did go down in overtime, so it was there’s something sort of strangely exciting. About this whole thing, i think all right let’s go to the big finish. The bills are owen, two with nicola vuchovich. Is that cause for concern? No tony, when you’re gon na put vuca buchovich in there and you’re gon na have zach levine have to play off of him and pick and roll and pick and pop it’s gon na take them five or six games. The problem is, they can lose enough games to be out of it. That really could happen. The mets have reportedly offered 10 years 325 mil to frankie lindor, but he wants 12 for 385 by tomorrow. You’Re gon na get it done by tomorrow. Huh take the money. It’S so much money, it’s, so much money, justin fields were in a 4.4440 at the ohio state pro day is that significant rg3 ran a 4 4 1 like 10 years ago. No, it doesn’t it’s a great thing to have, but it’s not going to make that big a difference not even in his draft position.

The dodgers chose dustin may over david price and tony gonzalen as the fifth starter. Does that make sense to you? Uh price had offered to go to the bullpen if the team needed it. I think that’s selfless on his part, and i think it’s commendable last one women’s one seed, stanford and south carolina. They both play tonight, you’re smelling, upsets no no upsets tony uh, stanford and south carolina. The women’s tournament is not like the men’s tournament is chock full of upset that’s, not the way it goes. The top seeds steve’s gon na win we’re out of time we’ll try and do better the next time. I’M tony kornheiser and i’m mike wilbon same time. Tomorrow, knuckleheads you can get the pti podcast on the espn app or apple podcast, Music.

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