Big Ten Conference, National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament 10 Basketball was Overrated!

Disappointment tremendous disappointment: how did it all go so bad? The big ten, the best conference in college basketball will have. No teams left to play after michigan loses a nail biter to number 11 seed, ucla let’s just start from the very top michigan state. They lose to ucla and they’re still playing wow, how lucky so that was the first loss and then we go on to the next day and let’s. Take a look so maryland wins, that’s, good, iowa, wins, that’s, good and ohio state loses devastating loss, but more devastation to come so wisconsin wins, purdue loses devastating. Illinois wins all right and rutgers wins good. So we move on to the next time next day. All right. Illinois gets destroyed absolute devastation, not only for illini fans but for big ten fans. As a big ten fan, you wanted the big ten. They had a chance, a real chance to have four teams in the final four uh wisconsin loses, but at least they lost to a number one seed. Unlike illinois, who got destroyed by loyola um, so let’s keep looking here. Um iowa loses to oregon very disappointing and maryland loses to alabama and michigan gets past lsu. All right, so let’s continue forward all right, so michigan gets past florida state, easy win, looks good and let’s see they’re the only ones left it’s all in michigan’s hands. Then they play ucla, they lose by two devastating. As far as like it’s one thing to get blown out, you’re angry, you’re mad, you can’t believe it, but when you lose a close game, you just think about that.

One possession that one shot that one box out that one turnover so it’s just devastating and michigan goes out, so there are no big ten teams left. Who would have thought it? No one ucla is in it. They’Re gon na play, gonzaga gonzaga, looks unbeatable, but ucla let’s see what they do. Who would have thought it houston and baylor? Who would have thought houston would have been here, it’s uh that’s, why you play the games? This is why you play you. Never know you got a chance as long as you’re in a tournament you have a chance so who had ucla in houston, baylor and gonzaga, maybe a ucla fan who knows but no big, ten teams. So we all know that the big 10 conference was the best during the regular season. Everyone in the world agreed very tough games. Now some people think that, because the regular season, the big ten tournament was so tough that they wore each other out and they didn’t have enough left in the tournament. I personally don’t believe that, because they’re young, they should have tons of energy and so i’m, not really believing that. I just think that the big ten failed they just came out and failed um it’s, just sad it’s, really sad. So the mighty big ten conference has nobody in the final four and overall, they did terrible. Overall, the big ten did pathetic in the tournament and as an illini fan. No one, no other fan of a big ten team is more angry than i am more disappointed.

More ashamed than i am no, no, no other big 10 fan uh feels more than i do, because my illini got blown out in the second round by loyola who went on to get beat by oregon state. So no trust me uh michigan fans, michigan, state fans, rutgers, maryland, iowa, um, purdue. Trust me you’re, not more angry than i am you’re, not you’re, not more embarrassed than i am so this is humbling. This is humbling. So where do we go from here? How will the big ten recover after this absolute fail in the tournament that is to be determined, but a lot’s gon na change, iowa’s losing their best player by far illinois could possibly lose their two best players. So, as far as the other big ten teams we’ll see what happens, but yeah i’m just really disappointed um yeah i’m, just wow what a joke. So those are my thoughts on the big ten basketball conference. Overall, i would say it was a huge disappointment, a huge letdown, some might say overrated, were they overrated? Well, when we look at the tournament results, i guess you could say they were overrated that’s. Why you don’t play the games on paper. You play them on the court, big 10 came up short and nothing. We could do about it now. Um. As an illinois fan, i hate michigan. I hate michigan as an illinois fan for for many reasons, for many reasons, but i tell you what i’m a big ten fan and believe me when i tell you i wanted michigan to beat ucla because they were the last team left if illinois can’t win it.

I want another big ten team to win it because it’s good for the big ten, and i hope that you guys felt the same way, maybe not who knows, but anyway, that’s the wrap up big ten conference in basketball this year, based on tournament, results.

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