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This is jay from tnj and welcome to the final four here in season number eight welcome back to the long beach state dynasty, and now we face off against georgia tech, the last team to defeat us in this season. Now, georgia tech has a very, very potent offense and defense. They are very, very good and to beat southern illinois to move on to the final four is a big test. Southern illinois was a underrated team in the nation this year, we’ve seen actually siu really really good in this series and seasons past. I believe in season number three: they made it to the final four. So can we get our revenge here in the final four game? The field of 64 is down to just four dt johnson was locked up last time. We played georgia, tech, so let’s see if he bounces back as we do win. The tip off here is madison. At the top let’s watch the first possession he makes a man uh silly looks silly on that one and passes it inside. That is eric carlos who gets fouled by kid shank. So two nothing game now let’s see who they go to right away: it’s ben o’neal, with the jump shot right outside the lane. Now ben o’neil averaged over 20 points in the regular season averaging 20 points. Now, in the tournament and now here we go two up johnson in the paint and he misses that one good defense and now here comes georgia, tech, the other way so now here’s a deep three, this time taken and that is ben o’neil again and a great Shot by that one by him right there, 5 2 game gilcher in the corner – answers right back, it’s a 5 5 game.

This is how it’s going to be. I know georgia tech’s going to give us their best game pass inside deflected and does get it back. Is richer he puts it up and that is gon na be good. 7. 5. So here is dt in the post now down by two. They send the double team a little late, but that is going to be a foul on andy, scott’s and it’s. His first personal foul now scott is really good on defense, so we’re going to try to attack him and maybe get him into foul trouble as dt goes to the free throw line he’s going to hit hit. Both free throws it’s a 7 up game. You know a lot of people picked us to run the table here in the tournament, but georgia tech has something to say about that. That one is a three and now it is a three point game in georgia: tech’s favor here’s carlos pass inside dt, going right at andy, scott and now it’s, just a one point game back into the paint this time and it’s off that time. Scott was not guarding dt, but it’s a missed shot here comes georgia, tech, the other way kit shank on the wing passes inside to richard it’s an and one eric carlos gets called for. The foul tim richard goes to the free throw line averaging 16.8 and eight in the regular season, and he does make the and one free throw 13 9.

So here is madison getting double teamed. They have that full court press going to the corner and it’s open it’s going to be steve jenkins. He nails it man. Is he good this year, man, his game has really improved, but ben o’neil answers back with a free throw line, jump shot and he’s got seven early on still with the three point deficit. This time they said the double t even leave carlos wide open in the paint. Georgia. Tech is six of seven. To start this game, you can just see every shot’s going in here’s another one. Ben o’neal he’s got nine in the first five minutes. So now, it’s 17. 16. This time here is a three kid: shank, knocks it down back to a 20 to 16 game. Three point game is here as we here we are working inside and that’s eric guilty. Getting ripped kit. Shank goes the other way. Looking at ben o’neal, again he’s gon na pull it and he’s going to hit it. Ben o’neil is five of five to start this game 11 points as well, so here’s dt putting on a nice little crossover behind the back and it’s going to be the second foul. On tim, richard and dt goes to the free throw line player of the year. He knocks down the first free throw and the second one is also going to be good, bringing it to a three point game. So 22 19. Our reserves start to check in nick miles is, in that point, guard here’s a pass inside, and that is an easy dunk.

It looks like he was guarding andy scott. I don’t know how that happened. Now a five point game miles gets the pick. He takes the open three and that one is off and here comes georgia, tech. The other way, ben o’neil, carries the ball up the court guarded by nick miles over to the left and andy scott hits it from deep. They even have big men who can shoot they’re, shooting 69 percent, this game it’s an eight point game, here’s the blocked shot by scott over dt johnson, and now they go the other way they miss the shot. But we are scoreless in the last three minutes. Here’S a fade away shot in the post and they send the double team at dt and he took an absolutely terrible shot on that one. So now here’s a fade away, miss from mid range, and here we go the other way. Dt gets it. He takes it all the way to the basket misses that shot, but he gets his own board and puts it back up and in finally, we get going with five minutes left here in the first half so down by six. They work it inside to scott again and he nails it. 29. 29. 21. Georgia. Tech is absolutely balling at this point, so good defense by carlos. We needed that steal in transition up to dt. He has the easy two handed dunk, and now it comes eventually back to an eight point game.

Georgia, tech is absolutely bald and anthony madison checks back into the game. This time gets the pick from dominique kirkland the true freshman he’s, trying to make a man shake out of his shoes, and he does finally can’t shake oh, and that is an excellent crossover that time by anthony madison back to a six point game, here’s madison playing Some defense putting his hands up and look at this. It bounces off the defender, the other player and in transition. Ace jenkins gets the easy, layup good deed, turns into offense by el, by uh, anthony madison, and now here we are down by four and look at madison. I think he has maybe the point guard thinking in his head a little bit and now 31 27. After that bone ahead turnover, so here’s jenkins, he gets all the way to the basket and a great block inside and stopping the easy lay up is georgia, tech and now, with three minutes to go here, is shank on the outside. That is good and now it’s back to a six point game. They send the double team at kirkland back out madison, and he brings it back within three he’s got eight points: he’s 304 from the field as well, david gill, with the awkward shot that time off the backboard and georgia. Tech goes the other way: ben o’neil inside good, pass in transition, it’s good and now 35 to 30. Under two minutes to go anthony madison looks like he’s going to close out this first half here he is causing some space, and that is good.

Ace jenkins was open on the outside. He nails it he’s, not even a three point shooter, but madison is showing his play. Making ability kid shank on the inside gets the offensive board, and now he will hold for the last shot here. At the end of the first half down by four nine on the clock here is madison from the outside. Oh, what a crossover and good he makes a man go all the way to the bucket. I don’t know if that was confusion or what, but man that looked pretty madison definitely gave us a spark there at the end of the first half and wow, what a shot there bringing it to within three georgia. Tech had an excellent first half as well good defense, good offense. This one’s gon na be a good one. 37 36. Second, half action underway. Ben o’neil had 11 in the first half madison at 11 as well here’s a pass inside right away to andy scott file. On dt it’s only his first foul of the game, though so it’s three point game here for georgia: tech as we push it up. The court here’s gilcher out to jenkins and it’s good tie ball game nice, shot by jenkins and now it’s ‘ ‘ working inside to scott again man. He can do it all. I mean he was shooting the three ball earlier. He shows that he can play good defense is now we are back on offense here’s, a corner three missed by jenkins, and here comes georgia, tech, the other way, 41.

‘. This time, scott again with the body off of dt johnson, gets the foul call on him and andy scott goes to the free throw line he’s going to be one of the best players going into the nba draft as well. He is a pure big man and he can also stretch the floor. As you can see, he goes one of two from the free throw line: 42 ‘ quickly up the court to madison in the corner. It’S 42 up and here comes lbsu. You know we’re a good second half team. Here we are working into the corner dt from the outside, nothing but net. We get the first lead of the game since five minutes into the game, and now here we are down up by two missed shot by dt. He grabs the board goes all the way and the dog and one dt, he grabs the board, and he just takes it all the way. Nba scouts, like i said, comparing him to anthony davis, he can run the floor. He can handle the basketball he can hit. The jump shots he’s got it all it’s, a 47 42 here’s a deflection this time, madison going the other way man is he sparking this defense is here, is madison pass to the right side as dt trying to make a man shake a little bit but out To the corner, it’s good eric gilcher, with the three point shot from the corner, it’s an eight point – lead now madison open this time.

He nails it again. 53. 42, an 11 point game and here is madison with some more d. He has the steal all the way and one anthony madison with the defense to offense in transition bucket, and he goes to the free, throw line and hits the free throw in just in a blink of an eye. It’S, a 14 point lead more defense being played, missed shot and it looks like lbsu has all the momentum now alec anthony madison takes it up the court looking for the pick from carlos, he just moves to a spot he’s feeling it 16 points. 17 point lead with that three and madison is just on fire, but here comes georgia, tech, the other way they get a buck in making it a 15 point game, but it just might be a little too late. The way madison’s playing here’s a jump shot. No a fake to the corner guilcher this time back to an 18 point game. Georgia, tech is starting to sink 62 44 ben o’neil with the three that one is going to be off here we go the other way, guilters feeling it again in transition. Make that a 21 point game eight minutes to go now and our team is just dominating dt. With the two handed slam in traffic and it’s 67 46. We send a double team at shank and we get the steal dt with the swipe in transition. It’S an alley oop layup.

I have no idea why you’re seven foot and not throwing that one down but it’s an easy bucket, but here comes georgia, tech, the other way with a nice steal in transition. They get the layup, but it looks like they are down by a little too much. Madison, pushing the ball up. The court and shank tries to trail him, but forgets about carlos who’s. Wide open 24 point lead at that point, and now we are just starting to dominate. It looks like georgia. Tech just cannot keep up with this offense. We are just too talented everywhere on the court here’s a shot just outside the lane. That is dt. He gets it off. The glass 20 point lead now nick miles checks to the game. He gets the three. He missed a couple of shots earlier and now he hits that one 79 58 – carlos hailing the ball at the top back around gill running the baseline inside to miles back over to jenkins and he gets the body and the and one 81 58. It looks like we are just too much jenkins. The veteran on this squad hits the free throw and makes it a 24 point lead three and a half to go here is madison now handling the ball out to the corner, gilcher again: he’s open it’s. Now a 25 point lead madison’s got 27 in this game, one more shot from the corner from georgia tech. Here we go up.

The court under two minutes left jenkins back out to madison corner two it’s good 29 point lead that has our biggest lead of the game and we go on to win this one 89 to 63 and we will advance to our third straight national championship game. The second half thunder came raining down on this georgia, tech team. They just could not keep up and how about madison it’s it’s just so funny. Each week you think dt johnson is our best player, but then madison comes out with a game like that 29 points. The defense in the offense i mean he was straight locking up their guards. I mean ben o’neil was excellent in the first half when madison checked in with about five minutes to go in the first half ben o’neil was nowhere to be found. Dt went 8 15 from the field he had. 21. madison had 29.. How about jenkins, though nine eight and two carlos had seven five and three guilter had 15 5 and three i mean we are just so versatile. Everybody does a little bit of everything and i would even say a lot a bit of everything i mean look at these numbers. Everybody is pitching in in their own way. Everybody’S contributing ace jenkins had five off the bench, and i mean what can teams do to stop this starting lineup? I don’t know: what can i don’t know what you can throw at us to be honest with you, ben o’neil had 17.

kit shank had 11, but ben o’neil. I i think in the second half he only had six points, but i think that just shows like what we did defensively on him and we saw what he did in the first half. I mean just look at the difference in the first half they let in everything they had 37 points. 14 assists 14 rebounds. Then, in the second half 53 points for long beach, 17 rebounds 13 assists two steals. I mean we just absolutely dominated in the second half the trail of two halves here in this game and georgia. Tech put up an awesome game in the first half we just exploded, so let’s check out the other final four matchup and it looks like georgetown defeats. Alabama alabama’s already won a national championship in this series three seasons ago and they lose to advance on to their second here in this series, but georgia tech gets their chance. Ben maxwell is their best player. He’S averaged 25 points back to back seasons here, and he is very, very efficient, very good, so we will have our hands full guarding him, and this is the matchup of the number one and number two overall seeds in the tournament i’m, not really sure how many Times that has happened, but here we go georgetown and long beach.

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