Big Ten Conference, National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament PTN Team discusses Hogs loss to Baylor and the great season Arkansas had in 2020-21

You have to tip your cap to them because then in the second half mike, they were able to make it a four point game. But even when it was a four point, game baylor able to turn right back around and get that lead back to seven or ten, and then we saw it back down to you know back up to 12 and um. You know everything going for baylor and arkansas. There towards the end had 11 straight trips without a basket and that hurt them down the stretch. Well, i think if we, if, if anybody’s watched baylor in this tournament, you’d have to know they’re very good, but they played their best game of the tournament by far they were just unconscious in stretches of that game. Shooting the basketball – and i knew they couldn’t – keep it up, and i give arkansas a lot of credit when you get down. I don’t know 18 points. I think at one point got it down to eight and a half at halftime and then later got it down to four, actually got it down to four twice: got it down to four: they jumped it back up, got it back down to four had a chance Twice to cut it to two and that’s the stretch in which they just couldn’t buy a basket, and i think several things were going on there devo, who had been scoring uh. You know missed a couple of shots there.

I also think jt note who had been scoring he fouled out that hurt him yeah justin and at 13 minute mark. I mean that really hurt. Then, when you have your leading scorer at the time with 14 points at the 13 minute mark fell out, it was a game in which things went very right for baylor very wrong for arkansas at key times. Justin smith got into foul trouble and i thought honestly there were a couple of fouls that weren’t fouls that got him into foul trouble, so he had to back off a little bit defensively. But you look at this team and you look at evil davis just kept fighting and fighting and fighting, even when they had no chance at the end. He was coming back down and making these crazy runs at the basket and getting it to go in he’s. Going to be an unbelievable player next year, he had the tv people just dropping their jaws. You know the one regret i’m sure when we look back on this, especially this game, but the whole tournament is just what happened to moses moody, yeah and he’s arkansas’s leading scorer, and he just didn’t play like that in this tournament, and this was his worst game. When they needed him to step up the most, he just had a and i i can’t pinpoint what it was. He wasn’t making shots, he shot and they just weren’t going in and at one point he dribbled into a trap and turned the ball over on a jump.

Ball and just didn’t seem to be stepping up at a time when they, you know, especially when note goes out, and you need somebody to step up and start scoring, and i thought any minute he’s going to catch fire and it just didn’t happen for him yeah. I want on in indianapolis shooting this video of eric musselman and mike is on the other side of this table, but can kind of stand up. You see coach, musselman, walking off the court here in indianapolis at lucas oil stadium, the razorback fans in attendance above him, giving him a standing ovation. This team deserves a standing ovation, a lot of tears, a lot of emotions, as you can see, from this razorback team, but at the end of the day mike, you have to give them credit for this run that they made in this ncaa tournament being able to Beat teams like colgate and then texas, tech and then oral roberts to get to the elite eight for the first time since 1995. I mean that is a big feat and i know that these guys are hurting right now. You can see the emotion, the sadness as they walk off the court right now, um and and again this is on our twitter video uh page. If you want to watch this on twitter, you can see this and it’ll restart here in a second for you as it ends, but i mean these guys deserve every bit of the standing ovation that they’re getting right now on this screen.

It is it’s incredible to watch and um i’m gon na click out of this and and again that’s the scene inside lucas oil stadium of tonight after the razorbacks lost a a devastating moment, but again at the same time, something that um. You know there’s only going to be one team standing mike at the end of the day and uh. Every team is feeling like this after a loss in the ncaa tournament, um want to go through some points. Real fast jd note ends with 14, as did devo davis, um, moses moody 11, but at halftime or right after half time. I believe he only had one, and so he came on strong a little bit later into the game, but it was almost a little too late. Jalen, tate had 13 justin smith with 10. um desi sills only with two, and you talk about a guy who plays his heart out for this team and has given this team everything that he has and desi seals, and sometimes he goes unnoticed a lot. But you have to hang your hat on this to this team and and really give them the credit that’s due for what they were able to accomplish. Well, i think, when the hurt wears off with a lot of the fans, if they’re thinking correctly they’ll realize there were some guys that played tonight that got valuable, valuable ncaa tournament experience devo davis. What will he be like next year, we’re we’re sitting here assuming they’ll? Be in next year, but i think they will be.

I don’t see how they couldn’t he’s, going to be back with ncaa tournament experience. Jd notte will be back with ncaa tournament experience and jaylen williams, who didn’t play a lot tonight, but we saw when he was in there what he could do and he was not intimidated by baylor. He stood his ground did a good job. He will play a lot next year, so if, if coach musk goes out and finds a justin smith type replacement a power forward that can work with jalen williams and they can play off of each other jalen’s gained that ncaa experience. So this won’t be a team. Next year, that enters the tournament with one guy that had experience and – and i i think it showed with jaylen tate he’s, the one guy that had played in this tournament before and if you look at this whole tournament from beginning to end. You’D have to say he and justin smith were the two guys that were consistently playing well and justin. Smith didn’t have previous tournament experience, but he was a fifth year senior on a mission and played right down to the end. Just played his tail off and deserved a better fate, but i think this team over achieved. I think it was great for them to get where they did where they got. I didn’t expect them to get this far. I thought maybe they were a sweet 16 team. No way to no way did i think they would go one game further into this thing and they ran into a team that, just honestly i think baylor will probably beat houston and probably get to the championship game but i’m going to be a gonzaga.

You know i i just can’t, i can’t be for baylor. I just i looked at those guys and there’s something about them. I don’t, like i don’t. I can’t tell you what it is. I just don’t like that team, but they’re very talented. I can jump on the gonzaga bandwagon with you now. Both of my teams are out of it, so i can get on that i’m, not gon na root for michigan, obviously uh and i’m, not gon na root for houston, that’s kind of weird. So i like gonzaga as well. You know we talk about guys, maybe as we look ahead now, uh and and guys who are coming back, i mean moses moody um is said to be a one and done we’ll see if he he leaves at the end of the year and what his decision Is but then you get a guy like devo davis, back and and how valuable you talked about jaylen williams, how valuable will devo davis be for this team coming back his sophomore year? Well, it’s everything to get a guy back like that. That has that kind of intensity moncrief, like loves to wear that uniform, an arkansas kid who wants to win for the razorbacks same thing with jalen williams. You know these these types of things and don’t forget kate, kk robinson, who had to set out with an injury yeah. There were a lot of people that thought he was right there with moses moody in terms of ability.

So you add him to this team next year and then, like i say, i’m pretty sure coach musselman is going to go out, probably had a couple of grad transfers to replace the two grad transfers that are leaving and then who knows yeah uh. Then you also know that eric musselman loves to bring in transfers and so we’ll see how this mix again of the class coming in devo davis, jalen williams, coming back kk robinson, as you mentioned, coming back moses moody. We will see what decision he makes in his near future um going back to what was accomplished, and you talked about how you felt about this team, but as razorback fans, i’m sure are upset and and they’re sad. You want to see your team go all the way to a championship, game and win a title. You’Ve only seen it once in arkansas history in 1994. um, but but this is a special run and and and hopefully tomorrow they wake up realizing. Okay, you know what i’m i’m sad they’re not playing anymore, but man that was really fun to watch them play yeah. The other thing i would add is these are fun players to watch. You can tell they’re good guys, you can watch devo and you just know. He’S, the kind of guy you’d want to be around if you were still in college, you’d be one of your buddies. You know you’d like this guy. You got to believe that jt note is just crazy.

He’D be a wild and crazy guy to be around and jaylen williams, just solid, you know he’s, just he never got upset that he didn’t play more than he did. He was just a team player. Didn’T, try to score 20 points, a game or 15 or whatever. If he scored two and got eight rebounds or if he got four assists that’s, you know eight points for somebody else. He was fine and you look at all these guys and you say: they’re coming back, they’re good, guys, i’ve, often watched teams like baylor other teams that you look at them and you realize they’re talented. But you say to yourself: if i was a fan of that school, i wouldn’t like these guys. I might like the fact that they’re winning i just wouldn’t like them and that’s, not true of this razorback team and there’s – been some teams in the past that i didn’t care much for some of the guys on the team. But you these guys just reached out and, and you had to you, embraced the i know the fan base embraced these guys. I really think, too, that you also had a team with arkansas, especially in the run in indy that that indianapolis embraced, i mean you, you look at that grid that’s on the side of the the mary marriott there of the giant tournament bracket and and each round It dwindles down a little bit more you’re, one of the eight teams left standing in that uh tournament and razorback fans embraced the city, the city embraced razorback fans.

I honestly kind of think it’s cool that they did it in one location mike this year and didn’t have it spread out across the country and um not trying to look down to the future. But i think i could get behind a setup like that in the future. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think that we’ll get back to the old way of doing things, but we were lucky in this respect in that indianapolis is about from various places. In arkansas six eight hour drive and people could make that pretty easily, and i think they went up there and just stayed or something i don’t know yeah, but it would arkansas was well represented up there. The various reports that we got back were that they were everywhere in between games and letting themselves be known, and it was it was just a fun year and now what’s good about this is as you let go of this season now you can start turning to This baseball team that at least in a couple of the polls, has been number one in the country for about a month now and that’s pretty unusual yeah. Well, i know hog fans as i’m reading the comments on facebook love eric musselman. His press conference is going on behind your head and – and we know one thing about musk is – is he shows the emotion on his face? So obviously, um uh disappointed eric musselman that they didn’t get further in the tournament because he believes in his team as much as his team believes in him as much as this fan base believes in eric musselman and i think it’s safe, to say that he’s not Going anywhere anytime soon, i think hunter your check kind of made that known that that that he will take care of eric musselman and eric musselman will be the arkansas razorback head coach for quite some time, which is exciting for the future, because there’s a lot to Look forward to if you’re watching us from indianapolis, i hope you’ve enjoyed the game safe, travels back home to arkansas or wherever you’re from or you could even be a local if you’re joining us here in fayetteville or across the state of arkansas and central arkansas.

Thanks for joining us, it has been really fun to cover this team this year and it is bittersweet that it’s over um, but but a lot to look forward to the future so bright for this arkansas, basketball, team and uh. Hopefully, next year, mike will be right back here talking about a final four appearance for this arkansas razorback team. Thanks so much for joining us, we know it’s late, hope you guys uh get some sleep before work tomorrow or class tomorrow or whatever it is. You have on your schedule on tuesday and uh we’re now transitioning to softball and baseball season, so that’ll be fun. Maybe we’ll be talking about omaha in the next couple of months, thanks for joining us again, arkansas falling in the elite eight to baylor 81 to 72. They end the regular season at 25 and 7.

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