Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays 4/5/21 Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox MLB Pick, Prediction, Tips and Odds

This will be a regular feature going forward. I would say um pretty much most of baseball season unless something else comes up, but try and be here on mondays. Instead of sundays now and uh – and today this monday is college basketball championship monday. So that is a good thing, so we’re going to try and have that, and that will be our free play today, it’s going to be on the championship game so i’ll have that for you in just a little bit, uh free plays i’ll, be honest with you. They haven’t been very good lately. Okay, just haven’t can’t say i know why. Just it has been because it’s been just the opposite, with how my regular plays have been uh in the last week 18 and seven 72 percent um. I think up thirty three hundred dollars, or thereabouts and units on my regular plays those have been really going well and uh. The most exceptional aspect of that has been the nba where i’ve hit nine straight nba plays now today monday. I don’t have a play. I just didn’t, like anything on the card, didn’t find anything of real value, so i decided to pass okay on that, but i’m sure i’ll be back tuesday and i’ll. Let you know in this video if uh, if i have something but that’s, been going really well and so we’ll see. If we can continue with that uh, i will tell you that i do have a championship game pick.

Okay, it docks it’s a small play. It’S only two units not going hog wild here last game of the year uh, but i do have that. I have a live underdog that i really like in major league baseball, uh, the first 10 days, or so i primarily not exclusively, but primarily look for underdogs and i uh in the first 10 days of the season and that’s exactly. What i have today is an underdog that uh that i like quite a bit and so that’s posted at the dugout’s home page at doc. Sports and nhl had a nice week again, i’ve been uh low, key on the units and but last week i picked up 614 units. I hit two out of three parlays, which, which was a big help, hit the one yesterday on on sunday with a parlay and so uh. But today i just have a single play dog in in what i consider a very good situation and i’ll tell you if it if it’s correct, which i think it will be it’ll, be a surprise. Okay and besides the fact that it’s underdog making us uh, that would be just a little bit of a surprise if this turns out to be correct, also and that’s, also at docs at the gypsum page, and you can get. For example, any of those plays for uh for free, if you’ve never been to the uh doc site, they have a 60 sign up.

You go to my page and in the upper left hand, corner you’ll, see a red box. Click on that baby sign up and you can get 60 free, picks right away, no credit cards. No, nothing just sign up. Take care of business that way. Okay, let’s get to today’s free play. We’Re talking baseball for free play. Tampa bay is going to be up at boston and boston, they’re off to their worst home start since 1948, 1948. they’re 0 3, and they lost three straight to baltimore, the orioles, no less, which has to be a complete embarrassment. The orioles, if you uh, did not know, fan graphs, which is a good baseball site, good good sports information. So i put a good baseball site. In particular, they gave them zero chance to make the playoffs baltimore this year, zero. Okay, first time, they’d ever done! That do i think it was on purpose. Yes, i do do they think baltimore’s bad? Yes, i, yes, they do, and so did i on the video i said they wouldn’t win. Uh 64 games they’ve already won three and they get it. Dude against boston, the red sox at fenway park, so uh, and this one you know for p. I would like to pick boston against tampa bay today could like just you know, get get something going for them. At least it’s embarrassing they’re, one of only three teams that haven’t won a game so far and uh, and today they got uh.

We got a couple back of the rotation hurlers that used to be on other teams, micah waka, going for the raise and nick pavetta who most recently was with philadelphia uh. For my money, though, i’m gon na go with a better team tampa bay. They have excelled at this price range that they are at uh and they’re 19 to five, when the money line is minus 125 to plus 125. Since last season, uh with sunday setback. The red sox now have lost 23 of 33 games at fenway park and they’re 7 and 23 as a home underdog of plus 100 or higher since 2019, the sox, or should i say, the socks they will win. I just think it’s going to be tuesday before they do it not monday, so let’s take tampa bay minus the 110 over boston today, all right. So, as i said before, we have the um. I got nhl action today got an underdog, an underdog in baseball and the gonzaga baylor selection. Also for you for the championship game, the wise guy decided to go with the consensus for the national championship game. The consensus is uh. Just a little over two thirds is on gonzaga minus the four and a half so there’s your uh everything you need for a monday. Hopefully we can deliver you some more winners on that on that action.

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