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61 era, which would have been a lot lower. Had it not been for two of his 11 starts that went south in a hurry, one coming against these very same tampa bay rays, so two goals lead things off for the defending american league. Champs tatugo sends the ball. The other way well hit adam duvall is out there one of the new marlins and there’s one guy yesterday’s race, hero, austin meadows, here’s, the next three two we went back out there with the change up and lost meadows. There’S randy arose arena now, one for four. In the opener yesterday, all eyes will be on a rose arena. This season in tampa that’s for sure shoots that one through the hole on the right side to base it and the rays have something cooking early with one out to start the ball game. So an early opportunity here for tampa bay for the rays team mvp last year. Second baseman brandon, lau, a ball and two strikes to loud and it’s. The first strike out of the ball game for pablo lopez, so two gone now for yandi diaz, trying to cash in on an early opportunity, little topper back to the mound for lopez and he’ll strand a pair in his lid lifter of 2021. it’s ryan yarbrough. On the mound for the tampa bay rays, as he goes to work on miguel, rojas, yarbrough, coming off a very good 2020, a career, low 3.56 era massed over 11 appearances, nine of them starts two balls and two strikes to rojas.

Who is not one of those guys and there’s a little flare out that tottugo won away one gun now for starling marte yarbros 102. Him is swung on and sent out to left that’s, where austin meadows will gather in the routine chance to gone here’s. Jesus aguilar, two balls and two strikes once again to aguilar, swings through at that time: scoreless start to the ball game through and inning. If you’re a marlin you’d like to get that first run pushed across the board sooner rather than later. That is an alarming stat. The marlins have gone down in order in seven of their first 10 innings this year again tip your cap to the raise outstanding, pitching staff, but here’s garrett cooper cooper’s, run up here’s brian anderson now hitless to start the season with yesterday’s 0 3 Music. He picks on the first pitch and pops it into foul territory for tsutugo here’s, adam duvall, now, with two gone five in a row set down by yarbrough to start the ball game, the ball lifts the fly ball harmlessly out to left another chance for meadows and Six up six down for ryan yarbrough to begin the night scoreless in miami as yoshi tsutsugo leads things off against pablo lopez as tattoo goes straightened up on the fastball that time that’s, the very stuff that gave him trouble last year to randy arose arena who’s singled In his first try tonight, lopez gets him for his third strike out of the night and efficient one.

Two three third and yar broke back in it and back to work in the third. He gets jazz. Chisholm got a big swing too. This one’s not going to have enough that’s that’s something easy pop. Now the marlins over 12 leading off and ending this season again it’s a team that doesn’t have an extra base hit. Yet this year on the ground for the shortstop wendell and a quick second out, pablo lopez throws right and, as you can see, bats left same kind of play, broken back and wendell gathers in to make for a very quick one. Two three third ryan yarbrough perfect through the first three innings tonight, ryan yarbrough back to work, a scoreless ball game. Last half of the fourth and the top of the order here for the marlins who’ve been set down in order in each of their first three innings to begin the ball game knocked it down, got to it and throws to first, not in time rojas beats it Out here’s, my first argument: hey it’s, the tie does not go to the runner. You have to beat it. That means you have to be there before. He catches it if you’re there the same time, you’re out there’s a little tidbit for you, it’s a good one. First base runner of the ball game for the marlins and here’s starling marty now marte shoots a ball back up the middle back to back singles open the fourth, so for the first time tonight, tampa bay, left, hander and tampa bay fan.

Brian yarbrough is in a little bit of trouble. Here’S jesus aguilar now aguilar fly ball out to center in right. Center field is where emanuel margot makes a kelly league style play and there’s one gone. Finally, the marlins looking to scratch across their first run of 2021 and cooper was a good hitter last year, with runners on base line to third and the rays turn it into a double play. Just like that, houdini yarbrough is out of a mess. Pablo lopez has struck out three tonight, francisco mejia now and there’s a front base hit. Please i got ta leave for a little while, but that’s special, oh man that took you to a blissful place. Dude. Oh special, here’s, ryan, yarbrough, now you’re surprised, i’m, not butting. Her, yes, you got a guy trying to put the ball in play. You got a double play: weight now, that’s, absolutely right line to second base and that’ll turn into a double play. Exactly the scenario you were talking about, trying to avoid wow. It has taken a couple of funky moments to keep this game scoreless, as brian anderson leads things off in the fifth smothered by diaz, gets to his feet and on one hop still has enough to throw out anderson. That was a little bit of a circus act by yandi, but he did make the out happen. Well, pablo lopez was terrific tonight, five shout out innings, but he is lifted here after five in in place of richard bleyer one gun now for austin meadows, whose homer yesterday has still accounted for the only run of this series meadows.

Does it again on an owen two pitch one, nothing tempo his second homer in seven plate appearances, this season, ryan yarbrough, who gets a run thanks to the austin meadows, homer last half inning, one, nothing tampo and that’s inside the line into the corner and left marte Around first on his way in a second with the marlins first extra base hit of the year, that’ll be all for yabro exiting with two out in a runner at second in a one. Nothing lead two games in two outings for second year raised right, hander, pete, fairbanks and now there’s runners in first and second, with two gun for garrett cooper. Here we go another big opportunity for him here and a breaking ball served into right. A rosarena retires the side and fairbanks gets out of another jam emanuel margot. Now, with two gods. Kevin cash gave us fair warning, keep an eye on manny margot. He had the best spring of anyone in camp a drive to left and that one’s well struck. It takes duvall back to the wall and it’s gone emanuel margot has made it to nothing tampa bay. I think he just called that chance row is the new tampa pitcher working here in the seventh, unless you’re jesus aguilar or starling marty you’re now three for 40. As a team and here’s chisholm now, chisholm sends a ball out to right and that’ll bounce off the wall he’s on his way into third with zugan the throw is off line well, this guy is fun to watch yeah and the blue do man i’m sold on It both managers exercising some bench depth and it’ll, be corey dickerson to bet off the bench for miami as chas row is replaced by the left.

Hander ryan sherrod tying runs on base chugon last to the seventh, a two nothing tampa bay lead. The sheriff is trying to hold into the opposite corner and that’ll drive in miami’s, first run of the season, it’s a two to one ball game. I think this is an example of the three rule. Normally, this guy wouldn’t be facing the top door with all the right hand, hitters yep, it’ll, flip the lineup card back to miguel rojas sharply hit through the hole, and this one is at least tied, alfaro scores, throw on dickerson’s not in time, and the marlins have Taken their first lead of the year four consecutive marlins with two gone, have all reached base it’s translated into three runs in miami’s. First league anthony bass has a new contract. He is the ninth inning man for the marlins and gets a save opportunity. His first of the year tonight lot thickens in the ninth first and second, with one gun, it’s a big outing for bass. You know he’s trying to establish himself so here’s joey wendell, now tying runs on base. The 1 2 pitch and wendell sends a ball to right that one’s going to go snatch them back. Three run homer and tampa bay goes back out on top wow. Diego castillo will try to close things down here in the ninth it’s, going to be magnarius sierra and he represents the tying run with two out in the last of the night.

This will be the fifth time in the last seven years.

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