Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays POSTGAME REACTION: Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox 4/5/21

He you know he attacked filled up the strike zone. Um seemed like the red sox throughout the night. Just had a lot of hard hit hard contact, but encouraged that kept going out competing, probably like to have a couple pitches back, maybe later in the count. But the intent was. Was there obviously, with the the amount of strikes that he threw and just kept attacking? In the zone and then uh mazda just got uh kind of behind from the start it seemed like yeah. He fell behind uh, really quick. I think he threw his first eight pitches. One uh got in the zone, not ideal, but you know he’s had some time off. Um hasn’t pitched a ton, but you know he picked us up in a pretty big way not having to blow through the bullpen. He kind of hit the reset button and it gave up the runs right there at the end, uh, but other than that helped us out not having to go through our entire pin and uh. How is kier meyer what’s the status with him? You think. Well, i don’t have any real update other than um it’s, just that quad is tightened up again. I’M sure we’ll have more updates. Tomorrow, uh i mean concerning not not not ideal for sure right. That was the same one from the spring right. I believe so. Yeah left gotcha and then uh just your impression of the the randy catch.

Both of them were really. I mean he came out of nowhere on the the one in the gap um and then there at the end of the game. Another another. Just a great play showed a lot of coverage in the outfield kevin. Did you get the sense that kier meyer’s quad was on a specific play, or is it kind of just a general thing? I think he felt it when he uh his ground ball when he ran down the first base line and then again when cordova hit the ball off the wall. We, we kind of noticed him kind of digging in there to try to loosen it up a little bit when he was backing up, uh left, gotcha and then obviously, randy’s plays a side. Maybe some uncharacteristic defense, especially the play in the fifth, the beau guards, hit anything you worry about at this point or just kind of kind of one one moment: it’s early, no yeah i’m, not worried the guys. Take a lot of pride in their defense and they’ll continue to work on it and we’ll be playing very solid defense here, um, hopefully tomorrow but yeah. The last two games have not shown our best uh preventing runs anything else for kevin. Okay. What about the i’m? Sorry, what about the bad? I meant to ask you: i couldn’t click on there, just a hitting. Overall i mean you, you, i don’t think you had a hit running scoring position until the eighth yeah.

No, you know look. We had some opportunities early on. We had some good at bats to get guys on. Uh pavetta is tough. We saw him in spring training. He’S got really good stuff um, but we’ve got to find a way to capitalize in those spots early on and maybe it’s a you know, a different beginning to the ball game uh. After that it seemed like he got. It got in a pretty good rhythm and there just wasn’t a lot of hard hitting going on. We had some nice at bats there at the end, when uh their guy lost the strike zone a little bit, but not not. We just kept missing that that big opportunity to put some crooked numbers up there, what you make your outing overall, it seems like you’re attacking the strike zone, filling it up and getting you know, throwing strikes, but you know i wouldn’t necessarily say they were quality strikes. I mean i felt like too many in the middle of the zone. You know pitching with a lot of traffic out there um you know i was able to escape. You know a couple times uh, but you know over the course of it. You know just too many balls over the over the heart of the plate. There and uh too many hard hit balls, but i got ta be better than that got ta got ta get ahead in some of those guys uh some of those counts.

Where they’re. You know feeling feeling pretty good up there with that hitters count and uh, you know just got ta make some better pitches. There did you get a sense, they were pretty locked in. I think even cash mentioned pre game. That was a team that was probably going to come in hungry after the way their first three games went. Uh i mean yeah, i mean they, they had a good plan up there i mean they’re, very talented team, and so you know, whenever you don’t make pitches they’re gon na they’re gon na punish you for sure mike. There was a in that fourth inning sequence. There was a wild pitch in there that looked like a cross up. It did on tv at least yeah. That was just mental lapse. On my end, that i’ve got to do a better job on and uh yeah. I mean it’s just unacceptable to be doing that. Right now, just the changing signs when the runners on second kind of contribute to that exactly yeah yeah. I know the defense obviously bails you out a lot of times there. You did get that ground ball when you could have to play at the plate. It looked like that might have changed the tenor of that inning a little bit. Do what now sorry, i said you got the ground ball, you needed when you guys had the infield in there. You you guys weren’t able to get the out at the plate, destroy the ball bounce that might have changed the tenor of the inning a little bit yeah.

I mean it just it happens. That way, sometimes i mean guys are playing great defense. I mean randy laying out for balls out there um, you know getting double plays turned and i mean they were playing good behind us and you know just uh. You know it falls on me and you know walking the guy and then balls off the wall, and i mean it’s just got ta, do a better job there for sure. Thank you michael. What was your view on that randy catch? I mean just kind of come out of nowhere to make that play from your view. Yeah i mean i thought it was. You know i thought it was uh going to be over his head. I mean he made it. He was, i thought he was in left field at the time, but then i look up and he’s in right field and uh. You know he’s laying out in the gap, and you know making a huge play for us, and so it was uh that was awesome to see fourth inning, where you came over in the gap. Can you just describe that to us and when you saw the ball and if you knew you were going to catch it, Music fielder and you know i was able to lay out and just make a nice play. Have you made many catches that uh well before we’ve seen yeah? I actually made a play like that, probably aaa where i laid out, and i thought it was a pretty spectacular catch and it came out for an hour and then just in the next inning.

The ball that kind of came off the wall. You kind of lost your footing on the throw what what happened there actually off the wall. I actually was slightly out of my reach but i’d laid out so that it wouldn’t get past me because i didn’t want the runners to advance an extra base randy. Obviously you made it look pretty easy.

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