Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, Baylor Bears men’s basketball March Madness Final Four! Everything You Need To Know! Baylor vs Houston and UCLA vs Gonzaga!

. Gonzaga is 30 0 and has been destroying other teams in the tournament. So far, their average margin of victory is 24 points and their closest game was against eight seat oklahoma, who they beat 87 to 71. So much of their past success has come from their head coach mark few. He has led them to the tournament 21 years. In a row, which is outstanding for a small program like gonzaga, the reason for them going from the sweet 16 tier up to the undefeated status this year is their big. Three of players drew timmy, corey, kissbert and jalen. Suggs are all top 15 players in the country. Timmy is a monster underneath he’s averaging 19 points a game and has nearly unstoppable post moves. Kisper is a 46 3 point shooter, which is an unreal percentage. He also has 19 points per game and last is jalen. Suggs, who will most likely be a top five nba draft pick this summer. He can shoot, he can aggressively drive to the basket and he has relentless hustle shown by him diving for loose balls and his great defense. If these three are all on their game, gonzaga will not be beat, and the crazy thing is their other two starters andrew nemheart and joel aie would be the best players on like half the other tournament teams, but on gonzaga, they’re complimentary pieces complimentary pieces that make It impossible to play defense on this team, because, if you somehow lock up timmy, kissbert and suggs, one of these two is still very capable of getting a bucket gonzaga’s opponent in the final four is one least likely final four teams.

In a decade 11 seed ucla ucla entered the tournament on a four game losing streak as one of the last four in they were down 13 in the first half of the first four to michigan state. Then they stormed back and won that game in overtime. Then miraculously made it to the sweet 16, where they held off two seat alabama in another overtime game. Next, the defensive slugfest against one seed in michigan, where they survive to win by two and watch three game. Winning attempts by michigan come up short. Ucla is led by transfer from kentucky johnny giuseng, who has absolutely carried them through this tournament, he’s march madness’s leading scorer and has put up over 22 points three times already. He’S got great pieces around him with jaime jacquez and jules bernard each having huge moments. So far in this tournament point guard tiger campbell is really quick and a great passer and big man, cody reilly doesn’t show up on the stat sheet much, but he is a big factor out there. I think cody reilly might be one of the most important aspects of the final four matchup for ucla kazakhs offense in the tournament has completely gone through, drew timmy their center. He shoots such high percentage shots under the basket that, if he’s open, he’s not going to miss those layups riley is going to have to pressure timmy and make gonzaga beat ucla from the outside, which don’t get me wrong.

They can absolutely do. I just talked about how good kittsburg is from downtown on the offensive event for ucla zhu, zhang, campbell and jacquez need to know that they can’t waste a single possession, the zags average 92 points per game. This season, ucla scored 51 against michigan. They need to slow the game down, take good shots and put the ball in the hands of zhu zang. I know some of these guys will want to be the final four hero, but they’ve got to recognize that zhuzang is their best player. I personally think gonzaga will win this game because i just don’t see ucla being able to stop their high flying offense and if you can’t stop them, the only other choice is to keep up and outscore them. Unfortunately, i don’t think they can do that either. The other final four matchup is one seed baylor against two seed. Houston baylor is 26 2. This year, houston is 28 3. Both of them were ranked in the top five of the ap poll for most of the season. But boy are they different teams? Baylor has scored 75 points per game in the tournament. On the other hand, houston has a loud 55 points per game in the tournament something’s gon na have to give but what’s going to prove to be better baylor’s high flying offense or houston’s, stifling defense, let’s break down each team. A little. The strength of baylor’s team is their guards led by first team, all american jared butler.

They have four guards in their regular rotation who shoot over 40 percent from three and another. One that shoots ‘.6 percent jared butler is the star on offense and davion. Mitchell was recently named national defensive player of the year. Macy otig and adam flagler are also fantastic. Shooters and big man mark vital, but i wouldn’t be surprised if he was an nfl tied in someday crashes. The boards and is a great passer out to the guards behind the arc. Houston lost american conference preseason player of the year caleb mills four games into the season and were written off as national title contender without him. But here they are four months later. In the final four, their spark offensively comes from quentin grimes, i can’t even count the number of clutch shots he’s made in this tournament. Also crucial of their success is dejean giroud, who is one of the toughest college basketball players i’ve seen in a while? He limps up and down the court because of his hip injury, but hits clutch shots on the offensive end and still locks down elite players like oregon, state’s, ethan thompson. The criticism of houston is that they haven’t played against a single digit team in the tournament. So far, they’ve beaten a 15 a 10 an 11 and a 12., but you can’t help who you play. You can just help. You beat in houston’s case it’s, been everyone so far in this tournament, but it’s an understatement to say the game against baylor will be houston’s toughest game.

The thing about baylor, though, is that there is a way to beat them, make them shoot poorly from three baylor shot below 30 from three in each of their two losses. So far, this season houston is equipped with the defenders to do this, but still no easy feat. Also davion mitchell is going to be playing his stifling defense on quentin grimes i’m. Sure that means someone other than grimes gon na have to take up the scoring. I don’t think baylor is gon na shoot poorly from three. I think they’re gon na win this game and set us up for one of the most exciting championship. Games ever gonzaga and baylor did not leave the top three in the ap poll all year. No one could keep up with either of them. Offensively i’d be so excited to watch these two heavyweights battle it out on monday night for the national championship.

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Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, Baylor Bears men’s basketball vs. Gonzaga Preview & Prediction + Final Four Recap

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