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When you look at it in terms of teams who really play on both sides of the ball, it’s going to be an exciting one, it’s going to be a very, very good game when we finally get to it on monday, it’s going to be between gonzaga and The baylor bears what’s going on guys and welcome back to touchdowns to home runs. My name is bernie. Thank you for joining us today. On the touchdowns to home, runs show we got so much to break down today. We’Re gon na be breaking down both gonzaga and baylor and make sure you stick around to the end of the video, where i give my picks on who’s. Actually gon na be cutting down the nets on monday night. Just before we do get into the video, though, make sure to subscribe to touchdowns to homeruns, it would do me a huge huge favor also make sure to leave a thumbs up if you want to see more content. Just like this um we’ll start with the baylor bears, who come off a big win, of course in today’s final four matchup against the number two seed houston. They took that one by a score of 78 to 59 and what a game it was, especially in the first half from baylor. We saw defensive intensity, we saw what they can do on offense we saw the baylor bears that we really were seeing at the beginning. Part of the year – and i think, that’s a really really good direction for them to be heading into against this tough one against gonzaga.

But what really makes baylor well, i mentioned in past videos they’re a great offensive team. They have so much scoring depth they’re very well coached, but a lot of people love to forget about how good this baler defense is. Their defensive intensity started to decline a little bit after they came back from obviously their delay with the virus, but they figured it out again and a lot of people forget that when baylor was going through their undefeated streak, this was a team that was well inside. The top 10 in terms of defensive efficiency, they’re, a great offensive team, they’re very, very well coached team, but baylor’s defensive intensity – is what really sets them apart. We saw it today in the first half we’ve, seen it really throughout a lot of these games in this march, madness tournament, so far, the second half against villanova their game that we saw a couple days ago as well in the elite. Eight, when you look at baylor again today, going into this game against houston, you really got one thing that you got a game plan around, which is quentin grimes. The best player on houston baylor knew that they had to take him out of this game. If they really wanted to be successful, and they did that in the first half, they really did it over the course the entire game he shot. One of eight from three four of 12 from the field only put up 13 points and baylor’s ability to really step up in terms of defense and isolate a player like that and take houston’s best player out of the game and really follow through with their game Plan is why i think baylor is going to be the biggest challenge that gonzaga has faced all year now: we’re gon na get to gonzaga in just a second um, but in terms of baylor again they’re led by three double digit scorers jared butler macy, otig, davian Mitchell, who was you know, the defensive player of the year, they’re, really really balanced team who shoot the three ball better than almost anybody in the country at about 42 over the course of the year they move the ball just like gonzaga.

Does they score off? Those assists they’re, a fairly good rebounding team, very active again on the defensive side of the ball. They’Ll make you turn the ball over they’ll get those steals and for a gonzaga team. Who is you know the best offensive team in the country as we’re going to get to in a second? This is a very, very good defensive matchup, i think for them against baylor and i’m really curious to see what baylor can do in terms of scoring to match. Obviously, those electric numbers that gonzaga pulls up but let’s flip over to gonzaga now gonzaga, is in the midst of now trying to finish off a undefeated season and what an impressive year it’s been you’re talking about again no losses. So far, some really impressive ranked wins back in 2020. Obviously the west coast conference championship in 2021 and then some really impressive wins in this year’s march madness tournament, including one tonight against ucla. You look at gonzaga, obviously it’s the offense that stands out you’re talking about the number one team in the country in terms of adjusted offense you’re talking about a ton of accolades as well coach of the year small forward and power forwards of the year. They’Re great three pointing three point: shooting team gonzaga does a lot of things very well. I think that this is the best college basketball offense that i’ve seen pretty much ever. I can’t really think of one that i’ve seen that’s necessarily better than them the tempo that they play at their ability to shoot.

The three ball it’s, so impressive, but what’s also so impressive about gonzaga is their ability to play defense. Nobody talks about this defense of gonzaga, but just like baylor well into the top ten in terms of defensive efficiency and they’re, a great team on both sides of the ball. What i really like about what we’ve seen from gonzaga so far, this tournament is other teams. They have gotten out to hot starts. Oklahoma started the game off very, very hot creighton, shot very well about midway into that first half, but even when gonzaga does allow points, it’s so hard to score more than gonzaga gonzaga will always score at the same pace as you or score more, and they have The ability to lock you down defensively and really put you through some defensive droughts, i think baylor’s better defensively, but this gonzaga offense is so so good and even the defense has the potential to shut down these baylor bears. When you look at gonzaga it’s four double digit scores, you got drew timmy, corey, kissbert, jalen suggs. You got ayai as well all who can really really shoot the three ball gonzaga matches up really well against a lot of teams, especially because of drew timmy. If you can’t, stop timmy inside it’s going to be a problem all night long for baylor um. But even if you do stop, timmy you’ve got kiss bert suggs ayahi, even some guys off the bench like nem hard watson, all guys who can score off the bench and shoot the three ball.

Corey kisper one of gonzaga’s big men shoots a three ball at 45. Absolutely lights out and again, even if baylor somehow ends up stopping drew timmy, you know they have so many options from the perimeter that can absolutely demolish you. Gonzaga is so talented. This is gon na, be a tough matchup for baylor, but i do think it is the toughest matchup that gonzaga has played all year in terms of what they’re gon na have to do offensively and defensively in order to win this game now, in terms of my Overall prediction it’s really really hard to pick against gonzaga, the more that i’ve watched them throughout their west coast conference this year, the more and more that i’ve liked. What i’ve seen from gonzaga? No team can stop them. Teams have barely been able to slow them down and it’s going to be really hard for baylor again to keep gonzaga off the scoreboard for baylor to win, as i was saying, they have to shut down, drew timmy that’s where the gonzaga offense really starts. But, unlike what they did against sort of quentin grimes, they have to shut down four guys and, unlike again, just isolating quentin grimes out of that game. They don’t really have one guy that they can particularly take out of the game. They have to make sure that all four of those big scores for gonzaga aren’t necessarily completely off the scoreboard, but they can’t be shooting lights out.

What we saw against baylor against houston was they took off quentin grimes really off the scoreboard, only 13 points, but then it left sasser with 20 points. So if baylor takes drew, timmy let’s say out of the game, they have to make sure that kiss bert suggs iii are not getting open, looks on the perimeter, it’s a really really tough matchup, and that for that reason, i’m gon na be taking gonzaga. Now, at this point in the game we don’t know what the spread is. I assume it’s gon na be right around five um and i do think baylor has the potential for sure to keep this game very close and again, you got ta keep in mind that this is to be not only the best opponent that baylor has played all Year, but really one of the first ranked opponents that they’ve played since back in 2020, ray gonzaga other than byu usc creighton a few teams in this march madness tournament. They have not played teams near the caliber of baylor, so this is going to be a really interesting one let’s see if uh gonzaga can end up sort of keeping that undefeated streak, obviously and end off what has already been an amazing season for these bulldogs, but Anyways guys, if you did make it to this point in the video, let me know your thoughts. Your predictions on this national championship game down in the comment section below, if you did enjoy today’s video, make sure to subscribe to touchdowns to home, runs make sure to leave a thumbs up to.

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