Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, Baylor Bears men’s basketball vs. Gonzaga Preview & Prediction + Final Four Recap

This is the matchup that we were all highly anticipating and it seemed like that. Gonzaga and baylor were the two favorites going into the tournament. They’Ve been the two favorites all season long. We were supposed to have this matchup back in december, but it got cancelled because of the circumstances that we were dealing with back in 2020, but we get this matchup for the national championship game before i get to the previous predictions for this championship game, i want To talk about that unbelievable game that we saw last night and as far as i’m concerned, this is, i would say, in the top 10 in my mind, in greatest college basketball games of all time. Without a doubt, this was the best game of the tournament and it’s. In my mind, there’s – probably still some tournament games from recent memory that you could argue could possibly could possibly be better than this one. But you’ve got to give ucla credit, not only them, but you got to give credit all around from the players to the coaches, because i felt like we needed a game like this. We needed a game that was intense and exciting from start to finish, and i was really worried personally after that first semi final, that we saw between houston and baylor and baylor ran away with that game easily, and i had some concerns and i’m sure you might Have as well, because i was thinking that gonzaga was gon na run ucla right out of the gym.

I really thought that would happen, but ucla did everything they can do to win that game. It just wasn’t their night last night and they kept up with gonzaga from start to finish, and there were moments where i was expecting gonzaga to pull away and really closed the game out, because this game was starting to remind me of byu and gonzaga in their Conference title game where byu held their own for the majority of that game, but then gonzaga pulls away the later on the game goes and byu lets that game slip away from the very end. I thought that was gon na happen to ucla. I am impressed that ucla kept up with gonzaga and they matched up to him nicely and ucla has nothing to be ashamed about. They made it all the way to the final four. They overcame adversity multiple times throughout the tournament they upset michigan state byu. They beat abilene christian, who beat texas in that first round alabama and michigan. They defeated really good competition in that tournament, so they did what they had to do. They, when you’re in ucla’s position going up against a team like gonzaga when you’re an underdog, the most significant underdog and i believe, according to vegas sports odds, they were as far as point spread wise. They were the biggest underdog in final four history, and their main objective was to stay in the game start to finish, because as long as you can stay in that game from start to finish and you’re in it within the last five minutes, you’ve got a really Good shot to win the game and usually they nearly matched gonzaga as far as field goal percentage, they even out rebounded gonzaga 32 26, but that entire game, i think, is gon na, be a game to remember for a long time, especially the overtime period and just To set the scene, johnny zuzig sets up an opportunity to tie up the game at 90.

in the last remaining seconds of the game, misses the shot, gets his own rebound and he makes the shot tied up at 90 with three seconds left. This is where you’re thinking well possibly double overtime, but jalen suggs had other plans, as he banks in the game, winning three pointer to send gonzaga to the national championship game, and now we are set for the national championship game. I think this title game is going to go down for the ages. I think that this could be one, if not the best championship game that we’ve ever seen. And when you look at this matchup these two teams. They were clearly the best two teams in college basketball all season. And when you look at this matchup on paper, you would automatically assume that this will be a high scoring game and to expect a lot of points and i’m expecting a lot of points as well. Gonzaga is averaging nearly 92 points per game, while baylor’s averaging 83 points per game and gonzaga leads the country in field goal percentage as well as points per game, while baylor is 11, the fieldable percentage. So these are very accurate teams. As far as field goal percentage is concerned, so some keys to the game for baylor you’ve got to protect the paint and you got to get drew timmy into foul trouble early because drew timmy was a big difference maker in that semifinal against ucla and for gonzaga You’Ve got to protect the three point line because baylor is leading the the nation in three point: field goal percentage and you got to feed timmy kisper and i in the paint take advantage of that size of timmy kissbert and i ie inside the paint.

Because the paint is one of the three elements that i think will be a really big factor in deciding who wins this game paint, whether or not gonzaga can take advantage in the paint because they were dominant inside the pan against ucla, especially drew timmy. Whether or not they can score in the paint or baylor is able to protect, the paint really well rebounding rebounding is an important element when you’re facing off of when you’re facing off against a team that can score points in a hurry and that are efficient. You got to take advantage of those rebounds you’ve got to limit second chance opportunities, and you also got ta be ready to get boards to force. Second, chance points for yourself as well, and turnovers turnover is gon na, be a key thing as well to look for, because both these teams played pretty clean basketball throughout this entire tournament, and the turnover battle is going to be huge in a matchup like this. I am interested in seeing how gonzaga is gon na come out in this game after that emotional win against ucla in that semi final, while baylor, they beat houston convincingly, and i also want to see if the refs are going to let them play, because i remember Back in 2017, when it was gonzaga north carolina for the championship, a lot of fouls were called on that or crawled in that game, and it felt like there was a foul called on almost every other possession, and i wonder since it’s the title game are they Gon na let these teams are, they gon na, be more lenient towards calls or we’re gon na see another game like that where a bunch of fouls are called in the game and it becomes a survival of the fittest type game as far as who avoids the Foul trouble it’s at least as far as which pla, which team is going to have their best player, stay out of the foul trouble, but the way i see this game, i think that baylor matches up to gonzaga really nicely.

I think that both these teams match up to each other, which is why i think is gon na make a great game. I think baylor. I think the guard play for baylor can match up to gonzaga and i think this game gets real is going to be really close from start to finish.

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