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Talking about uh, houston versus oregon, state let’s check out this elite eight game, because i had houston. I had houston winning against uh, whoever their opponent was for the sweet 16, and i i got to do that bracket prediction again, but enough of that let’s hop into this game, because uh me it’s gon na be crazy. 1963 bro used to number two bro two in their conference: okay, they letting that thing fly when it comes to shooting the basketball in the catch bro. What was that bro? I’M? Sorry, i don’t have to what kind of move is that there’s? No ball security there? I haven’t ever seen a bucket like that. Okay, oh nifty footwork, oh yeah, number, three playing with passion. I think that number three is the one that was talking about. He was a savage, so yeah they’re getting a lot of shots, they’re, just not making shots. Oh bump, oh that’s, good good cut through they’re looking for him not only to defend but helping out at this offensive end of the floor. They’Re in the zone they can’t defend oregon state can’t defend in the zone. What is that cutting to the rim is quinton. Oh yeah, they eating these boys for lunch. Bro for lunch well done. Houston has ten more shots than they do. They’Ve turned it over five times. Just can’t get things going at the offensive end of the floor. Oregon state look nervous to the offensive class once a lot of players have tributes when they celebrate yeah oregon got a big body.

That’S a big body. Oh yeah, three okay, he said come on man. He got the offensive board. Yeah they’re not playing number 34 is huge bro, but is he just there to take up the space um? What block it may look like? He could have been a tight end number 34 from oregon state. Oh yeah, they running they’re running him. Bro can’t keep up with the speed yeah that’s an old school big body. Don’T do nut don’t don’t. Do i guess much compared to the competition field. Now we call those space takers. Nowadays they freaking point guard 7, 1 and point guard Music, okay, attacking and denied on oh yeah. He cook him bro, i don’t know if it’s me or not just looking at these highlights. Oregon state looks so unorthodox and i say unorthodox because it feels like they’re playing with zero control of their movements like it feels like they’re they’re. Not there like it feels like they’re just going through the motion or they playing like pick up basketball in a way. It’S not the full highlights, but to the extent like just seeing that shot that that dude just threw up like that didn’t even look like a fader, they didn’t look like any of that. I didn’t pay attention to the shot clock, but defender was right in his face and he just chunked that bad boy up like for hope it looked like he was hoping it went in instead of like getting to the rack or something like bro.

What y’all doing, but still houston let’s get let’s get back on houston because they they killing them. Okay, number: three! What you got number three is the one that say he was a savage okay bucket: oh okay, yeah they’re, locking them up. Look at number three they’re playing man: okay, that’s, a better shot from that dude; okay, good bro. They get these offensive rebounds number 12 and number 11. bro. What are y’all doing. One is seven one and i guarantee the other one’s, like probably two meters tall. Six. Six or six five one of the two but y’all ain’t, getting no rebounds houston playing that ball. Look at this goal: 42 27. They can just chill out. They can get off the gas bro that’s. What i’m talking about he’s off balance with his his his move? Already defender is not shooken by anything. The spacing on the court is just okay, there’s, two defenders that you got to beat, but the spacing on the court is just like what’s going on, and then i get what he was trying to do backboard, but it seemed like they just throwing up shots doing That he used to do bro, look at that bro that’s that’s, just a quick release holding the l when you size them up number one size them up. While she catch it off the you know, just catch it straight into triple threat, size them up and just pull in his face.

Bro do what what? What are you doing as a coach when your players are getting cooked like that, like there’s, really nothing you can do, except for just sit them down, and just let them take that that meal? You know what i’m saying: let them get served real, quick because that’s, just in your face dagger and if houston, is getting easy buckets like that. Well, they’re, not necessarily easy. I would say confident buckets like that. If they’re getting confident buckets like that, that means your players are like they toast, like they get confident buckets on your players like that they they toast in a way you already went from a man, they were playing man throughout these highlights. They were playing man. Then they started playing zone zone. One working look at the skull, so you already know as a coach or as a coach. Just looking at that coach um he’s he’s he’s rattled like he knows his players are getting cooked right in his face bro dagger and also with thompson at the line. Well, he only makes the one i was gon na say if he gets two to go. Maybe that changes his mental approach, they’re playing that defense, bro, okay, he’s they let that thing fly. They might come back. Look at that bro. What what is that bro? You see they’re a commentator, he said. What do you run against that? Exactly? What i was talking about previous highlights. Look at this man did one one simple: ball fake.

You got three players that moved. I don’t know where this player is going right here, but this player in the middle is the anchor well actually he’s backside anchor because i mean like he has to defend two people. This dude is cutting off the pass to that dude, but i mean come on. Bro you somebody could just lob it over his head, but what what am i looking at y’all should already know what i’m looking at that man could have just faked. It threw it that way. Everybody shift and it’s just simple alley like this dude right here is just wide open and that’s. What i’m talking about like oregon state is getting cooked, they already showing them so many looks and it’s not what we run against again cook. You expect number 34 to run out there and defend that no ain’t cooking him, but you never know houston houston, it’s, always momentum, Music, there’s, always momentum in i don’t know what basketball of defense that was. He should have forced him out of there. Okay, let’s get that out of there that was close to being a active, traveler and they’re talking to him too bro that’s disrespectful and take it away. That’S disrespectful! Oh, that man got some speed. Oh 24 hours got that houston is hooping hooping bro in cash nasty terms, there’s hooper hoopers out there, and then it feel like oregon state just hooping. Okay, they cutting it down six points: okay, good, pull up pop okay number twelve.

I finally see you on the board and then he tried off. I see yeah bye but houston cooking though we back to houston they’re back in that zone. Yes, sir, he talking too. I, like this bro houston, gave him that he used to give him that talk and they backing it up. Okay, number, ten: okay, this entire game, what’d, i say momentum houston, felt they had that cushion oh there. They got it for the they fit to press the gas a little bit. No, they press the gas jump. Shot goes boy get out of here, calling the timeout but it’s kind of funny in a way like they, they came back and then houston. Of course, i bet you, the coach called the timeout was like what are y’all doing. Y’All cooking them at first y’all, just gon na stop taking a break, stop cooking; they they had them in the oven, and we just let them brew. Let them boil and coach was like taking that bed out, put them back on the stove and let’s get back to work. Just stir it up a little bit but that’s crazy, houston, houston hasn’t been there in a long time to the final four they play against. Baylor we’re gon na check out some baylor highlights in a second, but that was definitely a good highlight. Houston has some hoopers out there. They got some hooper hoopers out there. I would definitely say they are cooking and they are definitely going to have a chance to make it to the uh championship which i’m excited for.

I really want them to go against uh. Well, i really want them to go against gonzaga, because that would be a different story to tell, because i mean all the players from uh all the players from houston. I i can probably give a key indication that they were under under ranked when they were coming out of high school and all that stuff. So, yes, let’s get to the next highlight superb ways. If you want to check out the next highlight that i got subscribe to the channel like this video and comment, what you think of that game between houston and oregon state, because i had a little slight comment on oregon state, they definitely played unorthodox. In my opinion, uh the moves that the players chose and just i don’t know i didn’t feel like they had as strong of confidence until later. On that number five from oregon state, he started bawling pull up shots. I mean going to the rack going at these players from houston that’s. What you got to do, but houston was just already too comfortable. They already knew they could cook them like.

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