Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, Jalen Suggs, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Baylor Bears men’s basketball, College basketball YONE BEAT GONZAGA? (MARCH MADNESS FINAL FOUR PREDICTIONS 2021)

This is barker. Coming back with another video talking about march madness, now, i’ve made two videos on march madness: i’m gon na keep it rolling until the end of it and i’m gon na be saying my reactions of who made it into the final four and i’m gon na be Talking about who, i think is gon na win it all and i’m a michigan fan and the last game of the elite. Eight just happened where michigan lost to ucla spoiler alert by two points, and it was very upsetting because i really wanted to talk about michigan. Obviously, i’ve been a michigan fan my whole life. All my family is michigan fans for the most part, some michigan state fans, which you know we don’t talk to that family as much i’m. Joking but i’m gon na be talking about gonzaga ucla as it’s so hard to say that name right now, baylor and houston, so i wouldn’t be talking about gonzaga they’ve been absolutely dominant. I feel like everyone right now, has them winning it all. Now that they’ve seen them destroy every team they played by like 20 plus points in march. Madness like they played good teams, they played usc and still on them with evan mobley uh. You know people like jalen suggs on that team. Who’S projected to be like a top three pick has been balling out. Obviously, uh drew corey kissbert. They got some ballers on that team. Honestly, they have like three guys that are probably gon na get drafted, uh they’re, 30.

0. Right now, i believe uh it’s, one of the best college basketball teams i’ve ever seen, play like they look elite like they look like they could be a bad nba team, not gon na, say any names pistons, but they could beat some well not b, but they Could get close like they look really good, they look dominant. They look like a professional basketball team. Now i’m gon na be talking about ucla they’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations unless you’re a ucla fan they’re in 11 seeds in the final four every other seed. In the final four is either one or two. So the fact they’ve made it this far and they barely even made it into the tournament. They went to overtime with michigan state and if they didn’t win that game, they wouldn’t have even made the tournament and then they, you know like ucla, is really an underdog story. This season 11 seed, making the final four uh tiger campbell, looking good, obviously johnny giuseng dominated michigan in the elite. Eight, it was hard to see they got bernard. They got some good players on that team. They got streaky shooters. Who could go off any minute of the game and that’s going to be scary for gonzaga, but then they i don’t, see gonzaga losing a match up to anyone. Anyone in the bracket – i cannot see them losing to they are that dominant, so i’ll be talking about the one that’s actually close, baylor versus houston in the final four.

So baylor is a number one seed. We all knew they were gon na be good, but we didn’t know how good they were. Gon na be they’ve, looked amazing, honestly, uh, obviously they’re one seed, uh jared butler. He was a wooden award candidate, he didn’t win it or they haven’t decided who’s gon na win it yet. But he’s looks like a beast and guys like davion mitchell. Sorry i like had like a brainstorm because donovan mitchell, davey and mitchell, they wear the same number. It gets stuck in my head, but jared butler and daveon mitchell. They both looks like elite defensive players. That team can just defend like they’re such a good defensive team and good defensive teams do good in march madness. So i can see him beating houston, because honestly i’ve watched the majority of houston games during march madness and they haven’t looked that great. Like honestly, a lot of the teams they’ve played they should have lost to like. In my opinion, i thought they were going to lose to loyola chicago. I honestly did if loyola chicago didn’t play like that game. I really would have thought that they were going to win sister gene. All that. So, honestly, i think baylor is going to dominate houston and i think gonzaga is gon na dominate ucla it’s, not even gon na be close and then gonzaga baylor finals, and then you know what’s gon na happen. Gonzaga is gon na win and obviously there’s a whole situation of you can only be on fire for so long and they’re saying when is gonzaga gon na burn out? I don’t think they are.

I really don’t think they’re gon na burn out they’re 30 0. For a reason, they’re winning it all they’re going to dominate even in the finals honestly, the finals are going to be their closest game, probably because they’ll probably only lose by 15 instead of 20., but yeah that’s. My reaction about everything, honestly, i thought usc would have better, would have put up a better fight against gonzaga, but they did it. Gonzaga looks like they’re, just gon na run away with it. If you like, the video like the video, if you wan na watch more of my videos subscribe, it makes it easy. You can hit the little bell and get notifications it’s, so nice it’s free too.

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