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That is this coming weekend: ucla gonzaga and baylor against houston, i mean a few, a few boring games and a few fantastic finishes michigan losing by two last night. Uh franz wagner absolutely didn’t show up at all this tournament from michigan had a wide open three bowl to to win the game. Airballed it and eli brooks got the rebound. Couldn’T put the layup, they ended up, losing what was it uh, 61 59 or something or was it? I don’t know two point game low scoring, not one team uh was making shots. I think the score was like eight to four, with eight minutes left in the first half i mean these kids. The defense actually was very strong, but also just brick after brick was being thrown up in that first half. If you thought that usc was covering yesterday against gonzaga i’m sorry, i know a lot of people liked. Usc, plus 10 thought it could be a close game. The gonzaga bulldogs are head over heels better than any team in the field. I said that when we talked about it three weeks ago in the tournament that these number one seeds are without a doubt, head over heels, talented than any other team, and it goes to show you that jalen suggs almost had a triple double last night. They were up by 24 at one point to usc, who is the best defensive team in college, with both with both mobley brothers, who are staying at seven feet tall, it didn’t matter, they shot great found, found their shots.

Their defense was fantastic too, and i think that’s another thing that a lot of analysts and people that watch this team all season, offense electric. They know how to run the floor. They know how to spread out um. You know the five guys and and find take make that extra pass, get that open shot, but they defended fantastic in on the inside and both the moby brothers got their shots. They both scored over 15 points, but it was everyone else who didn’t really do anything because they were, they were locking them down easy they. Second half they played a little loose. They didn’t shoot the ball great, but they won by 18 points. So nice job um it was on what was it monday night yeah i’m, getting my days confused because of this schedule, because it was saturday sunday, monday, tuesday, so the elite eight was monday tuesday, so monday baylor ran away with it. They played really well um. They let let arkansas get back in the game a little bit and baylor again very good team. As of right now e money, zaga baylor it’s, the it’s, the matchup. We want in the natty timmy vs meyer mustache versus mullet, both big, both big ten number. One seeds go down, obviously michigan and then illinois a few weeks back and you have this fantastic ucla run as the first four and they’ve won five games. Usually, you know it’s six twin the natty they if they want it, they got ta go for seven and they are gon na have obviously the biggest task in facing gonzaga on saturday.

But last night went to show you that, and i said this last week, this ucla team should never been a first four team. They are fantastic on on offense, with jiu zhang jacquez uh, jules bernard tiger campbell played another very solid game. Last night and they’re all sophomores, this team’s gon na i’m. Looking at you, this team is going to be ranked next year and they’re going to be really freaking good. I don’t see like maybe because jacquez transferred from kentucky, so this was his first season with ucla. Second year came to play with mick cronin. I don’t know if he would, he would be the one to jump to go to the nba, but i think that in one more year with this group, if they don’t do it this year, i could see a lot of the players wanting to run it back And and say all right: hey, we did it last year with the no expectations we’re all a year, older we’re, all your bet, like we’re, all better let’s, see if we can run run this table again. So i wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. But again i wouldn’t be surprised if, if choosing decides to declare for the draft because th this column, i feel like this uh. This draft going in is uh weaker than we’ve ever seen. I think jalen suggs is the freshman. You know the guard in on gonzaga is probably the only one that you can see going like strictly a top five pick in the draft type talent.

But besides him there’s, not a lot of guys that are really being talked about as being true nba prospects, um, houston, i guess we’ll talk, i mean i mean very good, but what not? What what makes me nervous, what’s interesting to think about is that they had the historically the easiest run to the final four didn’t have to play: one single digit seed at all. They played cleveland at 15., they played rutgers at 10, they played syracuse, who was the 11th seed and, oh, my god, i’m 12 seed. They play the number two team in the country, the number the second number one seed – they have great offense. I just don’t know if they’re going to be able to put up a fight when it comes to uh when it comes to defense. I think baylor is that good of a team you have butler, who is a finalist for the player of the year. We’Ll see it’s if uh baylor houston, i mean been more than 50 years for both teams since making a final four, i think for baylor it’s like 70, something like like 1950, something yeah, it’s, it’s impressive and after all, the upsets all the crazy, like first two Weekends, outside of ucla, you still had two number ones and you still had a two, so you know it didn’t. At the end of the day, the best guys got there and even before ucla won if michigan pulled it off all the upsets.

What a crazy tournament! Three three one seeds and a two, and so you were almost picking your final four was almost chalk in itself, so i there’s no one better than gonzaga left. I mean we said it. I think they’re gon na win. I would they probably open up as a double digit favorite against ucla. I don’t know if i no take them just take the bulldogs um yeah i don’t even i’m, trying to i’m trying to justify the double digit. Uh spreads. Like i talked about last week. There’S! No justifying if they’re the best team in the country just take them minus eleven, a half minus twelve and a half just take it. Ucla has a lot of time to prepare, though they have a lot of time. Dude they are insanely, insanely, talented, those white boys, pivot foots, are out of control, but i think it’ll be a close game. I think zags will still win. However, ucla has a whole week: yeah they play uh. Both final four games are on saturday. Championship is monday, so they play the third you get easter sunday off. Then they play monday and then that’s a wrap for college basketball, which what was it the first on the second night, you had the vcu oregon game get cancelled and there was a big worry able to contain it. Besides that, one blip tournament went, went swimmingly everything we could hope for it’s, something we you know missed for 700 days on the calendar, um go bulldogs, go mark few, only the second final four that gonzaga has made the other one.

They made it to the championship. Tough loss against unc back in 2017..

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Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Jalen Suggs, Baylor Bears men’s basketball, College basketball Previewing the Men's NCAA Tournament Championship Game(March Madness)

Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Jalen Suggs, Baylor Bears men’s basketball, College basketball UCLA