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Hopefully you enjoyed the women’s final against arizona and stanford. I am recording this before the women’s final, because i want to watch the game frankly and uh don’t want to miss out, and i really don’t wake up at seven eight o’clock in the morning to post this video for 10 a.m. On monday, what can i say? Can you blame me i’m, a college kid. I got work today so i’m, taking a little bit of time out of my sunday to film this behind the scenes uh. Besides that, welcome to the end of march madness, 2021 it’s been a crazy roller coaster, a ride but we’ve finally done it so hats off to the ncaa and, despite all the upsets and the craziness of everything we still get the matchup that everyone predicted at the Start of the tournament, what everyone wanted to see because it got postponed or cancelled, i guess they like you’re, like you know, we’re gon na postpone this game in mid december and we’ll play it in april for the national championship. I’M. Of course, talking about gonzaga and baylor, the game is postponed originally because of coven, and now here we are april 5th or i’m i’m. On april, 4th you’ll be watching us on april 5th, before the big game, and so i will look at both teams how they got here from the ncaa tournament standpoint, especially looking into their final four games and then ultimately get my predictions uh.

So bada bing bada boom let’s get rolling we’ll start off with gonzaga their road to the final four was fairly easy to start uh. They never had to play a team higher that was seated higher than fifth to the final four, because virginia lost early kansas started. Iowa lost early um, the one from four seats and then the five c that they played was creating now the toughest team they played. Pre final four was usc in my opinion, and they blew them out. They beat norfolk state 98 55. They beat oklahoma 87 71. They beat creighton’s, beat usc 8566 and then they enter the game against ucla. Obviously, i’m. Assuming you watched it. You have been living under a rock 93.90, the final went to overtime and it came that game should have got a double overtime. Jalen suggs, with the shot of his life from 33 feet out to win the game bank shot buzzer beater had his dwyane wade, kobe bryant moment, jumping up on the uh, the scorers table or whatever it is uh, like you said in his post game press conference And hats off to ucla, first off mick cronin, leading that team deep to the making a run first. Four to final four: nearly was the first team ever to play in the first four and then make it to the title. Title game: um bill walden released a video before the game being like just play. Your heart out, so you’ve made us so proud.

I think ucla. This team made uh this the school. The fan base extremely proud. Johnny giuseng, especially 29 points. Six rebounds two assists. He had the game time basket with under five seconds remaining or whatever it was uh. He got his own rebound then put it back in for to tie it up at 90 and then subs, just with the for remarkable play. Looking at gonzaga to in that game. Joel ai, first and foremost, 22 points six rebounds on 9, 12, shooting and career night for him. He also is two for three from three point range huge for gonzaga, because the zags did not look great. They looked extremely beatable against ucla. Ucla did a really good job of just keeping up with the zags, and if it wasn’t for ies 22 let’s say he just had 12 or he had a few less points. Who knows where those points would be coming from if they came anywhere? Ucla is the one playing in the title game most likely it wasn’t for july, because the big three in drew timmy, jaylen, suggs and corey kissbert all played at the level. We are no. We know them play at so they needed so they needed everything out of the guys not named timmy kissberger sucks starting off with subs. Obviously, the game winner was huge. 16 points. Six assists five rebounds on 6, 12, shooting and what’s. Really important. To note about subs is that he hurt his hand.

It looked like early on in the second half and he’s still locked down johnny drewsing, and i know you could say: oh tyler johnny at 29 points. How did jaylen slips lock him down well late in the game, it seems like there are a lot of possessions where johnny giuseng didn’t even get a touch, and that is credit to jaylen suggs uh, really making ucla work to get the ball to him and once Johnny drew got ball, he obviously scored a lot, but it was not easy uh, especially in the overtime period and that’s when they needed him. The most corey kissbert doing what his job was as the third guy. On this team 15 points, five rebounds five assists did not have the best shooting night from three two for eight 25, but just really filled that voyage. This was a night. He he was a threat. He was a threat. Ucla had to account for him at all times, and then he got drew timmy what’s there, not to say 25 points, uh, just a phenomenal game. If i’m not mistaken, kisper was the first team, all american i’m, pretty 95 sure timmy was as well. These guys played like they are first team, all americans without question. It was great, for it was great about timmy, shot well 11 for 15., so really efficient, but he had four personal fouls. He got that i want to say with a good chunk of time left in that second half and he avoided getting that fifth foul all through the remainder of the second half and in overtime, which was huge because timmy came up big multiple times, especially in the Overtime period to really get the zags rolling and force ucla to try to mount a comeback, rather than the zags monday to come back, he had the crucial charge, call he’s the one that stepped in front of johnny giuseng at the end of regulation, to force the Charge being called – and that obviously was difficult because if that was called a block or jersey makes it ucla wins, there is not enough time left on the clock for gonzaga to make a play so hats off to him for having a phenomenal game.

Looking at baylor bear road to oh by the way, also one more thing before i get too into the baylor. The undefeated season stays alive for gonzaga. Thirty, two and oh, is one game away. They’Ll be just the first team to do it since 1976, in indiana they’re, the first undefeated team to make it to the national championship game the last one being indiana state in 1979, where they lost to michigan state, larry, bird and magic johnson. So they are on the precipice of history and they will have they’ll, have a tough opponent to say at least in baylor 27 2 on the year. They took their road to the final four. It also wasn’t as it wasn’t that hard compared similar to uh gonzaga. They had to pay play a threes. They had to play a three and two seed, but not they blew him out. Clearly they beat hartford 79 59. Five in the first round then took on wisconsin, 76 63 villanova 62 51. A hurt, villanova team just really demolished them, they took on arkansas, beat them handily, 81, 72 in the elite, eight and then against houston in the final four holy cow. Houston did not have a good night, and i am someone who did not actually bet on them, but a little insider about me. I work for a student television organization citrus tv here at syracuse university and they asked me to come on. Their gambling show their sports betting show uh for the final four, and i had a lot of bets.

Favoring houston did not win them all did not win any of them, because baylor played phenomenal. They slowed down quinn and grimes. He just four of 12 shooting one for eight from three for 13 points, really good. There dijon giraud the second leading guy on this uh houston team. He only had six points. Five turnovers, the leading scorer was sasser for houston, and that was not even like that was really not expected. He had 20 points. That was where pretty much all the scoring came from for uh the cougars, and it really helped with the bears, who got out to a 45 to 20 lead at the mark. Assassin was his name. I couldn’t remember that’s, why i didn’t say it: they got out to a 45 to 20 lead at halftime and from there yeah sure, houston won the second half ‘ 33, but baylor didn’t. They could rest a lot of their guys. Mossy ot played 29 minutes jared butler played 33. Okay, daveon mitchell played 36, but still it really, they didn’t have to work that hard for it and then their top guys butler 17 points. Five rebounds really good, davion mitchell. Double double 12 points, 11 assists, and he proved why he was the defensive player of the year, stopping quinn and grimes, and then massio achieved 11.6 assists. It was everything the bears could ask for in in the final four that’s. All you need going up against. Gonzaga is going to be a much tougher test, less being real.

Just looking at the stats, gonzaga and baylor are fairly close, but gonzaga is just a notch above in pretty much everything, so that will be exciting according to espn. Currently, the zags have a 55 percent chance to bail it’s 45 and i feel like that’s pretty right, but watching how ucla played against gonzaga. They are beatable. Clearly they were on the precipice, even if the game went to double overtime and gonzaga still ended up winning. They blew him out in the second overtime. We saw that there is a recipe there to beat them. Can baler replicate it. I do not know. Okay and we’re just gon na go to the new sorry i got. I got ta mute all these tabs. What can i say when you pull up the stats, got ta meet your tags, pro tip for any future youtubers out there um, but can baylor do it? Yes, will they? I don’t know i’ve been a gonzaga hater all season long and i wan na hate on here. I want to go like this. Ah sycam bears but i’m. Not. I am going to go gonzaga. I think they’re going to complete the history they’re going to become the first team in over 40 years to do it and go undefeated and win the ncaa championship. Um baylor’s gon na put up a really good fight. Don’T get me wrong, but gonzaga just has too many weapons that they could throw against baylor, and i don’t know if they can necessarily stop him it’s, particularly timmy and kissberg.

I don’t think baylor has a size to do so. That was a big concern against houston. Houston, it didn’t work out, but zach is a much better team than houston. But let me know your thoughts who you think is going to win down below in the comment section. Thank you all so much for watching and following along these videos that i’ve done for march madness, both on the men’s and women’s side, i really enjoyed making them. It looks like you guys, have really enjoyed watching them given by the view numbers. So i really appreciate that, thank you guys so much i’m going to be posting more both from my on air experience from citrus tv and other things here at syracuse, and i also got some other videos coming up. Most importantly, masters preview that’s, the next video coming. So stay tuned for that, but i hope you guys enjoy the game tonight and until next time have a good one.

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