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. This is one where i would tend to go with the under. I know we’ve seen gonzaga, not let up off the uh off the gas when they get they get going. They don’t care they’re gon na from the first game to last game. They don’t care, they’re, they’re, just they’d score 150. They could right and they might – and so my initial thought is – is gonza. I i probably go with gonzaga here. If i had to i’m, probably gon na stay away from it, but if i had to go gonzaga minus 14 just because they they’re so good and they’re, so poised and it’s. More so ucla makes me nervous because i’ve seen ucla, they don’t score. A lot of points – and i feel like ucla if they’re going to win this game, they’ve got to score 80 and i don’t know if you ucla can score 80., because if, if ucla scores 80, i can see them winning 80 to 78. Something like that. But they’re they’re more of a 50 point team to me i don’t know chris. What do you got? Let’S go to you first huh. What do you think of this game? If i had to bet it right now, i’d? Probably look at the under just because of ucla and how good gonzaga’s defense is yeah. I mean you already made a lot of great points. I think the issue for you ucla is going to be um.

You know how many points can they score? I i don’t think they’re going to be able to you know substantially stop gonzaga, i mean gonzaga’s scoring what 80 85 90 95. I mean you know they’re going to have to score. I mean to cover this spread. They would have to score probably at least 65 to 70 points. I mean that’s going to be a tough ask for ucla team that plays pretty slow. I mean the good thing about ucla. Is they don’t make mistakes? You know they don’t turn the ball over they’re. Very disciplined um, but then again you know i mean who, who comes out more confident on the court. Then gonzaga i mean they come out. They’Re they’re firing all cylinders. They know that they’re gon na make their first shots. If something happens like what happened against usc. A extremely good team who a lot of the sharpest guys in this industry thought would match up really well against the bulldogs, and you know if gonzaga comes out like that it’s it’s, it’s gon na be the same story. I think i mean i i don’t think ucla is uh. You know they’re not and they’re they’re, pretty inept that’s scoring this many points. I think they’re a great team overall, but i don’t know if they’re gon na be capable of that. So i lean gonzaga. So far it could be a play. Um i don’t know i mean i i actually might go over on this one, just because they’re gon na be trying to play catch up the entire game.

I think if gonzaga is in control of the game, i i have to take more of a look at the total but um to me. The question is just about: if you see like can keep pace but they’re, you know they’re a solid team, but so is usc and and gonzaga just makes everyone look silly yeah and to answer jason’s question here says such a you spread. Where is the public at um free site? I i a lot of my followers. Do this. I need to put it out more, but uh free site i’m, just looking on there is. They tell me that at minus 14, 82 of the cash is on gonzaga minus 14. it’s 74 percent of the tickets uh so looks like the public is just gon na ride gonzaga and i can’t disagree with them. What do you think nick well, anytime? I see 82 on something i kind of get a little nervous because that’s too much money for vegas to lose at minus 110. um, but uh. You know i i feel i i chris said it best. I mean i really can’t echo what he said any better than he did um at first sight. The way ucla is playing holding um michigan to around 50 points. Um, your your initial, you know eye test and your initial as a you know, a better test tells you well i’m, not going to lay. You know 14 points here, i’m going to take the dog, but usc is everything that ucla was in terms of a match up wise to gonzaga.

Gonzaga didn’t just beat them, they blew them out and it was worse than the scoreboard indicated. So as good of a run as ucla has been on, be it or not, they were a playing team at an 11 seat as opposed to a six or whatever you know. Usc was it’s still the same theory in my mind, so if gonzaga can beat usc that way, there’s no reason that they can’t beat ucla the same way. I think the only way i would touch this game is to take me over, because you have to trust that gonzaga is going to play a gonzaga style ball and no one’s able to deter them from that and ucla. The last five to six minutes of the game – we’ll just chuck up threes, hopefully hit them and can score 65 to 70. On their end, ticket dog is 80. Something and you’ll you’ll cover the 145.. It sounds like no one likes my under so mike. What about you Laughter, yeah, you know i mean i. I would be interested to know what the gonzaga first half line would be just to see if it’s a little bit uh. You know obviously less than that 14, but i i don’t know how you can fade. Gonzaga at this point i know ucla has had their had their moments. They’Ve played upset uh the last few games here, obviously they’re playing team but uh. You know i mean gonzaga minus 14, obviously they’re blowing teens out it.

You just can’t, ignore that. So i mean my first look, obviously is gonzaga minus 14, but, like nick said all that money, vegas don’t lose vegas wasn’t built by losing you know, so it it. It makes me weary uh. I and i should have prefaced this on the first game. I don’t even know, if i’m going to bet these two games, to be honest with you guys, uh, because the ncaa march madness has just been so awful to me. I just i don’t even know if i could stick my neck out there anymore with these games, but uh. You know i’m going to go gonzaga minus 14.

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