National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Supreme Court of the United States, College athletics, College Houston vs. Oregon State – Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights

The tipley turnover for oregon state grimes gives it up a deep shot. Rainbow delivery from marcus, pretty good team overall when it comes to shooting the basketball in the catch, aletiche makes his move a little bump on the inside and he gets the bucket as cheney absorbed the contact controlled by gorham and another reload for houston. Who is one of six to open up the pirouette? The cut layup goes it’s, chaney and giroux with tremendous feel very good job of that understanding, where that ball is going to bounce through gorham that time they’re getting a lot of shots, they’re, just not making shots. Jerome the dribble drive teardrop gets the roll they’re looking for him not only to defend but helping out at this offensive end of the floor in a zone deep shot, sasser bottom, a three to a comfort level. So far for houston, gianni hunt is in for oregon state and a turnover cutting to the rim is quentin, bride, dejean, giroux and so watch. Now he hides the ball. A little bit goes in reverses it well done. Houston has ten more shots than they do. They’Ve turned it over five times, just can’t get things going at the offensive end of the floor. This is lockdown defense early on kalu hands. It worried about houston, running it down the floor on them. They had to send one or two players to the offensive glass. Fabian white jr is in the game, takes the baseline, they’ve, missed five shots in a row and that streak ends there.

Kick it out andela, not a threat from there, but kalu is a three ball and a kiss to the sky. So once again get it going away from thompson to get some other scorers, 14 9 houston banging bodies on the inside the twist and turn from white Music giro straight away. Wow and another offensive board. It’S white, kickout, sasser, drills, a triple rebounding disparity. This season is plus nine point three nice finding andela could not finish it. Rebound got knocked off the rim and houston controls. It now with giroud good, look down the floor, the angle and the bucket counts. So is this guy right here, giro he’s, just unbelievable silva hands it off to hunt and a short pop for roman silva old school, big man at 7, 1 into the national championship game jared lucas has been quiet. He was on the bench for a long stretch and there’s the jumper lucas a prolific score. You see some hesitation a little bit. Was that not right? There, though quentin grimes connects from long range doesn’t get the roll silva, tapping the ball to himself and saves it find the open man. It’S silver got a three good spot in the middle of the floor, but well defended mark can be slippery on those drives corner jarrow count it a triple and they’re working the clock, man’s land but saved by the beavers ella t shay attacking and denied on the Inside but out of bounds, reggie cheney, last line of defense for the cougars uh, not making their free throws one of six and they’re a good free.

Throw shooting team too. At 77 white gets a touch count. The south ball for oregon state interesting enough. Sassa had 11 points in that first half he outscored the entire starting five off the lucas. Miss there is alatie with a stick back. Giro is just way too good defensively to slow him down, see. Look at him now i mean he’s just glue, but a good facilitator. One dribble and the floater goes for a latisha, and here comes houston. Gero drive and kick sasser is not shy and goes down for three getting up in the air and looking for a play. But he’s got that beautiful, hang time in that sixth sense to know where his teammates are catching fire lucas count it for three sasser, the floater no rebound another one for houston. Sasser lets it fly bottom, a three strong double team: one man in the middle of the floor to make sure there’s, not a cut ella t shay off balance, delivery, grabbed and scoring. Underneath andela was a quick release. He understood that he had a position and an advantage, and he took it right to the hall grimes silky, smooth delivery and also with thompson at the line. Well, he only makes the one i was gon na say if he gets two to go. Maybe that changes his mental approach, but it’s gon na be a difficult one. Lucas, a three pretty got it now. You have to make a judgment.

What are they playing defensively and what do we run against it? Jarrow count it for three that works figure it out. Very patient offensive set thompson on target on the drive to the hoop contested again. Nice offensive rebound opportunity, though it’s hunt, the offensive board off the missed by lucas paul fake kalu got a three that’s, houston, basketball right there. Defense is much better right now, but well they missed them another quick one. They got it to him secondarily, but high low action, gorham circles in for two smart play. Just then two. It was a one on one play in the post thompson: spin, wow, negated, dejean, giroud, sargon, state defense looks a little longer and a little more active too wow dejean giroux is on target. Send it inside back in by gorham, turns and take it away right down. The middle the acceleration hunt lays it in coast to coast for gianni hunt. They would see different, looks on defense, thompson, the drive to the rim and he finishes well. He got by off the drive and then he had to finish now. That bench is really riled thompson. Pull up pop no follow goes down for silva he’s, a tree in there. This is a totally different second half from oregon state’s perspective. I think you go corner. Yeah grimes count it a three elva off the double here’s hunt, the penetration and the deuce beautiful. Using that left hand again thompson circles, one on one: isolation against gero, better show the ball.

What a feed and a big time finish for alexis thompson feed the post. A leticia kick diagonal, hunt down banks that one in thai game 55 apiece rebound controlled white. They get an open shot out of it. Grimes. Yes, a three running out of time: 25 seconds left. Eight point lead for the cougars Applause thompson, takes it to the rim and lays it in final seconds that was good name dropping on your part too. That was a good good cast of uh teammates jump shot goes for kalu it’s over the dream is alive for houston.

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National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Supreme Court of the United States, College athletics, College Over How College Athletes Should Be Paid | WSJ

National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Supreme Court of the United States, College athletics, College LA vs. Michigan – Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights