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. But you know what, as you see, the tip off ucla and if any team needed those games to reassure the confidence, the michigan guards to break down the defense to get deep inside he’s still down john’s with the pit shots all the way michigan on the board. First, go through the first four two of their wins coming in overtime as zoo, zang, knocks it down. First basket of the game for the bruins comes from johnny jose. These teams are extremely balanced, as riley comes up short there’s jacquez. He has been outstanding and his first basket of the game. You got more space to work, but also you’re not focused on trying to get the ball inside and that’s, not a bad thing. You see a beautiful nice take that time by brooks able to get madness. Download the app today there goes brooks leaves it for dickinson two handed jam, that’s, the ball movement, the action of michigan offensively gon na end up picking up another one and that’s two in the first half, and you may be regulated to sitting down on the bench. Next to your coaches, dickinson gets free inside and scores regulation against bama, then overtime. Some key free throws, as he tries to guard, brooks in the corner that’s a spot over there. Three pointer is up and in for shandrick brown down to four tiger campbell in the corner for three short brown with a rebound brown wants to push it defending zouzag and brown.

Oh it’s, blocked from behind by jaime jacquez loose change. In that time, bernard able to get in and gobble up that rebound here goes. Giuseg now gets himself free in the first basket for the bruins in over six and a half minutes on the near side. Wagner davis, the cleared out for him working on riley davis, with the left hand, scores strong inside again late clock, michigan, defending well and here’s. Riley you got to get one up. Zhu zang for three got it mentioned, got into foul trouble. It’S been a big score for them wagner on the take and six nine will lay it in no contest there, jimmy back line of the defense no time to recover again. Why not he’s got the hot hand he’s four of six in their first game in this venue? Well, they were down early still now let’s see. If they can, you see how they can convert in transition. Great defense by wagner johnny, zuzan kind of going off last game. They were down ucla early by eight, but he scored eight straight points. Kind of what we just saw counted again right on ucla has found another level of defensive intensity in this tournament and zhu zang. On the cut, jacquez hits him with a bullet jiu jing scores the layup it’s a one point game you’ll have to get some extended, tennis doing that doing his job. He goes campbell down, finds a little space knocked it down.

A little mid range game is sweet. It’S tiger campbell, you know, go to the bass with a suit of three, but when you’re trying to get back in the game or take a lead that two point shot is worth every free reign inside two handed jam. Chalet was down seven roared back to take the lead behind zhuzang, leading by one there’s, two zang again he’s having a night 16 for johnny giuseng save the possession does smith outstanding point guard johns goes to the hole, got it Applause, great intensity here in this elite. Eight match up johns with a quick six hasn’t missed yet slams, one off the backboard johnny and two more he’s made seven consecutive baskets for ucla john’s, again they’re, just going back and forth. Both teams approaching one minute remaining in the first half as jacquez kicks it. Campbell 4. 3. Yes jim, i asked coach cronin about that. Slow start offensively, he said. Listen! Michigan is really really good defensively. He also is never satisfied in the defensive end. He said, despite forcing the ninth turnovers and holding them comes out, hits the first bucket for ucla opens up a six point: lead dickinson working on riley, remember riley, with a couple of foul to convert so let’s see if michigan goes back to that here’s campbell again Over the seven flutter wow, what a shot by tiger campbell eli brooks at the controls here back inside the bench dickinson working on nuba and the lefty scores it that’s his spot, his sweet spot right there, the big left michigan down seven with the ball.

Second, half of this elite: eight matchup whoa dickinson fires, one off the backboard brown got his man on the air didn’t, take it shot clock at eight down on the baseline, brooks man. How pretty was that brooks finding some real estate to work with down there in amongst the trees that was just savvy right? There brooks trying to stay with him. Quick release got another one. Two big baskets by eli brooks a long drought without a basket over six and a half minutes here goes riley again in the block. Riley he’s a lefty two where’s that 1995 atlanta braves world series championship ring. Riley gets it deep and scores it on austin davis, austin davis, double team dribbles out of it repost and a one on one match up here. Dave is just backing his way in counted, and one played 16 minutes against byu in the first round and he’s back on the floor and there’s a hit by zhu zhang that’s. A good sign really don’t want to do because then the player is not as efficient once he gets. Tired davis got his own. Oh, he missed the dunk, blew a tire, but right there to put it back, is dee brown davis now and that was jose from behind got ta handle that in transition now juicing all the way. Oh get it out of here. Brandon johns jr with the denial davis wanted to get it across court, but by brooks being there that allowed brandon johns jr to come from the back side, put his paws all over that.

Looking for zouzag wagner’s, an excellent defender, he’s had his hands full though that’s a that’s, a two for johnny zuzang man, he’s, hitting tough shots there’s. The foul situation for ucla reilly with four could be significant and it’s. An easy rim run right. There eight offensive rebounds for the wolverines, the plus two in that category, they’re plus nine in rebounds overall and smith, cashes one in going off in that first half scored 12 in a row. At one point this is campbell down with wagner on oh, how does he do it? He’S, giving up almost a foot now smith and bernard misses the three bernard gets his own and scores. Well, he needed that he had a long drought. The jules bernard needed to see one go through etienne is in the game, so keep our eye on that matchup, as well with dickenson inside number 12 for ucla should be in high school right now. Oh cash money, shandy brown, Music – there goes bernard, almost lost it. Bernard, oh, he got it off the him window time off the clock now jose with brooks on him best perimeter defender just goes: zuzang scores three point game: your child. In a spot like this trust me, i’ve been there i’ve been there and he knocks him both down coming right down to the end 30 seconds to go campbell, kicks it, hawkes for three, no michigan with a rebound and a chance at the last one here to Send him to the final four wagner for three it’s on its way: it’s an air ball, but brooks has a rebound now it’s rebounded by ucla, a foul pressure, Applause timeout is called and a trip to the final four here we go, smith’s got it across the Mid court line smith’s gon na pull it three.

This is for the lead. No, and did it expire, the officials look up enough for a catch and shoot dickinson will put it in there’s a catch here’s. The shot wagner off the glass.

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National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Supreme Court of the United States, College athletics, College Houston vs. Oregon State – Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights

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