NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Baylor Bears men’s basketball, National Collegiate Athletic Association, College basketball, Jalen Suggs Gonzaga VS Baylor Prediction! Will The Zags Make history or will the Bears reign victorious? NCAA

Gonzaga just won on a buzzer beater against ucla ucla played absolutely amazing, but they’re gon na have to wait till next year, and i don’t know if this is going to be next year, ucla, but either way what a game guys that was absolutely insane. But we’re going to be going over our ucl, i mean our gonzaga versus baylor championship game predictions and this game obviously just ended. So this is my gut prediction: um, the both of these teams have been playing absolutely amazing out of their minds: um they’re, probably the two best teams coming into the tournament they’re the two best teams, um ending the tournament and they’re, going to be playing the championship Game baylor against houston, a little bit less entertaining the game. I had houston versus baylor in my bracket um, i had houston winning that game. Baylor ended up winning by 19. um, however, houston played pretty bad too, but i mean baylor has just been playing really lights out. Hasn’T really had a close game in the tournament. I think the closest game has been about nine points and gonzaga hasn’t had a close game all year, except for against west virginia, which was didn’t go to ot or anything. I mean it was close, but they still got the win um and then ucla takes them and guys that should have gone into double ot right. I mean jalen sucks there’s, no way that guy’s trying to hit a bank three i mean no, but you know sometimes you put in a lot of work and sometimes the universe, just kind of rewards you and uh i’m happy for jalen and suggs i’m happy for Gonzaga they’re gon na make the tournament final and trying to win their first one.

Ever so let’s get into my prediction: baylor versus gonzaga baylor. You obviously have sasser. You have grimes um, but it’s the keys. They have a really really deep um deep bench. They have a lot of players that score, but obviously sasser is their guy marcus, sasser um. He has third, he he played ‘ minutes. He got 20 points against houston, four rebounds and two assists, and then you have grimes with 13 points on uh 37 minutes. But the big thing there is just they can shoot the ball really well, they can play defense and when they’re threes miss, which is rarely when they miss their shot when they’re slightly off guys um, you know they bounce back and they get that offensive rebound. They don’t look at it and if they don’t get the offensive rebound, they go back and they play really good defense. You know they’re, really i don’t know there’s other they’re, always to the ball. Um and they’re. Never going to get out rebounded and houston was meant to be one of the best rebounding teams in the country and baylor just said not we’re going to be on the ball today and that’s exactly what they did. Gorham with six rebounds off only 26 minutes white. Five rebounds on nineteen minutes and that’s just really what they do. Gonzaga on the other side of things, one today by three, a juicing had a really good game that stuck for him um his brother flew from vietnam.

That was a tough story, but um kiss bert had 44 minutes. He actually played the most minutes out of the entire team. Tonight he had five rebounds four assists at 15 points so good night for him he hit that one really insane dunk and um. You know he played good, but all leads through jalen suggs and drew timmy drew timmy had 37 minutes, we’ve gotten stubbed out a little bit because he was in foul trouble, but he took that really crucial charge that pretty much uh won them the game. In all honesty, i think jesus making that um shot and drew timmy somehow finds a way to hit it and uh. You know jalen suggs. Obviously he gets a steal a little earlier than that and they go bound transition and then drew timmy gets the dunk. I mean these two are like one two without drew timmy, you know stunts wouldn’t be the same without just sucks. Your chimney wouldn’t be the same, but it all runs through them guys they have six guys that play a lot a minute and that you know that’s kisper, timmy, nem, nimhard um. I, who had a really good game 22 points, started the game with 11 points in the first like five minutes, then jalen suggs and then after that you have guys like watson and coke, but they only played combined combined about 20 minutes um. But this is the key to this game, for them is to shoot the ball well hold baylor on rebounds, because i love baylor does really really well and hope.

Baylor misses threes and for the keep baylor is stopping drew timmy down in the paint because, if drew timmy gets to you and if timmy can get offensive, rebounds get his own misses and work really well down low. With that amazing footwork, he has um it’s going to be a tough night. For you, i mean it really is going to be a tough night for you and then on the same side of things for um gonzaga. They got it out, rebound baylor and it’s gon na be tough, but i believe that timmy kisper et cetera, can do it and then they also have to make their shots. You know there were stretches in the game. There was like four minutes out of field goal: there’s three men shot a field goal and that’s when you feel like really clawed back if they just made a couple threes in that time, um the game would have been entirely different to be to be completely honest Because i think they go on a little bit of run, they’re continuing, but the runs kind of got stopped when ucla called those timeouts and then gonzaga gonzaga went on a run um and then the timeout got called and they kind of got slow after the timeouts. There, so if they can avoid doing that, if they can continue their runs after timeouts, i think that’s going to be huge for them. Final prediction, i think gonzaga has just played too well this year they haven’t lost yet, and i was bold, a team’s.

Never the team’s never won um since, like the 60s with indiana, who was undefeated um, but those teams all lost in the final four gonzaga made it past the biggest hurdle um. However, i think baylor is the best team. Besides gonzaga i’m still gon na give it to gonzaga i’m gon na give gonzaga 93 same scores tonight to 88 and um. This is gon na be a close one down to the wire. I think it’ll be a two or three point: game, kiss bert or jaylen. Suggs is gon na hit a three and then they’re gon na have to fight back with fouls. I don’t think bailor’s gon na have it i mean i don’t think bailey’s gon na have it. I think gonzaga is gon na make it free those gonzaga and eastern washington. Spokane is gon na have an absolute night they’re gon na love it i’m gon na love. It i’m definitely going for gonzaga. I kind of like ucla in this matchup because i like the underdog, but these are both ones and i’m going for my home state gonzaga. I love jaylen suggs love, my boy drew timmy to me, i’m drew and he’s drew guys. This is just i mean i’m excited guys. This is an absolute thriller. Final prediction, 93 88. gonzaga holds on.

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