NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Baylor Bears men’s basketball, National Collegiate Athletic Association, College basketball, Jalen Suggs UCLA Bruins vs Gonzaga Bulldogs Prediction, 4/3/2021: Steehnroller's Play of the Day NCAA Final Four

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Well, yesterday we uh had a couple of play. Well, we had we had one play. I had one play that i that i bailed on, because it had gone so different, but it ended up going our way anyway. My fate, my fade kikuchi uh, even though he pitched pretty well tonight. He ended up giving up the three runs and the bullpen it did with the seattle. Bullpen is probably going to do a lot this season, it puked up the lead and the giants were able to get the win there, but in our official play we had the houston astros taking care of business uh against uh jesus lizardo lezardo gave up five runs In five innings and the astros were able to stretch it out late and have a comfortable win over the oakland athletic, so we will take the plus money victory there. When i capped it last night it was plus 135 that went all the way down to about. Even money, maybe even a little minus 105 on houston, so hopefully you got yourself down early with that play all right. So you know how i did let’s see and take a look. What we got cooking for today shall we we are looking at the ucla gonzaga game, guys i’m gon na make another first half play here: it’s not gon na be a hero play like we tried to make. Last week, i’ve learned my lesson: uh we’re gon na take gonzaga first half minus the eight points.

We are not going to overthink this one. You know what, even without the terrible jobs that our underdogs did in the first half last week, it’s absolutely asinine to fade the zags uh getting off to a fast start: okay, uh! This is what they’ve done all season that’s, what they’ve done the entire tournament. You know, let me let me throw something at you, because we know all about the impressive streak where they’ve won all but one game by 10 points which is very, very impressive, but here’s, something that i think is equally as impressive, if not even more so uh. The zags have had a lead of eight points or more in 23 at halftime, rather that very important part. The zags have had a lead at half time of eight points or more in 23 of the 29 games they played now. I know what you’re saying: well, they probably uh. They probably struggled a little bit in the first half against the power six schools and then rolled up gigantic leads over everybody in their conference, not exactly folks. They went uh, seven and one uh. As far as being eight points or more to the good at halftime, they went seven and one against power, six schools, including all four games in the tournament, although not what everyone was played against the powers power six school. But you get the idea um yeah, so they they would. The problems that they have is.

They would fall asleep against lesser opponents uh, including a 10 point deficit against byu. You know the story there. They came storming or 12 12. They were down 12 at halftime. Excuse me, they came storming back to win by 10., so here’s the deal with gonzaga all right ucla. They were incredibly one dimensional. Last time, zhu zhang, scored 28 of the 51 points, and uh wagner had one job still going to about vlogger. He had one job. Basically, and that was stopped using couldn’t, do it 28 of the 51 points, but he did it not by shooting from distance. He did it by penetrating and shooting from about 12 to 15 feet had wide open looks uh. He was two for five from d, but he was nine of 14 from two point land he had like. I said he had tons of good open, looks but the zags they ain’t gon na. Let that happen. This is a zags team that plays real defense. They play from the perimeter in and they are going to force him outside and live with. The results, as giuseng is a 34 shooter from outside the ark. I think that’s, where they want him taking his shots and they will live with the results they shut down. The rest of this team, i think the zags they smack a lot of teams in the mouth and i don’t think this ucla team is going to be any different. Give me the gonzaga bulldogs first half minus the eight points at the end of that one.

You guys can join me as we pick up our winning tickets and head back to the window, all right guys. Well, you know how i did let’s see how y’all did here uh the old t train, ah back on track, that’s right, it’s, a train punt yeah that’s right uh he’s, going 1 0 plus 500. He had the dodgers on the run line. Nice job t train picked the right day to do that. Uh mark asked three and two plus 100 ninja 13 goes 1, 0 plus 500. He had the white sox on the money line: uh buddy’s house of food, nice job buddy, staying clean 2, 0 plus 200. Scott nowak, here we go two and one plus 200, great scott stock brown, four and one plus two ninety, but the capper of the day going 2 0 on straight picks and 1 0 on a little two team parlay there. It is brandon surface kids that does that adds up to 3 0 plus 60, 3, 0 plus 655. Hey brandon surface. You are the capper of the day. Congratulations! Brandon! Congratulations to the rest of you made a little money out there and man. We got a full day of funded uh. Tomorrow we got, or today rather we’ve got baseball. We’Ve got basketball, we’ve got hockey. Some golf i’m sure i’m sure that uh i’m sure that the butcher’s going to be back on the golf matchup. So whatever it is, wish you guys nothing, but the best hope every one of those tickets in your pocket turns into cash money back of the window.

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