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A year ago, this was taken from everybody across the world. I was really heartbroken being able to come back to march madness, it’s, really special we’re, all jumping at the bed to get this thing going. Wow i’m! Really here now we’ve waited two years for this. Here we go their first tournament victory in 38 years the mean green, wrecking machine sister gene gets an extended stay in indianapolis Applause. The cougars are going to the final four they baylor bears. This unlikely run continues for ucla gonzaga is unbeaten the entire world’s watching and everyone’s waiting for this it’s. The final count: this is just a checkpoint. I think that we’re pretty dangerous this race to first, who goes to win it all 68 started, and we are now down to four the final four it’s everything to me just making it this far, but we didn’t come this far just to make it this far. It almost looked like final was in slow motion. It’S the moments that nobody’s watching them prepares them for the moments when everybody is, can they do it? The dream is alive for houston. A lot of people coach, your entire career, never get to a final four Applause. Speed’S got to be right, got ta, have enough gas in the tank defense by timmy and kevin. He gets out what’s the court. What a move history in the making. I think we have a really good shot of just grabbing that checkered flag.

I look at the guy next to me and i know he’s going to go to war with me. The finish line. Can’T. Have anybody give it to us? We have to go out there and take it there’s. Only four cars on that track: that’s anyone’s ball game who will take the checkered flag, the last four or five left to get to that finish line. Gentlemen: you’re, not finisher, start your end! Judges, Music! Yes, indeed, start your engines because we are getting started in circle. City in indianapolis it’s a gorgeous day outside, but inside lucas oil stadiums, where you want to be because first up, houston and baylor and national semifinal game number one. The houston cougars take the court, the two seed and champions of the midwest regional back into final four. For the first time since 1984 to take on baylor the one seed and champion of the south regional, with its win over arkansas on monday night here come the bears: 26 2 Music it’s a final four Music that has, for the first time in the history of The tournament four teams from west of the mississippi hello friends – i can’t – hardly contain it all – the excitement, jim dance grant, hill bill, raftery, tracy, wilson, gene sterritor. Here we go guys it’s been two years since we were at the final four seeing virginia tear down the nets after the overtime win against texas tech and at long last we’re background and we’re reminded of how much we missed the final four jim.

You know a celebration of basketball excellence, my favorite day raph. Well, when you get to the age 50, as i have it’s, been an eternity i’m looking forward to it, it’s great to be back with all of you. Let’S talk about game one’s match up. Oh it’s going to be so much fun to see it all settled two schools, two universities, 185 miles apart, you saw scott, drew kelvin, sampson we’re, getting ready to get things started in indianapolis Music coverage of the ncaa men’s national semifinals is sponsored by a t. 5G fast, reliable and secure geico, you could save even more by bundling home and car insurance, great clips, the official hair salon of march madness and by the gmc hummer ev suv reserve yours while they last Music Applause welcome to indianapolis and the 2021 final four making Their sixth final four appearance in school history let’s beat the midwest regional champion, houston cougars. This is for the city and grimes with the right hand, under sasser lets. It fly bottom, a three go: Music, an exclamation point: how about jerome goku the dream is alive: the cougars are going to the final four Music goku starting tonight for the university of houston at forward a 6 7 senior from columbia, maryland number four justin gorham and Forward a 6 8 junior from tulsa oklahoma, number, 32 reggie cheney and guard a 6 1 sophomore from red oak texas, number, zero, marcus, sasser and guard 6’5 senior from new orleans louisiana number three dejohn giroud and then guard a 6’5 junior from the woodlands texas number 24 quinton grimes making their first final four appearance since 1950.

Winners of the south regional here are the baylor bears 71 years, but the bears are back. Applause did y’all miss us here we go smooth as silk daveon mitchell butler. All pretty look at that. Look at Music, this Applause – we are starting tonight for baylor university and forward a 6 10 junior from conchasa democratic republic of congo number zero hello Applause at forward. A 6’5 senior from lake charles louisiana number 11 mark vital and guard a 6 3 junior from reserve louisiana number 12 jared butler and guard a 6 4 senior from cincinnati ohio, number 31 maceo team and guard a 6 2 junior from hinesville georgia, number 45 davion Mitchell and introducing the head coaches for houston in his seventh season for the cougars and coaching his 35th ncaa tournament game, kelvin, sampson fort baylor in his 18th season for the bears coaching, his 24th ncaa tournament game scott drew now these two coaches, massive rebuilds, incredible efforts To get their teams on this floor tonight in indianapolis, tipoff is next. This is capital one tournament, central Applause, dusk in the city of indianapolis, and it has been a different kind of a tournament this year for sure, but some things never change. If you win on final four saturday, you advance to the championship on monday evening that’s exactly what the baylor bears have done in game. One of our semifinal header. They knock off houston. 78. 59. Welcome to capital one tournament: central greg gumbel alongside charles barkley kenny smith, clark, kellogg, a pretty convincing display on the part of the baylor bears.

Gentlemen. Start your engines we’re, not content. With this, we still have a lot left to prove it’s, something that i’ve jumped about. My entire life – incredible, we know dan girl – is to be playing in that final game. We got to make sure we get our gas tank full again yeah, it’s time you got to make that move. You get ready for the home stretch, i, like being the underdog i’ve, been underdog. My whole life can’t get a really good shot of just grabbing that chicken’s life black Music. We are back in indianapolis. This great city knows how to host championship events. For the eighth time hosting the final four no place can do it any better than circle, city and we’re getting set for the second game. National semifinals saturday, the bruins are taking the floor. What a run this has been for them had to play the extra game. The first four, and had to come back from 14 against michigan state and in overtime on its way to getting here to take on the team. That’S been number one since the first hole of the season trying to go wire to wire as the team to beat and college basketball. The zags take the floor for the second time at a final four come on in and join us and welcome back friends along with grant hill bill raftery. Gene sterritor is over here. Should we need him and tracy wilson, of course, as well, gymnast we’ve seen baylor already advance, knocking out houston dominant performance by the bears, but now we’ve got a team that has truly been dominant, guys all season long well, it’s, an all west matchup, it’s, ucla and Gonzaga and the winner to face baylor on monday night for the national championship, we’re gon na meet the teams.

When we come back to indianapolis on cbs Music coverage of the ncaa men’s, national semifinals is sponsored by powering official sports drink of march madness rocket mortgage home loans that fit your life rocket, cam nissan official partner of march madness and by wendy’s the official breakfast of March madness welcome back to indianapolis and the final four making their 19th final four appearance. Let’S meet the east regional champion, ucla bruins Applause to the final everything going ucla’s way up: Music Applause starting tonight for the ucla bruins at ford, a 6 9 junior from kansas city kansas number, two cody riley at forward a 6 6 sophomore from camarillo california. Number four: i’m: a aquez jr and guard a 6 6 junior from los angeles, california number one jules bernard at guard: a 6 6 sophomore from tarzana california, number three johnny and guard a 511 sophomore from cedar, rapids, iowa number 10 tiger campbell Applause making their second Final four appearance in school history, winners of the west regional here – are the gonzaga bulldogs, hey, zag, nation 30 wins but no loss. I think we’re having a party whoa. I think we’re gon na party whoa and everyone’s invited Applause. The wheel is turning and it can’t slow down final four baby that’s. What we came here – Applause Music though starting tonight for the gonzaga bulldogs at forward a 610 sophomore from richardson texas number two drew timmy Applause at four to six: seven senior from edmonds washington, number 24 corey kissbert and guard a 6 4 freshman from west st paul Minnesota number one jalen suggs junior from aurora ontario number three andrew nimhaar at guard; a 6’5 junior from bordeaux france, number 11, joe l ayah, and introducing the head coaches for ucla in his second season for the bruins coaching, his 23rd ncaa tournament game nick cronin for Gonzaga in his 22nd season for the bulldogs coaching, his 56th ncaa tournament game mark few well mark view.

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