NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, National Collegiate Athletic Association, Florida Gators men’s basketball Quinton Dunbar Visiting Detroit Lions!!!

Excuse me quit donbar free agent visit make sure hit that subscribe. Button bell, icon buttons, your video and said, according to nfl networks in rapport detroit lions have scheduled a visit with free agent corner back quit in dunbar next week. Dunbar is also reportedly scheduled to meet with arizona cardinals sometime next week. The order of those visits is not clear from rape report tweet and quentin dunbar shout out to proud nation for the channel pride detroit proud of dunbar is a six year veteran. Despite entering the nfl as an undrafted receiver. Didn’T know that in 2015 he found a home with the washington football team and quickly rose to be a significant contributor at the outside cornerback position. By 2018 he had earned a three year extension worth 10.5 million in washington. That year he became a full starting full time. Starting quarterback. Excuse me, but a shin injury cost him nine games of the season. He started. 11. The next season tally. Eight passes defended a career high four interceptions. Last year he was traded to seattle seahawks, but he once again struggled to fight through injuries. He managed to stay healthy for just six games last season before landing on the injured reserve. With an injury. Okay, they say the former seattle washington, cornerback quinn. Dunbar, has had two very different seasons. In the past two years: 2019 he had 87.6 overall third nfl 89.5 overall coverage, uh eight interceptions or past breakups and 56.

9 uh pr allowed patreon loud using knife knife. Overall, then, last year he was 47.7 overall 119th in league coverage, 44.2 coverage, 119., three interceptions and or patch breakups and 101. Past receptions allowed 79th. So you know, i think, was injuries and then what some people won’t tell you. He had a case where he was with ex giants and current kansas city chief cornerback deandre baker, where allegedly they robbed a poker game or a card game and um. You know they was, you know. Basically he was you know he was acquitted. He was uh found to be no longer a suspect of investigation, so he was able to go back, but it was obscure that they was going to face a lot of time, deandre baker. Actually, they had brought charges up on him sometime in the middle of the season. Last year he got exonerated so they had not enough people. Basically um basically probably had enough. You know pricing, nobody really snitched. Nobody told what happened with so many different excuses. So many different stories they just didn’t – have enough hardcore hardcore or concrete evidence to evict even one and dunbar walked away. So you know thing about quinn, dunbar that he from florida as well too. He was older. So before the facts came out, you know everybody liked to jump the gun. Everybody was saying like. How can you let you know how you basically got this young quarterback in nfl yeah he’s from miami florida, so is deandre baker from down there? How can you you know land them? You know and then someone’s trouble supposed to be mentoring them, but you know that might they may also contribute? You know he had a lot of stress and maybe wasn’t eating so this year, hopefully no more criminal cases and he can just come in with a fresh mind and he’s.

An outside corner we’re, still looking for somebody to go inside, so okuda did a little inside last year, but aurora is a good corner. Hopefully, he’ll make a jump, they’ll cool to make a jump, but they do need some debt mike four, probably they probably caught on mike ford on the inside. You know that’s definitely inside. I think he could do it a little bit but quentin dunbar. I think he’s still getting better even at 20 year 28 years old. I think he still learned the position, but you know i won’t be mad at the detroit lions.

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