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Early 2000s. You talk about how the profiles change in those couple of decades of the school it really has, and it was good then, but it’s, just off the charts now they’re trying to finish the undefeated season. He was also a first pick uh in the 20s. I believe somewhere in the 20s back in the in the 2002 nba draft. The point guard dan dickow is with us here on tiki and tyranny: cbs sports radio dan – how you doing today i’m doing well thanks. I appreciate you having me. Obviously, you know uh myself being a former zag uh, enjoying this unbelievable season that they’re putting together, oh it’s, been insane, so you must have been having a lot of fun must be. Having still you know currently not passed on the iso podcast. You do that on the believe, podcast network, and you know it’s uh it’s, one of these things that has become a very bottom line: business at this point for gonzaga, because they’re they’re years removed from being the cute little story out of nowhere. Now we all know about the bulldogs in their pedigree first round, picks, left and right and really dead. At this point, rightly or wrongly, it’s about you got to cut down the nets. Otherwise, you failed that’s a lot of pressure. Well, it is starting to get that way for some people um. You know people that are truly a part and kind of in that inner circle in the program know that it’s a lot more than just you know, winning it this year, even though coach few and the guys want to win it more than anybody could imagine, and Us former players want them to do the same, but you know people also have to understand and realize it’s a journey.

Each season you go on. This has probably been uh well. This has been such a unique year with covet and everything that’s gone on, but you know this gonzaga program continues to break through different ceilings and different barriers and uh. Really, the last thing left for the program is to win a national title. It was they did it this year. It would happen to be an undefeated season which hasn’t been done since 76, with indiana, so um it’s gon na be interesting, uh last couple days of college basketball, that’s for sure yeah no and it definitely will and dan you’re an interesting tale because you were at The early stages of mark few’s tenure at gonzaga – and we know he’s, been in the tournament for every year since um, but you transferred into gonzaga from washington and once you went to gonzaga, you turn into a star as bt was mentioning when that moment happened. You’Re at washington you know you’re, leaving at least you want to leave what drew you to gonzaga well um growing up in the in the northwest, just outside of portland um. You know i had goals and dreams like every kid did and i wanted to play in the nba and at that time you kind of you knew you had to go play in the pac 10, which is now the pac 12 you wanted to play in that League because there were so many good guards that came out of that league and – and i wanted to be a part of it – i mean you – the the guards slightly before me in the pac 10 were damon, stodomier, jason, kidd, brevan, knight and then the guys kind Of that more my era were baron davis and earl watson, and so you always want to uh kind of challenge yourself to play in the best situation in the best league you can, and so at the time it was pac 10 and it was uw.

But in saying that i was very aware of the gonzaga program because some of my aau teammates uh richie frahm, were being recruited by them. Casey calvary was being recruited by them. They ended up going there. Zach gord was a high school teammate of mine. He was a year younger than me, but he went to gonzaga. So i was very aware of the gonzaga program and the guys that were there – and i saw them – continue to improve and get better as individuals when we get back together in the summer and work out and play in pickup games. And then i saw the success that the team was having and i was i was starting to kind of be a little bit jealous of what those guys were a part of and i’m not going to say. I saw that elite eight front coming by any stretch of the imagination, but by that time the elite eight run was happening. That was my sophomore year at uw. I was out with a broken foot. I had surgery, and i knew i was gon na transfer it at the end of the season uh, and it was really just a you know, kind of a foregone conclusion in my mind, of finding a way to get to gonzaga and things all worked out in The end for me, we’re talking to dan dickow, a former gonzaga star, did not begin his career as he just chronicled at gonzaga uh, but he wound up there, that’s all that matters first round pick formally uh of the nba in the early 2000’s he’s with us.

Here on the show dan, let me let me throw something at you here, let’s just say and and they’re the odds on favorites to do it, and i hear you about the journey and i hate when we kind of push something forward to a point where um We we almost skip important parts of the journey just to get to a final destination: it’s unfair to the kids, it’s unfair to the coaching staff. But just for this question i have to do it. Let’S say: gonzaga wins the championship and north carolina calls mark few and they say you’re our number one target. Do you think there’s any chance he would leave? I don’t i. I say that 100 percent don’t think he would do it um. You know he is the biggest competitor as there is, and he’s had opportunities to leave. You know schools have come after him before they’ve offered him obscene amounts of money. University oregon was really the only one that i thought he would really seriously consider um because that’s right where he grew up, he graduated from the university of oregon. He grew up 15 20 minutes on that campus. His parents still live in that area, um and so that’s, the only one that i thought might be interesting, but at the same time you are talking north carolina, and that is one of the historic programs. But again i don’t think he would do that uh. I i think you know he as i started off, saying, he’s a competitor.

He wants to win a championship and he feels he has as good a chance to win a championship at gonzaga as any place in the country right now yeah. What is it about him? That we don’t, we don’t, know we’ve heard about his methodologies. He’S got what some people say: the greatest balance between coaching and family life and personal life of any any college basketball, but the consistency with which he produces good teams is it’s, uncanny, especially being a smaller school, now they’re, not a mid major anymore. Obviously, but what is it about him? That makes him so good that we don’t necessarily see from the outside? Well, he’s he’s really become a great exes and o’s coach um, and a lot of that is based off of you know. I think his international experience with usa, basketball and and a couple of his uh assistant coaches, namely tommy, lloyd, kind of being really well connected with the european game and kind of looking at things and learning things a little differently than a lot of coaches over here. Have, but i think the biggest thing about coach few is his feel it’s unreal off the charts it’s, how he evaluates players on the recruiting trail of how he recruits players it’s, how he develops players and it’s how he puts out all the pieces together: uh it’s. Quite frankly, i i don’t know if i’ve been around a coach that has the feel for all of those things and putting them together that he has that’s interesting we’re told to dan dickow and former gonzaga star with us on the show.

He is the host of the iso podcast on the believe podcast network, so let’s take john stockton, obviously he’s an all timer dream. Team 92 put john put stockton aside, if i said to dan dickow or casey cavalry or any other um gonzaga player over the past 30 years or so, who is like within the program who is perceived to be the best gonzaga player of all time outside of Stockton, i would think it’s, probably adam morrison. I think that’s that’s an easy one for me. But what are the guys who wore the uniform thing? What do they say? That’S a tough question, because there’s so many guys now over the last 23 years that that you know have done unique things or have had big moments for gonzaga. I think moe’s got to be at the top. I mean he was player of the year in the country. You know he led the country in scoring alongside jj redick. That was a great story kind of helped. You know get gonzaga’s name recognition uh to that next level. Um. So i mean the guys that i really think kind of hit that would be mo de monte, sabonis uh and then rui hachimura. I mean to me uh. You know rui didn’t play as a freshman uh at much because he he was basically in english as second language classes uh, so he wasn’t at all the practices wow he acclimated to the culture of uh of the us.

He acclimated to gonzaga basketball division. One, you saw growth in his game when he had chances as a freshman and then as a sophomore. You saw it and then he exploded. As a junior i mean, i think ruby is uh. You know is on a fast track to have a heck of a nba career yeah. No, i think you’re right. We only have about a minute and a half here, dan, but ucla. This matchup is interesting. Mick cronin is a very tough squad. Imagine from first four to final four: how do you see this matchup plan out? Is this a gonzaga run through like everybody else, or do you think that the ucla and mick cronin squad can challenge him? Ucla is playing as well as anybody over the first two weekends of the tournament, but but people forget they get hung up on hey. They were in the first four they’re on leather seat. They were in first place in the pack ten. They were the preseason favorites. They were like, i said they were in first with uh about a week and a half two weeks left to go in the season. Then they lost four games in a row which kind of slid them down to the 11 seed uh they’re back to playing with a ton of confidence on the offense, and then they got three wings with great size and can score it and it’s a mick cronin Team that that defends really well dan, give me 20 seconds.

You know. Gonzaga wants to get up and down the court and touch 90 points and mick cronin’s team is, is defensive, um defensively run and they’re trying to keep this thing in the 60s? As a point guard, how do you avoid the temptation to push the issue when it’s not there for you um? If you’re, looking at from tiger campbell’s perspective of ucla, i think he’s done a masterful job at the point: he’s not a great shooter. But he is a tremendous point guard because he gets the ball to the to the guys in the right spot and he controls the pace every game of theirs. This season i’ve seen he’s controlled the game um. So he has to do that, for ucla has to have a chance to beat gonzaga um, but it that’s it’s hard. I mean nobody slowed gonzaga down, i mean there’s a reason. They averaged 92 points a game 255 from the field.

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