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I think he should have won it and i’ll tell you why plus gonzaga is finding a unique way to bring fans together. We’Ll explain how you can watch the game with other people right from your living room Music. I wish the zags all the best, and you know just stay in the moment – well wishes for the zags we’re hearing tonight from one basketball team who was also undefeated the year. They took home the national title Music and what a day today was very, very warm we’re tracking sunshine on friday and a look at your easter weekend, forecast next and you’re taking a live. Look at indianapolis right now this weekend, gonzaga will take on ucla. In the final four of the ncaa tournament, the bulldogs have not lost a game all season long and they are showing no signs of slowing down. You can watch the final four matchup this coming saturday right here on krem 2 game time, five, thirty, four good evening. Everyone thanks for staying with us on krem2 news at six i’m tom, sherry good to have you here tonight, i’m, whitney ward. We begin our coverage this evening in indianapolis, where awards for this college basketball season are starting to be announced. But when one of those awards came out today, it was a surprise to many gonzaga fans and that’s, where we turn to mark hanrahan and brenna green from indy tonight. To tell us more yes, good evening from downtown indianapolis outside of lucas oil stadium, the associated press announced their coach of the year award today and somehow the head coach of the nation’s lone undefeated team did not get that award yeah michigan’s juwan howard was the winner.

Howard did overachieve with his michigan team this year they were ranked number 25 coming into the season and ended up getting a number one seed in the ncaa tournament. However, they did lose in the elite. Eight howard didn’t just win the award either. It was kind of a landslide, as he received 35 of the possible 63 votes mark view received 16 in alabama’s, nate, oates and baylor scott drew received five apiece. Understandably, though, giving the award to jajuan howard caught some people off guard simply because of the historic season. Fews having it prompted prominent college basketball voice mark titus to tweet great effort from mark few, but in the end he just wasn’t undefeated enough, and you know: that’s that’s a rough go right. There that’s very rough for mark the nae smith coach of the year award that gets announced tomorrow. So we’ll see if coach few wins that a lot of times with these award awards, though once it goes to one person it just continually keeps going to that person. Uh, if you know they’re all in the same category a bit of a head scratcher, it seems for sure brenda by the way, gonzaga 30, 0 right now and they’re. Just two wins away from doing something that hasn’t been done in 45 years. The indiana hoosiers of 1976 are college basketball’s last perfect team. Well, today i spoke with a member of that squad. They asked him about that experience. They also asked him what he thought about gonzaga being on the cusp of going unbeaten.

If they do, that, they’d be the first team to do that, since your team back in 76., yes and it’ll be a great thing. I i look forward to it captured in this black and white photo quinn, buckner on the right, his teammates scott may, and their coach bobby knight cut the nets down in philadelphia after beating michigan to win the national title. The year was 1976. a perfect season for the hoosiers. Indiana went 32 0 that year, something no college team has done since, but this year gonzaga is knocking on the door and buckner says he’s rooting for them it’s. One of those things like like everything else in life, everything changes, but it doesn’t. I don’t think it denigrates or says anything less about the 76 team. It just says that there’s another team that has gone undefeated, more importantly, winning the national championship. Buckner knows a few things about winning championships. He won state titles in high school basketball and football, a national title in college basketball, an olympic gold medal and an nba championship; that’s him next to larry bird it’s. Why, when people ask him about the hoosier’s perfect season, he tells them what he really cared about was winning the title. It is important to me because it was along the way to win the ncaa championship short of that being undefeated wasn’t important. I was more interested in winning the championship because that’s my dad raised me that way: buckner who now works as a tv analyst for the indiana pacers, says he’s impressed with gonzaga’s play this year and that they have the ingredients to win the title.

But at this point he says that shouldn’t be the focus stay in the moment. Don’T get looking ahead about being undefeated stay in the moment, stay in the possession and win that possession that’s. All you can do 45 years ago, buckner and the hoosiers pulled off a perfect season. Gonzaga is now just two wins away from doing what no other team has done, since i wish the zags all the best, and you know just stay in the moment. Buckner did say you know, even though gonzaga is really good. This year, like the hoosiers, are really good back in 1976. Going unbeaten requires some luck, so he said the bulldogs will certainly need some luck if they’re going to win out the rest of the season, and their next game, of course, is ucla. That game tips right here on krem 2 at 5, 34 p.m, pacific time on saturday for mark hanrahan, i’m brenna green reporting in indianapolis. Back to you guys. Thank you to you both and, of course, since we all cannot be together to watch the zags play as we would normally love to do. Gonzaga university has now created a way to watch and celebrate together virtually and it’s all free for you to be a part of too crime. Two’S amanda rowley shares a sneak peek at what zag fans can expect in this virtual experience on saturday watching the zags play. This year is completely different, to say the least, and while we all may not be able to gather in the same typical spaces like the mccarthy center or here at jack and dan’s this weekend, you will be able to feel like you’re sitting right here, but virtually The zag madness virtual experience is a new way to unite zag nation for the final four game.

This saturday, once you register online for free you’ll, be able to access pre game rally features starting saturday morning. They include 360 degree immersive views inside jack and dan’s. The mccarthy athletic center and hemingson center, we were thinking. How can we bring zag nation together in this current environment? We thought well let’s. Do it virtually but let’s do something different because everybody’s, tired of the standard, zoom meetings, dave sontag with gonzaga university marketing, says each virtual area has a variety of activities. Gonzaga fans will enjoy such as a virtual photo booth, a buzzer beater game and you can even buy a drink at jack and dan’s it’d be cool to allow folks to go into jack and dan’s. You can go right up to the bar and buy a beverage for a bulldog, and the proceeds will go to student scholarships. The pregame rally also features a virtual kennel and nike fan room to discuss and chat with other fans. The kennel club fan room is going to have some alums who actually started the kennel club back in the day, as well as some of our current kennel club student leaders, the virtual doors open at 10 30 a.m. You can hang out with other zag fans here before, during and after the game, it’s kind of a way to keep gonzaga with you at home throughout the day. Now, if you would like to register for the pregame rally, we can send you the link just text.

The word zags to 509, 448, 2000 and we’ll send that link directly to your phone reporting at gonzaga university, amanda, rowley, krem 2 news well kudos to them for coming up with a great event and a way to celebrate virtually because i know a lot of people Are looking for a way to kind of enjoy the camaraderie that kennel club fan room? Is you know, that’s worth the zero price of admission yeah exactly because the kennel club is just great and the guys who started it? Well done very cool hey! I was just noticing the anemometers there they’re kind of look at you. I learned that from this one i love that wind measuring device, yeah they’re, just cooking right now, i’m, going to show you the peak wind gusts that we saw in the spokane area here in just a few moments headlines calling for mild temperatures early this evening and Then we’ll look for sun and some high clouds tomorrow, won’t be quite as warm as tomorrow, but still above average, and i think we’ll get into the low 60s. Mostly cloudy skies expected for your easter weekend, right now, we’re at 60 degrees under cloudy skies. You can see the wind, the average wind speed is out of the west southwest at 11 miles per hour boy. It sure looks like it’s blowing a lot harder over in coeur, d’alene we’ll look for temperatures in the 40s later this evening, then 38, the overnight low 61, the expected high tomorrow again with sun and high clouds.

At times when we look ahead to the weekend, forecast i’ve got 63 on saturday, mostly cloudy on sunday. We’Ll look for a daytime high of 59. here on the 6 o’clock broadcast.

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