NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, National Collegiate Athletic Association ziest Dunks From 2021 NCAA March Madness

On the other end, they like to space the floor to give their guard wow from unlv for the baylor bears kevin. Now they may be a guard oriented offense, but the guards love to throw it up for the big guys. I should say somewhat joshua ayala draws, martin on the outside scott, pretty ball fake, oh wreck, attack, dante, scott there’s, some muscle and touch and little show and go too much to challenge. Louis nice pass Applause, wow and florida little pocket pass, bring it all undeterred by the locks as well. Music. Tremendous on so many different levels also got a chance to play in the ncaa tournament. Speaking of playing and arriving williams way, tillman cut out the way on that one. He didn’t want to contest that one second game today, so the pac 12 standing up top wow bit to the inbounds play out of bounds, not a lot of pressure on the ball. Easy pass, but you see the athleticism that makes isaiah miller special at what he soon moved from chicago coburn and he does nice job defensively and on the run and the flush by offram offer him doing his thing on a this time. Drake forces the turnover. Yes, jackson closing and the highlight of the tournament thus far joseph yesofu fires, one down the hole bean hello dog marco anthony before to play in the second half williams, Applause, unbelievable, steal, good strip, and the big man shows his ball open up.

A five point lead 12 and change left. Oh no, oh no hold up now with the rebound and also draw the foul mclaughlin that’s only bucket coming on that penetration move strong. My goodness four points here in the second half getting punched. He finds push up with a reverse Applause: 10, regular season record in the big ten and baylor the number one seed – 13 1 in the big 12 23 and two here they go. It almost looked like vinyl was in slow motion. He was in the air so long. He is quick with a jump shot like that. It makes it tough. Oh, my goodness, the att 5g takes us above the rim for one of the best plays of the night city that was beautiful through contact once in a while you’re going to have some turnovers there, but they love to share and distribute the basketball unable to Applause. Christian bishop bishop right here just rolls to the rim weak side didn’t get in there and just you just throw it up there. He’S gon na go get it Applause. Florida state’s biggest lead was eight 28 20 a couple of times, there’s a good feed. Another beauty from barnes ayala, tough as it gets in the big ten conference, wiggins running all the time, wiggins raise it high and throw it down well.

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